Tell the Supreme Court to reinstate mandatory minimums for drug dealers!

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The Supreme Court of Canada has reversed a policy that was brought in by the Harper Conservatives.  

They have now pulled down another mandatory minimum, this time for repeat drug traffickers.

We aren’t talking about people caught possessing small amounts of drugs, we are talking about people caught and convicted of repeat drug trafficking, of being a pusher, of feeding addicts and hooking your kids.

But in a 6-3 decision the unelected judges on the nation’s highest court ruled that the mandatory minimum was too much, that is was contrary to the constitution because it was a “cruel and unusual punishment.”

The mandatory minimum sentence for repeat convictions was only a one year sentence. And a one year sentence the Supreme Court called that cruel and unusual punishment.

Unelected and unaccountable judges can no longer be the real rulers of this country. That is not how democracy works, the judges are overstepping their bounds here they are well out of step with Canadians.

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The Supreme Court should reinstate one year mandatory minimums for repeat drug traffickers. 

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