August 16, 2017

James Damore: Google is “pushing” diversity “religion” on employees

Mark LathamRebel Host

On Wednesday's show, Claire Lehmann and I spoke at length to James Damore, whose controversial "diversity memo" got him fired from Google but turned him into practically a household name overnight.

James talks about how the fallout from the memo affected his personal life, the scientific underpinnings of his observations, what Google's corporate culture is like, and more.

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commented 2017-08-17 14:15:54 -0400
James you’re the lucky one!
commented 2017-08-17 01:56:56 -0400
this guy possess a brain to differentiate , should have no problem finding a new job
commented 2017-08-16 16:59:14 -0400
The left uses the classic strategy of divide and conquer. They exacerbate differences, exacerbate tribalism, exacerbate dissimilarities, balkanize the people and then they appear as the saviours. It is time to open our eyes because now the left has been using these methods all over the world and at this time we as Australians must be firm, denounce these people, unmask them and send them a clear message that in Australia, we will not tolerate the division of the people. These neo-communists do not know what it is to live in a communist country and they are the useful fools who have sold themselves to NGOs that serve globalist interests directed towards a world communist government and the new world order.