April 29, 2015

Islamic scholar: Muhammad said women should give husbands sex 'even when on a camel' and martial rape 'does not exist in Islam'

Rebel Staff

An Islamic scholar has gone on record saying that marital rape does not exist in Islam and women have no right to deny their husbands sex.

Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria told Malay Mail Online, “Even the Prophet says even when they’re riding on the back of the camel, when the husband asks her, she must give. So there’s no such thing as rape in marriage. This is made by European people, why should we follow?”

Harussani went on to say that the only time she can refuse is when she's sick, on her period, or just gave birth. He said it's against Islamic law and is 'haram' to have sex with a woman while she's menstruating.

“Rape in Islam is defined as forced sexual intercourse outside of marriage,” he said.

He went on to explain that marital sex without consent isn't 'haram' or 'sinful', but rather 'impolite'.

“If the husband does not seek consent, it cannot be considered rape, but that action is considered not polite,”  Harussani explained.

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commented 2015-05-02 19:40:10 -0400
Judy – excellents posts. Dry, witty and informed.
commented 2015-05-02 11:05:23 -0400
@dan Mancuso :re:It’s the government sanctioned forcing of square pegs into round holes – you only break the toy if you try and force them in…"

It isn’t even this simple…we need to disabuse ourselves of the facade that we are a tolerant people EXCEPT for Islam…in many ways we are all square pegs and it is MULTICULTURALISM that is the round hole…until we see ALL others as ourselves we will never have a “toy to break”…

But, you are right about this; that Islam is the MOST intolerant of all, in that, unlike OUR intolerance, they often feel justified in KILLING, BEHEADING, MUTILATING, RAPING OR SUBJECTING IN OTHER WAYS, those who don’t dot all their “i’s” and cross all their “t’s”…You can’t even write a sentence or draw a picture without their FATWA’S…the whole world would be better without such ideologies and such UNBRIDLED ARROGANCE.
commented 2015-05-02 09:58:26 -0400
What else is new? But Islam doesn’t need to be our scapegoat…we are not white as the driven snow when it comes to such matters…

…by the way Maurice, Joan has never said “ALL men are evil brutes”. Why do so many here make these generalizations? It does them no credit.

There ARE cases of evil brutes and brutesses IN OUR CULTURE …(well I guess there is a reason that the second word doesn’t exist, yet)…The Mark Hutt/Donna Jones story is one that is a lesson to us all…this man defies the definition of evil. (men who are upset by this example see below…equal rights for all here)


But for the sake of the defensive posters, here is his female equal whose evil is no less than Hutt’s…even worse in that she destroyed a young boy for life, as well.


We do need WELL MARKED AND ADVERTISED places of SECURE escape for all those among us who live in terror for their lives…because so often they are the ONLY ones who know the extent of their own danger…and we need the police to stop using Muslim police officers to keep Muslim women ‘in their place’…this is one case where ‘religious sensitivity’ is completely wrong-headed.
commented 2015-04-30 14:08:05 -0400
When are people going to realize that the Muslim/Islamic, stealth-jihad culture/political doctrine is IN NO WAY compatible with Judeo/Christian inspired, Western culture and values!?
Multiculturalism is an unsuccessful Liberal experiment gone wrong, badly wrong. It’s the government sanctioned forcing of square pegs into round holes – you only break the toy if you try and force them in…
This obvious incompatibility with Muslim/Islamic people and the damage to our country from having them forced on us in the name of such delusional liberal ideological nonsense, is unacceptable!
When are we going to start fighting back against the Muslim/Islamic invasion and the lefty/liberal insanity?
Now where did I put my torches and pitchfork…
commented 2015-04-30 10:44:55 -0400
Our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that ALL Canadians are equal under the law! That includes both men and women (and all those other genders that the new sex education curriculum says there are)! Regardless of who initiates it, sex without consent is considered rape. And, it can happen to any gender. There should be no distinction between men’s and women’s rights on this one.
commented 2015-04-30 10:35:23 -0400
Right you are, Brent McFadden.
commented 2015-04-30 10:02:50 -0400
Rape still illegal in Canada for most part, however under the quise of multiculturalism and vote pandering by political groups I suspect the law is ignored which means our justice system has been compromised, so ignoring the fact means guilt by omission which most politicians are guilty of.
commented 2015-04-29 23:38:46 -0400
George Dyer – thank you. I guess I need to be really concrete.
commented 2015-04-29 23:37:36 -0400
Maurice, quite clearly you know nothing about what I think – eg that men are evil beasts. You see, unlike you, I do not judge people by gender but as individuals according to their individual acts.

