February 21, 2017

Islamic State threatens more attacks against Egyptian Christians

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

1. Islamic State vows more attacks on Egypt's Christians

An Islamic State group affiliate in Egypt released a video Monday showing the suicide bomber who killed nearly 30 people when he attacked a packed church in December and vowing more attacks on the country's Christian.

A narrator says in the 20-minute video that the Egyptian Christians are the extremist group's "favorite prey."

The video shows footage of Egypt's Coptic Christian Pope, Christian businessmen, judges and priests who either speak of the need to protect the minority or use derogatory terms to refer to Egypt's Muslim majority. The narrator says Christians were no longer "dhimmis," a reference to non-Muslims in Islam who enjoy a degree of state protection. Instead, the group describes the Christians as "infidels" who are empowering the West against Muslim nations.


2. Today’s crop of coup d’etat videos from France, which are riots masquerading as "Justice for Theo" protests

Police injured by those in the coup throwing rocks at them:

3. Eastern Libya bans women from traveling without male guardian

Eastern Libyan authorities have issued a ban forbidding women from traveling outside the country without a male guardian, sparking mockery.

The decision was issued Thursday by the Libyan Chief of Staff Abdel-Razek al-Nadhouri, the military ruler of eastern Libya. He was appointed by army chief Khalifa Hifter who is allied with the internationally recognized parliament.


4. Nine Iraqis gang rape German women. Trial begins this week.

In Austria, this Tuesday a court case will start against 9 Iraqi men for drugging, kidnapping, and gang raping a female tourist from Germany nearly 14 months ago in the capital of Vienna. The attack, during New Year’s Eve of 2015, was aimed at Julia S., a 29-year-old teacher who had come to visit her friend Mechthild H., 28, who lived in the Austrian city. Together, they were going to celebrate the New Year.

The women headed into town for drinks and, after becoming slightly tipsy, decided to visit a restaurant because they “felt cold,” Julia tells Kronen Zeitung. She was soon joined at her table in the diner by a group of men that started serving her vodka. Via the drinks, the later victim was possibly drugged.

Related: Pakistani refugee gets 20 months probation for raping a SIX YEAR OLD girl in Germany.

5. Norwegian hairdresser found guilty of discrimination for refusing service to a Muslim client, is appealing that conviction on the grounds that the plaintiff no longer even wears the hijab, proving her initial contention that this was a stunt 

Below, an interview with the hairdresser from September 2016:

And the update on the story from the Express:

Merete Hodne was initially given an £800 fine by police in October, 2015, after she refused to serve Malika Bayan in her establishment in Bryne, southwest Norway, because she was wearing a hijab.

However the 47-year-old businessman, who said she was fully within her rights to not colour Ms Bayan’s hair, refused to pay the fine and was taken to court.


The case has now taken another turn as it emerged Ms Bayan, who converted to Islam in 2011, has decided to stop wearing the clothing which sparked the landmark court case.

Speaking out about her decision, Ms Bayan said it was due to personal reasons and dismissed accusations she had only worn the hijab as a provocation.

The 24-year-old told Jærbladet: “Yes, I have made that decision. I need a new start and I’m doing it due to personal reasons I don’t want to address now. I am still a Muslim. 



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commented 2017-02-22 02:05:58 -0500
Oh those Christians in Egypt must be bombing the hell out of Muslim countries , right lefties?
And to all those left wing idiots protesting alongside the Muslims in France, i hope you get your wish and are left with only you and them.
commented 2017-02-21 18:54:34 -0500
Middle eastern christians being specifically targeted? WHO KNEW? Apparently not our dear leader L’il Puto who thought the concept of giving preferential treatment to them and Yazidis for asylum in Canada was “DISGUSTING!”
commented 2017-02-21 16:49:48 -0500
These people live to kill. It’s all they think about.
commented 2017-02-21 16:25:22 -0500
That’s what Islamic ‘cultural enrichment’ will get any society. Tear apart the fabric of your society by flooding your country with migrants fleeing the M.E. and this will be the result. Canada will be no different.
commented 2017-02-21 15:53:53 -0500
There is no redder flag for mental instability than a westerner converting to Islam.
commented 2017-02-21 14:06:24 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,861 Attacks, 210,643 Killed, 294,650 Injured that we know of.
commented 2017-02-21 10:21:13 -0500
“Islamic State threatens more attacks against Egyptian Christians”

Wow! I was blindsided by that news! Who could have guessed the Islamic state would threaten to attack Christians?
commented 2017-02-21 08:41:03 -0500
Thank you. Now please get Goldy to remove that childish off-putting caption. We want the freedom to tell the truth, not to offend.

What happened in Sweden last night. It’s important to get the truth out before it’s too late. We are going down the same masochistic path. Islam is supremacist, xenophobic, intolerant and violent. Whatever benefit we derive from Muslim immigration isn’t worth the risk. Canada should be a sanctuary for people fleeing Islam.