April 01, 2019

Janice Atkinson interviews Brexit rally supporters: “Parliament's a bunch of traitors”

Rebel Staff

You've heard the unhinged know-nothing comments from the Remain rally. Now it's time to hear from the Brexiteers who have every right to protest against the UK Parliament's refusal to leave the European Union on time.

One man said that the crowd was there today to “stand for England” and her culture. 

That same day, UKIP leader Gerard Batten gave a short speech telling the crowd to expect more betrayals from government and Tommy Robinson screened his documentary Panodrama for the crowd.

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commented 2019-04-05 23:51:31 -0400
I will be shocked if Brexit EVER HAPPENS. The Brits need to fight, not protest. These traitors that the people have identified need to be executed for that crime. Trusting that they can vote someone into office that will change all this is a fantasy. They have had chance after chance over the last couple of decades. And now they have the conditions that they do have. A government that has plotted against the people. This government and previous ones have allowed them to be invaded and controlled by billionaires in another country that were not elected to any office. The people are getting weaker and outnumbered by their invaders, the end of Britain closes in. They already live in a state of fear and control. This will not end peacefully in anyway. Their future is total capitulation or bloody war. Live on your knees or stand and fight. This is also Canada’s future. we need to pay attention.
commented 2019-04-05 20:47:30 -0400
Thank you. We will follow
commented 2019-04-01 23:28:50 -0400
May is going to drag this out to her last breath!
“how dare they go against the peoples vote!”
Seriously. who do these politicians think they are ignoring the wishes of the people they serve? BRITAIN cannot fail.

All those globalist trade deals have been a lie. They are gateways to loss of sovereignty, to corporate global governance on every level in every country it can get away with infecting. Harper prepared Canada for the losses in sovereignty we are facing now with traitor Trudeau. I curse the day I ever heard of any of those bilateral trade deals.
commented 2019-04-01 20:45:02 -0400
If I was a citizen of the UK, I’d be protesting the stalled Brexit move too. The EU turned into a big pile of rules and regulations which stifled free market capitalism.
commented 2019-04-01 20:15:07 -0400
Too bad Canadians are so docile.
Good on these ‘far-right’ Brits.
(I wonder how Harry’s wife is reacting and counselling him on this.)