Terri-Lynne McClintic deserves life in jail for her brutal crimes, not a vacation in a "healing lodge"

Keean BexteRebel Contributor
UPDATE: Justice is served -- Child murderer Terri-Lynne McClintic back in prison

November 8, 2018 - It is tough to call anything surrounding the case of Tori Stafford’s murder a victory, but this week, we came as close as we could.

After tens of thousands of people signed a variety of petitions demanding convicted child killer Terri-Lynne McClintic’s return to prison; after weeks of the opposition slamming Ralph Goodale, day after day in Question Period, she has finally been sent back to a real prison. 

Terri-Lynne McClintic and Thomas Rafferty both received life sentences in prison for their roles in the brutal rape, and murder of a poor young girl, Tori Stafford.

Well, government attitudes change, and apparently, life in prison doesn’t mean all that much anymore, because, after only a handful of years, McClintic has been released from maximum security in Ontario, and is on her way to an aboriginal healing lodge in Saskatchewan.

McClintic heinous crimes do not stop there, she's boasted about the time she microwaved a live dog, and that other time she was incarcerated for assault and robbery.

McClintic has fantasized about mutilating people and smashing their skulls in, with the intent of prolonging their suffering as long as possible. 

In shocking news, after being given a life sentence to a prison in Ontario, McClintic has now been shipped to Saskatchewan where she will attend an aboriginal healing lodge.

This decision was made by  Anne Kelly, the commissioner of Correctional Service Canada. She's been asked by Canada's Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale to look into whether moving McClintic to a healing lodge was in accordance with the law.

Last time I checked, the officials that have the authority to make sentencing decisions, are the criminal court judges who determine sentencing considering every single stakeholder, which includes the victim's friends, family, and community.

The mentality is backwards, why are the interests of the offender trumping the administration of justice?

In Goodale’s idea of justice, there are two tiers of criminal - in one group we have dangerous criminal offenders, and in the other, we have aboriginal bad-practicers? I am sorry, but I am not buying it.

This is a woman who beat a child’s head in with a hammer. We as a society should offer zero sympathies towards this murder. 

If you agree with me, and think this is wrong, I invite you to sign my petition below, demanding that Ralph Goodale quit dragging his feet, drop the excuses, and throw this hardened criminal in prison.

I am not talking about this summer camp crap, I mean a real prison, slam the door, and throw away the key.

Sign the petition!

We demand Ralph Goodale exercise his authority to return Terri-Lynne McClintic to a real prison; a prison environment that is representative of her crimes. Child murderers deserve the harshest, most punitive punishment available to authorities. We demand that a life sentence means life in prison.

Will you sign?