April 06, 2016

It’s official: Maxime Bernier to enter Conservative Party leadership race

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

Maxime Bernier was in Calgary recently, drumming up support for his leadership campaign for the Conservative Party of Canada and now it's confirmed he will formally enter the race next week. 

The nomination will take place on May 27, 2017.

The Rebel talked with Bernier about some of his key conservative values which include smaller government, free markets, personal responsibility and freedom.

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commented 2016-04-07 01:50:37 -0400
Well, at least the leftists can’t make fun of him for his french.
commented 2016-04-07 00:19:24 -0400
P.T. Phillips, it is hard to understand how wanting to not kill the unborn is “radical”. And since when is ignoring the killing of the unborn “traditional” conservatism. In reality it is conservatism sold out to the left.
commented 2016-04-06 21:38:18 -0400
There are probably going to be some BIG SCANDALS that even the msmers can’t hide, and maybe some terrible " mischief "occurrences, and if and when that happens,even my dead cat could be voted in as pm of the CONSERVATIVE party of Canada
commented 2016-04-06 21:02:13 -0400
I like Bernier and think he’s not to be underestimated. I think he’ll sell fairly well, he’s good at articulating conservative/libertarian ideas and does not repel women. He is from Quebec, but I can live with another Quebecer PM as long as they’re not a slimy Liberal. Here in the West that could be a problem for him though.
commented 2016-04-06 20:42:20 -0400
First of all, with a name like Maxime, he is looking for trouble. Take a hint Max, you are not going to win anything with a name like that. Buzz off and hang on to your briefcase.
commented 2016-04-06 20:20:58 -0400
Had more than enough of Quebec, thank you!
commented 2016-04-06 17:56:13 -0400
you know what after reading a little more of today`s news it is very possible even Eastern Canada will learn to hate all things liberal within the next 3 years …what a bunch of phuck ups liberals are ..fido ditto is at it again today more wind farms even though they have to pay the U.S to take it . If the feds and provincial Lieberals keep marching down their chosen roads there is a chance for the good guys
commented 2016-04-06 17:22:10 -0400
whoever is leader of the conservatives is not any good to me if he or she never rises above leader of the opposition. Having said that we can write off the free money east coasters Trudeau has them bought and paid for count them out …so who can win in Quebec or Ontario ? I am going to guess we in the west are going to have to warm up to someone from the Eastern provinces or hope they warm up to another leader from the west so who fits the bill in your minds ? Just asking … not endorsing . I guess we have to hope the lieberals make enough of a mess for the easterners to turn on him or at least have everyone from Manitoba west including BC turn on him which is asking for a lot. I believe there are some good candidates from the west but who can win ?
commented 2016-04-06 17:04:07 -0400
Valerie Schuetze while I appreciate that you have a right to your personal, most likely religion based views on the right to die, pot and abortion you must recognize that such issue are not something that traditional,conservative Canadians feel to be priority. They are considered pretty well settled by the mainstream of citizens right across the political spectrum. As Conservatives stand against the radical left of the political lobbyists, special interest and racially based groups, environmental extremists and much of the mainstream press the last issues to be debated should be Tea Party issues. Canada has many more national interests of importance including, immigration, unvetted refugees, the growing deficits, CBC agenda reporting and censorship, the Liberal’s lack of transparency and the national tragedy of citizenship rights and privilege based exclusively on heritage. Work for the values of being conservative, but please don’t further alienate the Conservative mainstream by representing them as a bunch of radicals. It’s the elimination of our current radicals that our countries future depends upon.
commented 2016-04-06 15:49:41 -0400
NON, Merci, Mr. Bernier.
commented 2016-04-06 15:46:35 -0400
Kermit’s need not apply’
commented 2016-04-06 15:05:40 -0400


We saw this with Mulroney whereby Demarais owned both parties – never again. Disgusting Demarais vermin – destroys Canada to get his french dialect spew promoted – filthy quebec rubes.
commented 2016-04-06 15:02:54 -0400
Hmmmm…leaves confidential documents in the condo of his girlfriend/kept woman, Julie Couillard, who also has ties to organized crime and motorcycle gangs, and Bernier wants to be leader of the CPC?

CINO posterboy.
commented 2016-04-06 15:01:08 -0400
There has to be a party that can represent social conservatives as well. At this point, since Harper has left, I do not seeing anyone who carries that banner…better a fiscal conservative than nothing but we don’t want euthanasia, legalized pot or baby killing in this country either….we want principled leaders who are not afraid to say they believe there is a God and they lean on Him for wisdom and strength to do the right thing….
commented 2016-04-06 14:54:14 -0400
Finally some hope, a libertarian: Small government is government which minimizes its own activities. It is an important topic in libertarianism and classical liberalism. This will lead to more individual responsibility, lower taxes and governments restricted to do only the essentials.

Maxime Bernier does not stand a hope in H’ll of getting elected as a leader or, if he is, a Prime Minister as it goes against the conservative, liberal and socialist agenda. Just look at the collusion by the left and right to stop Trump.
commented 2016-04-06 14:44:49 -0400
I believe that there are some true conservatives in Quebec, whether or not Maxime Bernier is one of them, I’m not sure yet. However, I think he would be a hard sell for conservatives west of Ontario. Maybe that doesn’t matter anyway, since it seems all you need to win federally is Ontario and Quebec. There would be pluses and minuses to that equation
commented 2016-04-06 14:18:56 -0400
Sure Acuuna, his English is not very polished yet still better than Brad Wall’s French. At this point it should be more about ideals than location.
commented 2016-04-06 14:15:21 -0400
Well I`m not sure what to think . It may be hard to beat the Lieberals with a western leader . I guess I need to find out what he is all about and who else is in the running . Don`t get me wrong and start grouping me in with Ron & Sean . It`s not like that …I am still smarting from the last time that happened !! All I am saying is I would take Kermit the frog right now over Zoolander.
commented 2016-04-06 13:48:09 -0400
not another frog. sorry, but no F’n way!