March 17, 2016

It’s a Carbon Tax, Patrick Brown!

Joshua LiebleinRebel Blogger

Here's the thing. If Patrick Brown really wanted to greenify the PC Party of Ontario, then he shouldn't have to explain himself to us.

He shouldn't have to point to some nebulous policy proposal at the convention which was unanimously endorsed. He shouldn't have to try and convince people it's going to be revenue neutral or distinguish it from Wynne's slush fund at all.

He shouldn't have to name-drop Ronald Reagan or pretend that climate change is something "our generation" needs to confront.

All he should need to have to do is say, "We're going ahead with this. Don't like it? There's the door."

Because, don't you know, Patrick Brown has been to every riding in the province?! He beat Christine Elliott handily.

He's got the most open and consultative policy process ever.

And as a result of all of that hard work, P-Bizzle should have identified a pool of voters that are just itching for cap-and-trade here in Ontario. He should have identified a pool of soft Liberal voters, or people who've never voted before, to replace all the people who are tearing up their membership cards or wondering just who is driving this bus.

That way, when the "climate-change deniers" reacted, he could have comfortably wished them well and gone on his way without having to encourage them to go to

But we all know that that isn't what happened. There is no reason for the PCPO to support cap and trade because a conservative party supporting cap and trade is like the NDP supporting balanced budgets. The rank and file don't want it. The rank and file didn't expect it.

Nobody found a magic pool of 905 voters who were waiting for the PC Party to embrace carbon pricing.

No, what happened here is clear enough. Some Bay Street corpo-cuck caved to peer pressure from his or her Liberal friends and employed the trusty PCPO back-channel rather than trouble themselves with what the riff-raff thought.

That's why this backlash occurred.

It actually has nothing to do with carbon pricing at all.

If Patrick Brown had decided he was changing the brand of tea they serve at PCPO headquarters without asking the people who worked there first, the result would have been the same.

And then, if that wasn't bad enough, Patrick Brown then had the gall to stand before the assembled faithful and tell them they would never have to defend faith based schools or 10,000 job cuts on the campaign trail again.

Well, Patrick, let me break it to you:

From now until whenever the call comes over on the back-channel to rescind this revenue-neutral brain fart, you will be asked about it, Tim Hudak-style, at every single press conference you hold.

And if you don't rescind it, it will become YOUR faith based schools.

And no, cancelling Wynne's pension plan scheme isn't going to distract anyone. Nice try. The way you get out of this mess is by being what it says on your business card- being a leader.

Leadership is not beating the so-called "old guard" into submission with political machinations.  

It's having the courage to admit the truth.

Or, alternatively, listening to the people who are loudly telling you, today — at for instance — that this is not something they're interested in.  

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commented 2016-03-21 20:05:45 -0400
CINOs and RINOs are just instantly recognizable interchangeable ciphers.
commented 2016-03-21 15:07:20 -0400
Regarding Brown’s comparison to Reagan and Mulroney’s Acid Rain Treaty as a precedence for his Carbon Tax stance:

Therein lies the problem. Acid Rain has everything to do with air pollution and justifiably required addressing. Canada’s and the US’ lakes rivers and steams have been cleaned up as a result. CO2 is not a pollutant. Unfortunately many people believe that C02 is a poison and an air pollutant and therefore confuse the issue. C02 is not an air pollutant. And if Patrick Brown thinks it is so then he has definitely lost my vote.

