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Help us counter the anti-Israel bias in the mainstream media. Please contribute to The Rebel’s crowdfunding campaign:

1. Help us pay for the broadcast rights to five great films about Israel, and a marketing budget to promote them.

  • Qassam, about Hamas rocket attacks on the Israeli town of Sderot.
  • Shunned, about gay Palestinians who have sought refuge from honour killings — by fleeing to Israel.
  • Not In My Name, a critique of anti-Israel leftist Jews.
  • Hilltops, about Jewish settlements in the West Bank.
  • Shield of Solomon, the story of refugees from Darfur, Sudan, who fled to Israel.

(UPDATE: Shunned premiered on The Rebel on Monday, July 6th. WATCH Shunned HERE.)


2. Help us produce two powerful new documentaries that challenge the conventional anti-Israel narrative of the mainstream media.

The Arab Reality is a documentary series of interviews with Arab and Muslim Israelis who are patriotic Zionists. Why do they love Israel, when conventional wisdom suggests they are supposed to hate Israel? Filming of this documentary is complete and it is now in post-production, scheduled for our big premiere this fall!

The second film, Women of the IDF, will be a look at what true feminism is like in action — meaningful equality on a national level, as well as on a personal level for individual women. It’s a powerful contrast to the status of women in the Muslim world, and even to academic feminism in North America. If funded, this film will be produced in the fall.

3. Meet our Middle East correspondent, Igal Hecht

Thanks to you, we've added a Middle East correspondent to the Rebel's roster, as promised. Igal Hecht is an award winning filmmaker, who has produced over fifty documentary films.

Igal's reports on Israel and the region are now a regular part of

We're planning to bring you even more coverage -- with your help!

Please contribute now.

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