October 05, 2016

Islamic State calls for Muslims to stab random people in "quiet neighborhoods"

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

In keeping with the Islamic State modus operandi of putting out calls to terrorism as well as methods of doing so, the Islamic State now asks for Muslims to attack random people at beaches, forests, quiet areas in the newest edition of its magazine, "Rumiyah."

From Pajamas Media:

A new magazine issued by the Islamic State advises lone jihadists to get over any squeamishness about using knives and embrace sharp objects as "widely available" weapons of jihad in nighttime stabbing campaigns.

ISIS' Al-Hayat Media Center issued the second issue of its magazine Rumiyah, meaning Rome, in English, Turkish, German, French, Indonesian, Russian, Arabic and Uyghur. [...] In the first issue of Rumiyah, which debuted a month ago, jihadists were advised to target teens playing sports after school or even flower sellers hawking blooms on the street.

A very revealing paragraph from the magazine, and one that explains a great deal of Islamic ritual, is the following:

"Many people are often squeamish of the thought of plunging a sharp object into another person’s flesh. It is a discomfort caused by the untamed, inherent dislike for pain and death, especially after 'modernization' distanced males from partaking in the slaughtering of livestock for food and the striking of the enemy in war," However, any such squirms and discomforts are never an excuse for abandoning jihad."

According to Pajamas Media, the article also contains recommendations on how to carry out a knife attack.



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commented 2016-10-06 16:20:55 -0400
Look for the source of the publishers of this Islamic magazine. They need to be charged for inciting violence and being an accomplice to murder. Is that so frigging hard to do? Find all sources of these magazines and burn them. Anyone in possession of one gets arrested for suspicion of murder. Don’t let the muslims promoting this get away with anything. By the way take all the leaders of islam and imprison them for knowingly allowing this. There’s no way that all the Islamic violence isn’t coming from within Islamic mosques and governments. They are all a bunch of frigging liars. Wake up democratic nations of the world and unite to blow all these bastards out of the water.
commented 2016-10-06 12:21:24 -0400
SHEBEL RAJ: Who is this “Jewish friend” you are apologising for and whom you consider a SOB? Jay Kelly? Kelly is definitely not a Jewish name.

As for your link to Joan Baez, I doubt that her Catholic mother and her Catholic father would consider her a “Jewess”.

BTW, “Jewess” is considered a rather derogatory, if not offensive, term by most Jews.
commented 2016-10-06 09:22:16 -0400
Be wary of kids who are Islamic – they are adults under the cult of islam as soon as they have hair around their genitals – but they know they will be treated as children in our society.

When they walk through a mall you might very well be their intended target.

Step lightly or be ready – I chose the latter.

In fact the “kids” which are adults under sharia are far more dangerous than the adults who know the law will deal with them in a far different manner.

Never forget that.
commented 2016-10-06 04:40:25 -0400
You may as well listen to a Jewess— her politics aren’t so good but her voice is from Heaven https://youtu.be/FMalmwupji8
commented 2016-10-06 04:12:23 -0400
commented 2016-10-06 03:07:56 -0400
Lisa Rosie——- I must apologize for my Jewish friend. He is an ignorant SOB. Never mind trying to be nice to him. He will turn on you like Viper.
commented 2016-10-06 02:50:40 -0400
Jay Kelly—- I identify myself as US . I have done so for a good 20 to 30 years. . I have my reasons and they are none of your fucking business. Just tell me - what type of people do you want posting here ? I guess Liza should really say ‘You People’—-
commented 2016-10-06 02:19:17 -0400
Jay I’m talking about the Islamic State advising lone jihadists to stab non believers. I am talking about followers of Islam rising to the occasion and attacking unsuspecting ‘infidels’ as they are going about their peaceful daily activities. I am talking about you continually making excuses for Islamic violence, or by ignoring it and chastising non believers for speaking out against it.
commented 2016-10-06 02:15:10 -0400
Is that your Lesson for today -Jay Kelly ?
You should Never be afraid to say what you mean.
Educate US.
commented 2016-10-06 02:05:06 -0400
Probably. Sorry— to have upset you. "I definitely need to be stabbed . I am a Liberal ".
commented 2016-10-06 02:02:34 -0400
Liza, you repeat “ourselves” and “at us” as though it is obvious why you are under attack. It is not obvious to most people.

