March 18, 2016

Islamic law now being used to EXCUSE slavery, murder in Western courts

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

Here are two stories that seem unrelated on the surface but are connected in a very important, and sinister, way.

First, a story from Texas. A Muslim couple were convicted on SLAVERY charges. Their defense?

the prophet Muhammad kept slaves and that punishing them is thus “Islamophobic.”

This would seem to be the logical endgame of the policy of CVE (Obama's policy of 'Countering Violent Extremism') which Stephen Coughlin speaks of with great clarity here and here, as well as the OIC (The Organization of Islamic Cooperation at the United Nations) inspired United Nations resolution 16/18. 

What we see is the unmasked proclamation that Western law means nothing to many religious Muslims and that Koran, and the example of the founder of Islam, Mohammed, an example that is one of the most monstrous of all of human history in fact, is the basis for behaviour.

Now we see this, also from this week in Germany:

“I killed him because he was an unbeliever”


From the English translation of this German news site:

But as the court proceedings against the defendant began, he dropped a surprise. While he had remained completely silent as to the accusations against him, he broke his silence even before they could be read to him as the court hearing opened: “I admit everything. Don’t need to talk more”, he said while the judge was still trying to verify his personal information. After the reading of the accusations against the defendant, the German-Moroccan man repeated his confession and added: “I killed him because he was an unbeliever.”

One of the eternal questions in politics, I believe, is "at what point do a series of isolated incidents become a statement of policy"?

Examples number far far more than two. But these ones are especially interesting as they are sworn statements in Western courts. If one adds the testimony of US army major and psychiatrist, Nidal Hassan, (please see video at bottom of post) at least the bits we are allowed to see, we get a much clearer picture as well. Sharia law is what they enforce and obey. And it doesn't make much difference what we think of it.

If we wish to retain rule of law and the use of evidence and truth as a defense, if we wish to have a system that affords the presumption of innocence and the same rules for people of all faiths and ethnicities, we had better deeply consider the number of people who would implement this system we permit into our lands.

We can see the results of not doing so in any country ruled by the sharia, where anyone can be accused of a thought crime such as "disbelief," "apostasy," "sorcery," etc. and with lethal consequences, and most importantly, a fully irrational and often unrelated-to-the-charge, legal procedure designed to eliminate those who are seen to not promote Islam as the supreme and ultimate modus operandi in all things.


Stephen Coughlin explains the CVE

Part II here

FOX News on Nidal Hassan's statement in court as to his motives for the mass killings at Fort Hood

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commented 2016-03-25 14:48:52 -0400
Sharia law is already being practiced in Canada, and for decades. Here is a news article from 1994 as Exhibit A. A stinking muzz pervert was caught raping his stepdaughter daily for years. She was 8 years old at time of trial. He openly admitted to the crimes. Yet – he was acquitted by an empty-headed female judge. Why? Because he “spared the girl’s virginity” by sodomizing her. This is straight out of Sharia law, in which rape victims, including children, are blamed for their own rape, and the Sharia judge’s duty is to find excuses to exonerate the attacker and punish the victim. It goes without saying that there’s no way a Christian male would have been acquitted in this situation!,2262494&hl=en
commented 2016-03-19 01:09:12 -0400
I FIGURE OUR ONLY HOPE is if the Trumpster decides its good idea to take Canada under his wing.
commented 2016-03-18 21:59:34 -0400
Too funny.

I have said for years we do not have a justice system – we have a politically correct legal system.
Simply more proof that I am correct and more people seem to be seeing it.

Wait until the selling of girl children, the forced marriage of little girls and FGM come up in front of the Canadian courts.

We were not allowed to stop the rape of little boys in A’stan because it was cultural.

It is coming here – sooner than most would ever believe possible.

We have so few judge with back bone to day.

That is why they are appointed.

Seems a lot of Canadians do not stand for much today.
commented 2016-03-18 20:50:14 -0400
Well my religion says i can beat the hell out of any progressive i run into, and i do not have to pay taxes.
commented 2016-03-18 15:46:44 -0400
We in the western free world are always to slow to react . The time should be now . But it won`t be it will be years from now when it is to late. I wish I could believe otherwise. What a mess we will be in if the liar gets in power in the U S …Billary & Zoolander …feel Safe?
commented 2016-03-18 15:22:21 -0400
I always get a chuckle out of ‘quotes’ from fictional characters.
It should be
`“There’s a storm coming”, Sarah Connor ` – The man who wrote the character of Sarah Connor.
commented 2016-03-18 15:14:46 -0400
Sounds like the case in Toronto with the soldier stabbing: “Allah told me to do it!” This young man probably will be exonerated on one pretext or another.
commented 2016-03-18 14:03:11 -0400
“There’s a storm coming”", Sarah Connor
commented 2016-03-18 13:50:45 -0400
Such events are good under the circumstance. I say this because it brings us face-to-face with decisions we need to make, like it or not!! Of course, the real issue then becomes, what direction will we take . . ??
commented 2016-03-18 13:48:37 -0400
As a consequence of not having the death penalty in western law we cannot extradite these criminals to the jurisdiction of this higher authority. That being the case I never thought for one minute that Guantanimo was a bad idea.