The issue is oppression and abuse of women. Maybe you don’t see it where you are in the north, but in Canada, we have this culture and these values and these acts. The women abused according to this culture and these acts are Canadians. Yet you claim my concerns about the growing condemnation of people like me to advocate for their rights is irrelevant.

How can you be so blind?

I do appreciate how good I have it. That is why I speak out against selfish views like yours that hold that just because I have a comparatively good life, therefore I should not try to better the lives of others who do not, who suffer, as my neighbours, from these abuses.

Please do not apologize to me for anything, not even your gender. You owe me nothing, as I owe you nothing. We are strangers.

Your post claims you will not judge me until you have walked in my shoes yet your post does nothing but judge me and you don’t even know if I can walk, if I have feet, if shoes are in any way relevant.
commented 2015-04-29 23:26:25 -0400
Mark Borzel – I flog neither man nor beast. Look in the mirror for your persecutor.
commented 2015-04-29 23:25:08 -0400
Vlad Johnson’s slurs on Wynne are the sorts of attacks she calls “homophobic”. For Christians to be okay with that is disgraceful.
commented 2015-04-29 22:45:26 -0400
Can you stop with the " prophet" designation ? Mohammed himself said he is not a prophet.
commented 2015-04-29 22:08:54 -0400
Dromedary or Asian? i.e., one hump or two. Pun absolutely intended.
commented 2015-04-29 22:07:43 -0400
Martial rape happens. Marital, that’s another story.
commented 2015-04-29 20:55:41 -0400
you can understand why this religion has caught on mainly in the uneducated world…
commented 2015-04-29 19:30:11 -0400
At least (as far as I know) muhammad didn’t specify doing it in a canoe.
Then it might be a bit more difficult for some Canadians to distance themselves from that.
commented 2015-04-29 17:57:43 -0400
coo coo- plain and simple
commented 2015-04-29 17:40:24 -0400
It’s ironic how some would see this as an attack on women’s rights by all males when the only people oppressing them are followers of Islamic doctrine.
commented 2015-04-29 17:29:20 -0400
Sex on a Camel? Kinky. Not sure the Camel would appreciate the extra weight and motion. Just another great example (of many) how Islam denigrates and disrespects women. Disgusting!
commented 2015-04-29 16:59:34 -0400
Oh, I understand now. What a f**k up dipshit and his camel.
commented 2015-04-29 16:44:47 -0400
I think I understand.

Maurice (I usually love your comments) and Mark;
There’s “reading between the lines” then there’s “sarcasm” and then there’s “ironic sarcasm”.
Try re-reading Joan’s comments, but try altering your perception of the tone and inflection.

Fond regards to all.
commented 2015-04-29 15:00:42 -0400
Joan, your remarks are not only unfair and uncalled for they’re also irrelevant to the subject. The issue is the hegemonic and misogynistic culture embedded in a sub-sect of one religion, and you seem to want to extrapolate that to the whole of western society. I know you think women are hard done by and that all men are evil brutes. You’ve maid that clear enough in many of your other posts. However, why not try being a woman in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, parts of India and Africa, then you might appreciate how good you have it. And if you expect me or anyone else to apologize to you foe the unforgivable crime of being born male, don’t hold your breath, you’ll die of asphyxiation. How about this; try not to judge the experience of men, or anyone, until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes, and I’ll try not to judge your experience until I’ve walked a mile in your shoes.
commented 2015-04-29 14:54:28 -0400
More dead horse flogging… Take the activism to the Muslims, Joan.
commented 2015-04-29 14:39:27 -0400
Interesting how that PEDOPHILE LOVING PIG WYNNE has no comment about raping your wife being good in islam. But the PIG premier has no problem writing misogyny legislation for everyone EXCEPT muslim.

And here goes is islam-socialist alliance on display again. C’mon Wynne you foul pig, say something useful here!!! Wynne, you disgusting coward!!!
commented 2015-04-29 14:28:41 -0400
No need for women’s rights movements, though, right rebels? No rape culture if we just call all that forcible sodomy “haram”. Because men can’t refuse their wives sex either, right? Because women have more rights than men. Eh?