November 16, 2015

“Next time we're not coming to talk” Islamists sent chilling message to the Bataclan back in 2008

StaffRebel Columnist

In 2008, a message to the Bataclan warned that an attack was coming.

The video has been reuploaded by the StandWithUs Facebook page with the following text: “For years the Bataclan in Paris has been a target of radicalism and extremism because of its Jewish affiliation. In this video from 2008, extremists deliver a violent message to the venue.”

They also provided a translation of threat made by the masked radicals: “It's clear now, this is a message to the owners of the Bataclan. Take responsibility for your acts. This is a message to the organizers of Migdal, this pro-Israel and racist and Islamophobic organization, that spends its time insulting the Palestinians, the Arabs and the Muslims. You are going to pay for the consequences of your acts. You're doing something very serious. For all those who are worried about the consequences of this provocation. It's understood that it causes anger in the suburbs. We have come to send you a little message. Next time we're not coming to talk.”

Watch the video for yourself and check out the StandWithUs Facebook page and give them a 'like'.


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commented 2015-11-16 22:17:50 -0500
These chickens would never try that in Texas. It’s easy to talk $#!t to people banned from owning guns, try it where people have carry permits.
commented 2015-11-16 14:34:34 -0500
Winston Churchill was right, “They are the scum of the earth”. They act like they are descended from the Missing Link. They worship death, mostly other peoples and enjoy killing anybody who will not bend to their ways. King Trudeau’s play mates.
commented 2015-11-16 13:25:58 -0500
I always find it humorous when the ragheads (100% accurate in this video) make their threats while dressed in western clothes, shoes etc, use Facebook, computers and cellular technology (also products of western culture) and all the other trappings of the west to impress upon us how great and powerful they are. They are addicted to everything western like a drug. The liberal elites are the ultimate example of the self-hating hypocrite. These guys are the opposite side of the same coin. They envy us so much and it tortures them every second of their pathetic worthless lives. So what do they love? Death.
commented 2015-11-16 11:32:54 -0500
If threats like this were not answered, the French failed to defend themselves when it was possible. Surely there was enough time to call police, lay charges…citizen’s arrests…the guy was VERY LONG WINDED . This person is clearly obsessed and dangerous because he showed no fear and was very comfortable making this threat. What a commentary on the attitude of the French to danger…complacency! The Emergency Security Forces of Paris should have been on call for such a threat… This is a security failure…of appeasers who cannot get it through their thick skulls that we ARE at war…and look…it took them 7 years to fulfill their threat..where was the investigation of these men?…Firearms and other security devices should be in every venue, every home and every peace loving vehicle if they want to be prepared for the likes of these cowardly warriors from the pit of hell….and especially in a place like this that is already the focus of hate crimes like these. Their hatred stewed for 7 long years…and how do we know how many women were raped by them and how much crime they committed in order to raise money for their deed…in the period between…wake up world…we are at war…this isn’t a movie.

I can hear it now…we must not over-react! We must stay calm…it will pass…these people need to be understood…bring them some donuts and coffee…right. Israel has it right…
commented 2015-11-16 11:16:37 -0500
Double tap!
commented 2015-11-16 11:12:37 -0500
….and no one was arrested?