Why does the Ontario Conservative Party continue to self destruct? Expect a Wynne Gov’t for another term – at least!
commented 2016-03-19 20:10:47 -0400
Patrick Brown has just shot himself in the foot. I have long been a supporter of the Conservative Party but I will not support anyone who goes along with that carbon tax crap.
commented 2016-03-19 17:15:03 -0400
Has Brown infiltrated the conservatives from some left wing think tank. Ontario has the queen of LBGTYGHJKCFGABC ruining your province and with Peter Pan and NUTley they are about to take down the country. Making his Reagan analogy almost made me puke. Acid rain is a pollutant, CO2 is NOT!!! There is no reason to ever have a carbon tax, and then to hear the revenue neutral bullshit spew out is sickening. Why not grow some balls Mr. Brown and expose the truth about the perpetual lie about what mans actual contribution is to climate change- minimal at most. I can not believe this would even be a consideration from the PCs in Ontario. Is Brown just warming up for a UN post. Tax the emitters and distribute the money back to the people. Then Puff Ball can Carbon tax the shit out of us and redistribute that money to third world shit holes where their corrupt cronies can divy up the money and plan another climate summit at some posh resort. Grow some NUTS Mr. Brown and scrap this stupid idea. Then use your brain and figure out a way to beat that wretched witch at the ballot box.There is a multitude of information that exposes much of the green lies being forced on us, and why is there such a rush to follow the Green mistakes of others, of which carbon levies are surely one. Would it not make sense to go Greener when systems can be developed that actually work. Are you sure your last name is not Red?
commented 2016-03-18 15:09:47 -0400
Jamie, the Ontario PC party could “hang out” with the devil and still be more ethical that the Ontario Liberal party. I think they are fools for supporting a carbon tax, but even if they do they are still infinitely better that the Liberals. It is kindof a lesser of two evils situation. But then, I am not in Ontarian and Alberta has its own wicked witch in office and a useless PC party.
commented 2016-03-18 13:52:07 -0400
“Corrupt Liberals or an ethical PC government. "

ANDREW AULT, an ethical PC government would start off by telling the truth about the entire climate change/carbon tax bullshit. So please quit monkeying about with oxymorons.
commented 2016-03-18 11:22:24 -0400
Don’t know how anyone could be considered ethical when they so easily compromise themselves.
commented 2016-03-18 08:02:30 -0400
If , I was an aspiring Politician— I would make sure that I was Never interviewed by Brian Lilley. LOL
commented 2016-03-18 07:56:37 -0400
And I fully support Patrick Brown. He is definitely an idol and model to many young politicians.
commented 2016-03-18 07:55:42 -0400
If you want to win, you have to compromise. I am tired of losing, with the end result being one of the worst governments Ontario already had. Though CO2 being directly correlated to climate change has not been proven, it should be important to still turn to sustainable resources of some kind. Beyond that, I know so many people who were Liberal before and are now voting PC. If you want to win, then we must make comprimises and not be a true Conservative - it just doesnt work like that here in Ontario. You have a clear choice: Corrupt Liberals or an ethical PC government.
commented 2016-03-18 07:17:36 -0400
So Mr. Brown can join Wynne, McGuinty, turdo la doo , and Notley in the Hall of Liars and Cheats. What a weasel.
commented 2016-03-17 23:23:40 -0400
This character is a CINO ( Conservative In Name Only ) A Liberal in a Blue suit!

If Conservatives’ start vying for the Climate Change CO2 Agenda I will move on to The Libertarian Party of Canada! I know and recognize legalized illegal Propaganda with the fudged numbers being used by the IPCC East Anglia University and the United Nations as a claim to man made Global warming when I see it!
commented 2016-03-17 21:44:03 -0400
It seems " Social Conservatives " are going the way of the prohib gun license.
The left and the so called progressive right, are all waiting for us to die off………..
commented 2016-03-17 17:35:31 -0400
No Carbon Tax period. Boy does this country need a revolution.
commented 2016-03-17 16:49:30 -0400
He was ignored as a MP, probably because the party discovered he’s really a liberal, as his campaigning tactics prove.
Create a party (?) nah, I’ll just withdraw my support of the charlatan and make sure all my friends know why.
commented 2016-03-17 15:32:35 -0400
He won the nomination. It’s his prerogative to take the party in the direction he wants.

Don’t like it? Go form your own party. The system allows it, even encourages it. I’ve seen musings for the same elsewhere around here.

