March 15, 2017

Israel: UK activists admire Trudeau, say Palestinian Authority are puppets of the Jews

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

This next video was shot in Bethlehem, during the Rebel's amazing fact-finding trip to Isreal. (Watch all our reports at

Specifically, this interview takes place right near the security barrier between Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

So the place is packed with UN-types, NGO types, western liberal busybody types.

We were right outside of a propaganda art installation by the leftist street artist called Banksy, a pro-Palestinian propagandist, who made a “hotel” called the Walled-Off Hotel, and these two Brits wearing Keffiyehs were there.

So I asked them what they were up to. 

They told me about the charity they run that they hope will help bring peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.

I was sceptical, to put it mildly...

PS: I need to define a couple of words you'll hear in the video that you might not recognize:

"Abu Mazen" is the nickname for the Palestinian President with authority over the West Bank. His real name is Mahmoud Abbas. He’s the head of the PLO. He was “elected” in 2005, then just decided to stay on. He’s 81 now; he’s deeply unpopular; he’s a gangster, really. But he’s probably better than his rivals, Hamas, brutal and Islamist, who rule over the Gaza Strip.

And the other word I use is "katyusha."  It’s a Russian word, the name of an old-fashioned, simple style of military rocket, now used by Hamas to fire into southern Israeli towns and cities. 


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commented 2017-03-15 16:36:05 -0400
I noticed how they said that the mayors were all ‘democratically elected’, they just didn’t say when they were elected. The last election in the PA was 2006, so they are only on their 11th year of a four year term.

Second they claim the ‘Palestinian Authority’ arrested and tortured ‘Palestinians’ at the order of Israel for those people were being critical of the ‘Palestinian Authority’. Does anybody really believe that for even one second? If they do I have a bridge for sale
commented 2017-03-15 14:24:02 -0400
Ezra, thank you for your report. Your patience with these two misguided; anti-jewish codgers is admirable!
commented 2017-03-15 14:12:12 -0400
2 ex hippies of the 60s who have never grown up. They are helping the arabs in Palestine but are ignoring their own country infested with violence and child rapes.
commented 2017-03-15 12:54:17 -0400
These two anti Jewish morons, are only anti Jewish because Mummy and Daddy were also anti Jewish. Mommy and Daddy were anti Jewish because their generation fully expected the Nazi’s to take over Britain. They were playing their cards to save their own skins.

Cowards beget cowards.
commented 2017-03-15 12:32:10 -0400
You really kept your cool, Ezra. That is proof that all the wealth and success in their capitalist world will not inspire old fools to give back to the country that fed them. Instead they wander off to somewhere else to seek out and create their own bragging points.