April 28, 2015

Italy should adopt Australia's no-nonsense treatment of illegal migrants -- before it's too late

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Australia's made it clear: Not one illegal migrant will be allowed to stay.

Australia's tough yet humane approach to the floods of migrants headed their way is so different than that of Italy and other countries.

Contrary to what you'll hear, not all of these migrants are just innocent men "searching for a better life":

ISIS has announced their plan to use migrants like these as an "invasion force" to take over "Rome."

I explain why Australia's multifaceted solution is so clever and effective.


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commented 2015-04-28 19:11:33 -0400
It is the unelected Dictators who run the EU, that decide on who will, or will not, enter the EU Zone. Once they, the immigrants, are in, they can go to any country they please, within the Zone.
Nigal Farage is running a political platform, based on the UK pulling out of this dictatorship. I hope he wins.
commented 2015-04-28 17:07:01 -0400
Absolutely true Ezra. It’s incredible how impotent and submissive European countries have become. Why would Italy or any country, not bent on suicide, allow boatloads of “illegal” immigrants to ruin their country? They’re not vetted to begin with and don’t even have to respect the situation. You’ve got Muslims throwing Christians overboard on these floating petri dishes of human trafficking. Trafficking, illegal. Do these things matter anymore. It’s a descent into lawlessness and chaos that’s being encouraged at the expense of citizens. Not very politically, legally or morally correct. Appalling.
commented 2015-04-28 16:59:49 -0400
I don’t think it’ll ever be “too late” to adopt these policies. But a lot of people may die before the left realizes we were right all along.
commented 2015-04-28 16:43:32 -0400
I don’t only think Europe lacks the courage to implement such policies, Canada doesn’t either. Even if such a proposal was adopted by a Conservative Government, It would be shouted down from the rafters by the Opposition, as well as being vilified in MSM, and inevitably it would be overturned by the SCOC. However, no doubt the day will come when the collective progressive left will come to understand the depth of their folly, but by then it will be too late…. not just for them, but for the rest of the Country as well.
commented 2015-04-28 16:18:53 -0400
Backbone is something missing in most politicians.
commented 2015-04-28 16:04:57 -0400
Ezra, I think you are right – Europe doesn’t have the guts to actually stand up to these so-called “immigrants” and refuse to let them in. There would most likely be rioting in the streets by the ones that are already there, to make the gov’ts give in, which they would end up doing because they are too weak to “JUST SAY NO!!”
I think we here in Canada should also take a harder stand as well and make sure all illegals are deported – they have no business being here either. I think it’s spring cleaning time!!!!!
commented 2015-04-28 16:04:47 -0400
Good information. It makes one wonder why the main stream media (msm) hasn’t highlighted this Australian procedure. In my view, the msm is like a train on a track – there’s only one way of thought; creative thinking and solutions are not their mandate.