Yet, nobody ever does it. Why not?
commented 2016-03-17 15:19:08 -0400
I remember Patric Brown countering Christine Elliot’s argument of the big blue tent by saying that the people of Ontario don’t want a liberal lite version of the party but a real conservative voice. It’s not so much his embracing of positions that have been traditionally liberal concerns, which is fine by more and more conservatives. It’s actually the way he almost immediately became what he said he wouldn’t.
Perhaps it’s a matter of growing into a position, of which he’s yet to have ever had, and that’s fine too, but, if you want to win (as in Kathleen) what then will you argue is the difference between the two of you…
commented 2016-03-17 14:21:04 -0400
Crimes against humanity! Climate change progressives added to the list.
commented 2016-03-17 13:17:48 -0400
PC party . . . . mostly Progressives few Conservatives . . .
Brown believes the CO2 myth . . . laughable !
The world has been warming since the last Ice Age . . . 3/4 a degree C in the last 200 years.
commented 2016-03-17 13:17:11 -0400
Oh yeah, then there is the story in the National Post how Wynneturbine has signed a deal for even more wind and solar power we don’t need. As if this demented activist hasn’t done enough damage to Ontario already.
commented 2016-03-17 12:57:08 -0400
Climate change a threat? Didn’t this guy get the memo from the NIPCC?

It seems the National Post hasn’t, today one of their cloumnists suggested that Brown’s conservative opponents are a just bunch conspiracy theorist nutbars.

CTV seems to have a weekly story about how climate change models suggest poisonous snakes are moving north or that the west coast will subject to toxic algae blooms. There is no mention that the models underlying these models have been disproven.

I won’t even bother to mention the Red Star or the CBC.

The cult of man made global wqrming is alive and well.
commented 2016-03-17 12:43:40 -0400
In Germany the average cost of electricity is $0.35 a KWH, but if you think that’s bad, the average cost is $0.41 a KWR. in Denmark. Spain is $0.30 and so on. These are all places with varying types of and combinations of schemes to fund the alternative energy scams. That produce little to nothing in the way of electricity. My last bill, including line charges taxes, everything, was $0.1418 a KWR. In Alberta we have what is likely the cheapest most reliable power in the world. That is all about to be destroyed with the phony carbon taxes and alternative energy scams, and the WR seems to be going along with it. Many people in Germany can’t even afford electricity anymore and have been forced to revert back to wood for heat, and I guess Kerosene for lights. In the UK thousands of people die every year, mainly those seniors on fixed incomes, because they can’t afford heat, because of their carbon taxes. How many are they going to kill here in a cold country like this with their carbon taxes, and who’s going to be working to pay them. All of this is like some type of ideological, Maoist type great leap forward Democide, that killed thirty million people.
commented 2016-03-17 12:18:54 -0400
As a conservative, I won’t be supporting him. I’m tired of all the lies and manipulations these politicians give us.
commented 2016-03-17 12:17:28 -0400
yup…I can hear Canadians right now outside chanting, “we want more taxes”. we live for taxes, it’s our thing and we can’t get enough of them. hell…take my whole F’n paycheck…I luv it! what do I need money for anyways when the government can flush it down the toilet for me. saves me the surcharge on the water.
ever notice the price of a ‘green ’ light bulb? and what’s up with the price of windshield wiper blades? it’s cheaper to buy a new windshield when the old one gets dirty.
sure…all of this is going to end well…
and speaking of ‘wells’, I remember and old saying I used to hear in the before time and it goes like this," what is in the well comes up in buckets".
and all I see coming out of the well is shit.
commented 2016-03-17 11:43:05 -0400
March 17, 2016
Dear Diary;
It’s St. Patrick’s Day in the Puppet Master’s Office (always grateful to Peter Netterville for that one).
It’s a hoot and a half. Lizzie the Lush is dropping by with a bottle of Crème de menthe to celebrate the Wearin’ o’ the Green. Even Omar Algebra is getting into the Irish spirit of things, signing departmental memos and communiqués to my embassies as ‘Slam O’Phobia. What a guy. He’s telling everyone that because green is the colour of Islam it then stands to reason that March 17 should be declared a national holy day. Well who in their right mind wouldn’t like that? But I’ll keep that one up my sleeve in case I need to use it later, especially if I have to keep Lloyd and his Irish chums happy. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you Lloyd.
Poor Gerald, I feel for him (and he always tells me that he appreciates that) but for some reason he doesn’t get giddy like the rest of us until March 21 rolls around.