January 18, 2016

It’s official! Wynne becomes “Social Justice” premier with launch of anti-rape culture campaign — paid for by you!

David MenziesMission Specialist

I go to the gym to burn off calories and let off some steam but what I saw on my last visit actually increased my stress level.

Upon entering the men’s change room, I was gobsmacked to see the area peppered with several identical posters promoting a sexual harassment awareness campaign conducted by the Ontario government.

You can be forgiven for thinking that a province mired in debt and million dollar scandals might have more pressing business to attend to rather than wasting taxpayer money on stating the bloody obvious, namely, that sexual harassment is bad.

All this “edgy” messaging is part of something called “It’s Never OK”, a so-called “action plan” by the Wynne government to “counter rape culture and its associated effects.”

It’s official, Kathleen Wynne has achieved her goal of becoming Ontario’s first “Social Justice” Premier.

Is this even needed? Surely everyone knows that unwanted sexual advances are inappropriate and the few thugs who don’t understand this will likely only “get it” after a visit from law enforcement– not from viewing some focus-group approved poster campaign that merely preaches to the converted.

Oh well, as they used to say in the aerobics studio, “No pain, no gain” and I’m aching right now thanks to the thought of my tax dollars being squandered on meaningless social justice awareness campaigns that accomplish absolutely nothing.


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Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum sexualizes young children, undermines parental authority and imposes the government's morality on every Ontario family.
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Deleted emails. Cancelled gas plants. Bribery and more:
Ontario's Liberal premier Kathleen Wynne has got to go!

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commented 2016-01-19 21:55:23 -0500
They should put those posters up at the CBC not a gym.
commented 2016-01-19 00:21:09 -0500
Gary good stuff on Jian (what a little creep) and Ben Levin. As always David Menzies good stuff !!!!!!
commented 2016-01-18 23:48:28 -0500
How come we don’t see any portrayals of Jian Ghomeshi or Ben Levin in these commercial ads?
commented 2016-01-18 22:17:07 -0500
The left yet again have proved they are completely insane. This really has to stop. What rape culture is there? I don’t believe in god but as the saying goes. “Jesus Christ are they fucking stupid”.
commented 2016-01-18 22:17:06 -0500
The left yet again have proved they are completely insane. This really has to stop. What rape culture is there? I don’t believe in god but as the saying goes. “Jesus Christ are they fucking stupid”.
commented 2016-01-18 21:15:38 -0500
I’ve been to about 7 different gyms over the course of 15 years, and I have never seen any sexual harassment of a women…EVER!
commented 2016-01-18 21:02:48 -0500
Who was the ad agency that put this together and what connection do they have to the Liberal party?
commented 2016-01-18 20:54:36 -0500
These ads and the climate change ads…our Ontario tax dollars being flushed down the toilet.
commented 2016-01-18 18:47:24 -0500
Wynne is a Liberal. That explains everything.

Somebody mentioned the use of vegetables as sex aids, I bet Wynne loves Pumpkins.
commented 2016-01-18 18:00:47 -0500
Wynnie just likes wasting taxpayer money. I am still in shock that Ontarians would knowingly for this criminal again. Why would you vote to pay more taxes, and lose more rights???
commented 2016-01-18 17:30:36 -0500
LOL, “This is the part where you pay for your dinner”.
Who writes this sheeiite? Great sardonic comedy!
Coming to a province near you. I HOPE NOT! :)

Doesn’t Whynne have the aura of a Little Hitler. I swear I’m looking at a female Mini-Me.

commented 2016-01-18 17:05:56 -0500
Talk about spending money on unnecessary adds and signage. Check out the signs along Hwy 17 between North Bay and Sudbury. Every few kilometers there are huge signs advising drivers to buckle up, don’t tailgate, stop driving if you are tired, don’t pass unless the way is clear etc… Every sign has a separate message and of course there are separate signs saying the same thing in french. All common sense messages paid by the you the taxpayer.
commented 2016-01-18 17:04:45 -0500
Glenn Craig; good one
commented 2016-01-18 17:03:24 -0500
I’d change gyms – there is no requirement for them to post these government messages, in other words, your gym is in support of the campaign.
commented 2016-01-18 16:41:21 -0500
I am so sick of this provincial government’s nanny state policy ads…wear a scarf when it’s cold, drink water when it’s hot etc. And I agree with Ron Voss that when you teach children how to use vegetables as sex tools then don’t be surprised when they get older.
commented 2016-01-18 16:18:53 -0500
Just wait until the federal government makes pedophilia a sexual orientation instead of a mental disorder. Then these perverts can get a job nice and close to little kids. Yeah, it’s coming just like gay marriage. This is very dangerous for young children but I bet the NDP in Alberta and Wynne in Ontario are drooling over the possibilities of getting this included in their LGBQT porn class programme.
commented 2016-01-18 15:13:36 -0500
Personally, I though the last guy in the TV ad – the one who was expecting his date to “put out” to thank him for dinner – looked a lot like Peter McKay, front-runner for the federal Conservatives. I wonder if that actor was deliberately chosen for his resemblance to McKay? It would be a clever/devious way to tar McKay and Conservatives in general with the sexual harrassment brush. I certainly wouldn’t put it past our Social Justice premier to do something like that.
commented 2016-01-18 15:11:42 -0500
Talk about speaking out of both sides of your mouth, sexualizing the kids at one end and then self-righteously telling them to control their sexual urges when they grow up!
commented 2016-01-18 14:54:00 -0500
We don’t need an ad-campaign … just enforce the bloody law when a mooslime breaks it!!!!
commented 2016-01-18 14:39:57 -0500
So are these posters in English or in Arabic?
commented 2016-01-18 14:36:29 -0500
Reminds me of the city paying to tell us how to dress for the cold or to drink water on hot days. What a waste of money.
commented 2016-01-18 14:09:19 -0500
Flirt? Strike that from the dictionary. Funny us white guys knew not to sexually harass a woman and didn’t need to have it explained to us unlike the migrants from Sharia Syria and other Muslim countries. Does Wynne really thing Sharia adherent Muslims are going to listen or obey Sharia laws?
commented 2016-01-18 14:02:53 -0500
Wynnie is just setting the stage for when all hell breaks loose!
commented 2016-01-18 13:57:13 -0500
It’s more likely that a dyke would sexually harass a woman than man. Is it against the law for a man to ask a woman to join him for a coffee.
commented 2016-01-18 13:54:53 -0500
The irony of talking about this as you bring in more misogynistic Muslims is painful.