July 22, 2015

Israel's perspective on US/Iran nuclear deal: "Most Israelis think Obama is too naive"

Igal HechtIsrael Correspondent

Dr. Raz Zimmt of Tel Avi's Alliance Center for Iranian Studies talks about what Obama's nuclear deal with Iran means for Israel.

Dr. Zimmt says most Israelis consider Obama "naive" about the situation in the Middle East in general.

As for this specific deal, the Israeli government continues to consider Iran a serious threat to their security, not just because of their growing nuclear capabilities but also their support for terrorism in the region.

Dr. Zimmt explains why this deal won't really prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power.

In fact, it might encourage other states like Saudi Arabia to follow in Iran's footsteps.

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commented 2015-07-22 23:54:45 -0400
Good point Netanyahu ,about the American influence, and economy compared to Iran. Get a good Republican in and we can turn this around. The Europeans are cowards, but we could make it easier for them and harder for Russia and Iran if we could get our resources to Europe.
Welcome Igalt Hecht.
commented 2015-07-22 20:25:23 -0400
Yeesh! Joe Biden standing in the background trying not to look stupid. Sorry Joe, didn’t work. The world will find out just how “great” this deal is when Iran launches Nukes at Israel, and potentially other targets as well. There is no humanity in that state. Nukes could occur much sooner than most people think! The beginning of a Nuclear WWIII.
commented 2015-07-22 19:09:47 -0400
It’s very hard for me to figure out what Obama’s end game is. I don’t believe for one second that he’s naïve, misinformed, ignorant, simplistic or unsophisticated in his perception of world affairs. Unlike Justin Trudeau, he is a highly intelligent man. I believe I know what the end result of his foreign policy will eventually lead to: WW3…. pure and simple. It may still be a few years away, but if America continues on its current course, it’s inevitable. If I can see that, and Netanyahu can see that, and everyone who analyzes the middle east situation objectively can see this, I’m sure Obama can also see it. So that must be his desired result, but why? There must be a deeper hidden end game objective behind his reasoning. I sure wish I could get inside his mind. Here some of the things that are currently happening: children being taught to behead infidels, http://clarionproject.us6.list-manage1.com/track/click?u=6f33facd52316b5c258168da6&id=9f252d8909&e=c9b4dcbe09 Iran reaffirms support for terror http://clarionproject.us6.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6f33facd52316b5c258168da6&id=e5dd2cfe95&e=c9b4dcbe09 You’ll love this one. ISAL threatens to behead the statue of Liberty http://clarionproject.us6.list-manage2.com/track/click?u=6f33facd52316b5c258168da6&id=7507350ad1&e=c9b4dcbe09
commented 2015-07-22 17:31:34 -0400
Obama is an elitist who gathered up all the disenfranchised in America, poured salt on them, and concentrated their rage into his political power…. much like the NDP is doing now in Canada. Unfortunately for them (the NDP), Canada is such a great country, there is little disenfranchisement … so they (NDP) have to manufacture some and disseminate it in the form of orange kool-aid.
commented 2015-07-22 17:20:31 -0400
“Naive” is a diplomatic descriptor. No one pretends Obama is a friend of Israel but no one in power will say so because soon enough there will be a new president, hopefully a Republican.

Thank goodness Israel continues to have the technological advantage that allows them to use state-of-the-art spy technology to identify exactly when they need to strike to wipe out an Iranian threat.

China and India have an increasing interest in the middle east too. China has already established a strong military presence in Pakistan. They won’t stand for threats from Iran.

What we want over the next ten years, during the time Iran has promised to not go nuclear, is to replace the current regime with a pro-western, pro-Israel secular government. The current Ayatollah is dying from cancer. When he is gone, it may be possible for world powers to broker a regime change, to use investment in Iran’s business class to shift power. That is the only viable solution.

And in the meantime, Israel has assurance from Saudi Arabia it can use its airspace to strike Iran if need be.
commented 2015-07-22 15:14:28 -0400
Most Israelis I know are less complementary than naive .
commented 2015-07-22 14:00:15 -0400
barry is just setting the stage for more mid-east conflict, but on a more grand scale – nukes.

barry is out of the loop for the flow of “oil money” – barry lost out with george soros and Brazil’s Petrobras (now a $7 stock). Onshoring oil from deep sea drilling off the coast of Brazil is over – and over for barry’s pocket (as well as soros’).

if barry can set up Iran as the largest mid-east oil producer, this puts barry back on top for “oil-money”. The House of Saud won’t like this one bit and will fight this one to the end.

It’s just money and oil – barry’s only fundamental transformation was the transformation of the flow of cash into his pocket. And the voters bought it.
commented 2015-07-22 13:54:17 -0400
Netanyahu is behaving as an adult male should. It takes a man of mature character, experience and wisdom to deal with the enemy.
Obama is juvenile in comparison and his folly puts us all at risk.He is clearly incompetent.
commented 2015-07-22 13:28:12 -0400
Obama is a very dangerous man, and is becoming more of a threat the longer he remains in power.
This deal with Iran has not only put Israel in danger but has brought the whole world closer to nuclear war, because I don’t believe that Israel will stand for any BS from this unstable terrorists supporting, Israel hating regime, and I don’t think they should.
However, that also could mean a nuclear war, and that will be Obama’s legacy……..the moron.