Anjem Choudary must serve his entire jail sentence!

Jack BuckbyRebel Contributor

Terrorist supporter Anjem Choudary is about to get out of jail early.

Back in 2016, he was sentenced to five years in prison for supporting the Islamic State terrorist group. That’s a laughably short prison sentence. 

But it’s only 2018, and Theresa May’s government is already set to let him out next month!


Anjem Choudary is one of the greatest monsters in the UK that the government has allowed to roam our streets, putting people in danger and radicalising followers who have committed terrible atrocities.

He’s a former solicitor and spokesman for the banned terrorist organisation, Islam4UK.

His terrorist-supporting, extremist Islamic group reappeared under many different names – from Al Muhajiroun to Muslims Against Crusades.

Choudary was a key figure in the recruitment of fighters for Osama Bin Laden in Chechnya, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He's called for a parallel system of Islamic education in the UK and has been accused of training extremists with handguns, rifles and mock rocket launchers on Islamic-themed camping trips.

Choudary loudly calls for the implementation of Sharia and has predicted that Muslims will control Britain within a matter of decades.

He calls the 9/11 terrorists ‘magnificent martyrs’ and refused to condemn the 2005 bombings in London.

He blamed the murder of Lee Rigby on British foreign policy – and Rigby’s killer Michael Adebolajo was one of his disciples

Choudary’s associates have been connected to at least 15 major terrorist attacks and plots with experts suggesting as many as 500 of his disciples are now fighting for ISIS.

He’s even been connected to the 2017 London Bridge attack. 


Since 2016 Choudary has been serving his five-year sentence in prison. 

But, this monster is due to be released in October of 2018 after just two and a half years inside.

Prisons Minister Rory Stewart has warned that Choudary is still a threat, and remains a ‘deeply pernicious, destabilising influence’. He also said they will be watching him very carefully.

But that’s not good enough. Plenty of terrorist attacks in the UK are committed by known jihadists that police say they’re “watching”. We don’t want to watch him. We want him in prison. 

Even banning him from using the Internet or from meeting his radical friends isn’t enough. It won’t work, and he will re-offend. It’s just a matter of time before one of his disciples commits a new atrocity. 


If the government won’t act, then we must. I need your help to keep Anjem off our streets and in jail. This is my plan: 

  1. 1. Sign this petition to Sajid Javid, demanding that Anjem Choudary serve his full prison sentence.
  2. 2. Let’s commission a professional poll of British public opinion on releasing Choudary early. 
  3. 3. Let’s put up a massive billboard in central London calling for the government to jail Anjem Choudary. 

The government must act before more people die, but we must make them do it.

Please sign the petition below, and help us commission a professional public opinion poll – you know the mainstream media wouldn’t do that.

Let’s keep our streets safe.

Sign the petition!

To: Theresa May MP, Prime Minister of the UK.

CC: David Gauke MP, Justice Secretary & Sajid Javid MP, Home Secretary.

Anjem Choudary must serve his full prison sentence.

Will you sign?