In Canada, some people would identify themselves as Jews, some people would identify themselves as Indigenous or native. Some people would identify themselves as Muslim.

Probably about three percent of Canadians identify themselves as Jewish. Three percent identify themselves as Muslim. About three percent of Canadians identify themselves as Native or Aboriginal.

I think we will work it out well.
commented 2016-10-06 02:00:43 -0400
Jay would probably apologize to the one stabbing him.
commented 2016-10-06 02:00:03 -0400
Yeah i hear there are lots of quiet neighborhoods in Texas, and those houses that have a Hells Angels logo on them are pretty quiet as well. So please Jihadis try stabbing people there.
commented 2016-10-06 01:58:38 -0400
Jay yes you are an ignorant bigot, we already know that. Now go repent your bigotry and get stabbed if you love them so much.
commented 2016-10-06 01:56:02 -0400
I kinda figure that the more Muslims emulate their fucking Prophet - The sooner we will have a war.
commented 2016-10-06 01:24:26 -0400
Jay , you’re back. Look Jay get your facts straight. Islamics, calling for others to kill non believers is inciting violence, and that my friend is hate speech and is a criminal offence. Making light of the violence threatened and acted upon by some fundamentalist Muslims by coming up with creative ways to defend ourselves from attacks, is not hate speech, its a release valve. You continually point fingers at us here for railing against Islamic violence. Why is that Jay? Why is this Islamic violence acceptable to you, but us speaking out against it is not?
commented 2016-10-06 00:58:09 -0400
Some commenters on here forget that they are Christians. If you speak out in hatred or act in hatred about your brother or sister in Canada you can be criminally charged.

For Christians, if you ignore the poor man or woman, or ignore the needs of your brother or sister you are committing a sin.

Muslims love God. Those who follow Islam are aware that they must show all honour to the God who created them.

The Rebel readers are not all ignorant bigots. Many are, but not most. Christians are respected by most, to reach out in respect to their brothers and sisters.
commented 2016-10-06 00:32:56 -0400
This is becoming quite acceptable in Western Society. A Muslim can come up and stab you ,shoot you , beat you—— but if you get upset and become Islamophobic — then -YOU be arrested and put in Jail.
commented 2016-10-06 00:06:19 -0400
" These Satan serving savages need the love of Jesus."

Jesus loves all his creations (including these Satan serving savages believe it or not), but hates sin. These Satan serving savages need to repent and accept Jesus Christ as their savior. They can only do that if they love him, but unfortunately they do not.
commented 2016-10-05 22:41:40 -0400
Its a little late for that Elton Braun.
Bear banger. Depending on where you point it they could be a very effective deterrent. Of course you would have to react before they did, and it would probably land you in jail. Bear spray is good also, however it is also illegal to use on humans.
In fact there would be the element of surprise on their part and there really is no effective defense against that. If you are caught off guard you have already lost.
commented 2016-10-05 21:14:44 -0400
Carry a bag of bacon with you that is labelled as such in arabic.
commented 2016-10-05 21:04:48 -0400
These Satan serving savages need the love of Jesus.
commented 2016-10-05 20:39:37 -0400
To avoid being stabbed in a Quiet Neighborhood, always carry a Ghetto Blaster with you.
commented 2016-10-05 20:21:36 -0400
If you have such an encounter and you prevail….just feed him to the crows….don’t even bother reporting the matter to the police….the best you can hope for is bankruptcy if you are aquited.
commented 2016-10-05 19:57:33 -0400
Let’s all keep tabs on the stabbings in the news, and how many of those stories leave out the description of the assailant (middle eastern or African) and if caught, don’t mention the assailants name (if it’s Islamic sounding).
commented 2016-10-05 19:15:07 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,897 Attacks, 202,783 Killed, 284,012 Injured…. that we know of.