March 12, 2019

UKIP Leader Gerard Batten, MEP, talks Theresa May and Brexit

Rebel Staff

I spoke to the leader of UKIP, Gerard Batten MEP, about the looming Brexit deadline. 

Will we be “BRINO” – Brexit in name only – or will it be a no deal on March 29?

Batten wasted no time in describing Theresa May's latest trip to see EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker:

“This is just the latest stunt in a long, protracted sell-out of the referendum result.”

According to Batten, the only thing holding back the UK is its first-past-the-post electoral system.

Despite today's news that British MPs have rejected May's new withdrawal deal, throwing even more chaos on to the deadline, Gerard and I will be meeting at 4pm on March 29 to either celebrate or protest outside of Parliament.

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commented 2019-03-13 16:25:27 -0400
Jay Kelly, she has had 2.5 years and has shown complete incompetence.
Trump could have delivered a deal in 2 months.
commented 2019-03-13 02:10:33 -0400
What a shamozzle. Listening to Theresa May’s voice on the radio today she sounded like a Canadian after a weeklong flu and cold combined, barely able to speak. The dear lady has been trying to talk her way through this, basically begging European Union negotiators, her own Party, and British Parliamentarians to help find a solution.
All the political parties in parliament know that if there were a second referendum voters would go heavily against leaving the European Union. Theresa May is desperately trying to uphold the results of the existing referendum, that Britain leave the European Union now (March 29th is the date).
Gerald Patten from UKIP, and his ilk, are not helping by pressing for a hard Brexit now and blaming May for the turmoil. He goes so far as to blame the British electoral system (surely one of the best in the world) for not providing what he and his ilk want.
I just hope Theresa May finds a good throat lozenge. Do they have Fisherman’s Friend in Britain?