Janice Atkinson

Europe on Fire

Fired up and engaged in politics in 1979, campaigning as a teenager for Margaret Thatcher

Conservative Party press office.

2010 stood as Parliamentary candidate for Batley and Spen, recognised by Conservative HQ as one of the best fought campaigns. Nigel Farage’s party stood aside for Janice.

Director of Conservative Action for Electoral Reform (democracy, PR).

Conservative conference fringe event organiser of best attended events.

Ran shadow home secretary David Davis' by-election Against 42 Days Detention.

Disillusioned by fake conservative Cameron, she joined Ukip in 2011.

Wrote welfare policy for UKIP.

Regular media commentator, print and broadcast.

Worked closely with Nigel Farage, became SE chairman, selected as No 3 in Ukip's selection of MEP candidates and No2 in the SE, second to Farage.

Elected as Ukip MEP 2014, now sits as vice president with Marine Le Pen/Strache/Wilders/Salvini’s ENF group. She works with think tanks, campaign groups, youth movements and individuals to bring back libertarian conservatism. She constantly fights against socialism and the moral degradation of the West.

Janice has never changed her political views, always centre-right and Thatcherite.

Political heros: Thatcher, Reagan, Tebbit, Trump and Farage.