February 25, 2019

Kenney's “bizarre” immigration announcement is “a solution in search of a problem”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Jason Kenney is going to be the next premier of Alberta.

Any poll, every poll, for months, has shown that it’s going to be a majority government for Kenney’s new United Conservatives Party.

The NDP win in 2015 was accidental — the other parties all imploded, and Rachel Notley had a pleasant enough smile.

Abacus research confirmed at the time what we all know: 91 per cent of people who voted for the NDP said they just wanted a change. Trouble is, they voted for kooks, and in some cases, actual Communists.

So Jason Kenney could go on holidays until the election day and still win. In fact, it would probably be better if he did, since the campaign will be nothing but gotcha smears against him by the media party.

But Kenney and his team have been colonized, psychologically, by the Media Party. I think it’s something he learned in a decade in Ottawa: To fear and appease them.

I first saw this two years ago, when he turned against 3,000 Albertans who were campaigning at a Rebel rally outside the Legislature, against the carbon tax.

And he did it again, with that United We Roll Convoy:

Andrew Scheer and Maxime Bernier both spoke at the convoy rally in Ottawa. Ontario premier Doug Ford and Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe sent out encouraging messages. But Kenney wouldn’t even meet with the convoy as it passed through his own city, and his only tweet to them scolded them for talking about other issues besides pipelines, like Trudeau’s corruption or mass immigration.

All of the above is the only way I can process the bizarre Kenney announcement today.

If you were to knock on 1,000 doors in Alberta and ask, "What is a key issue in this provincial election, I doubt a single person would say: "We need more immigration."

Now here's an excerpt from the CBC report:

"Our goal is to end large backlogs, speed up processing, proactively attract talented newcomers from overseas, welcome entrepreneurs, and encourage settlement in rural Alberta," the UCP leader said on Monday in Chestermere, Alta.

Kenney said the UCP plan would aim to bring approximately 10,000 newcomers in total to rural Alberta every year.

Kenney, who served as federal immigration minister from 2008 to 2013, said the plan is meant to address population decline in rural Alberta and reinvigorate the provincial economy. (...)

"My goal would be to get a larger share of the federally selected immigrants by getting our economy back to work," said Kenney.

Where to begin? Immigration is a federal matter. It’s not a provincial matter, other than some tweaks.

But the main point is this:

There is massive unemployment in Alberta. It’s worse than any other province other than the Atlantic.

And Alberta’s unemployed people are the most skilled unemployed people in Canada. They’re out of work because of Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau. There is no shortage of workers. There is a shortage of jobs.

So Jason Kenney wants to bring in more workers? Before our existing Canadian unemployed are hired?

This is a solution in search of a problem. It doesn’t make sense.

This is Jason Kenney trying to win the love of the CBC, trying to prove how woke he is.

Please tell me if I’m wrong, because I wish I was, but I don’t think I am.

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commented 2019-02-26 08:53:27 -0500
Kenney is simply virtue signaling. He is indicating he is pro immigration and not a white supremacist. As if people outside of the left stream media didn’t already know.
commented 2019-02-26 08:33:24 -0500
Peter has a point. Derek doesn’t have MLAs all over Alberta.

I like Derek and what he’s saying, but at this point we need to separate and control our own resources and borders.

We are in a lot of trouble, and I didn’t serve this country to watch it be flushed. I will say I’ve given up on the idea of a unified Canada, but I’m willing to go toe to toe for Alberta.
commented 2019-02-26 08:24:17 -0500
Derek Fildebrandt is no doubt more Conservative than Jason Kenny, but he is not getting out the word that his Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta even exists.

commented 2019-02-26 07:52:36 -0500
Is Kenney trying to lose? The few things he can say to make enemies of Albertans and that’s what he has to say? Lunacy!!
I was never on board with Kenney but could never quite put my finger on why – mystery solved, I guess. It really seems that Alberta is maybe just a stepping stone for his bigger ambitions? From UPC to CPC leadership, perhaps?
Maybe this also has to do with the separation movement in Alberta? Prepping to leave the “country” and form our own with our own immigration policies or leaving a separated Alberta for the rest of Canada? It all stinks whatever way you cut it!!
commented 2019-02-26 05:01:07 -0500
Well now we know how much power “We the People” really have to control our destiny. We are allowed to elect one dictator after another . That’s it folks. Politicians whose plan and intent is to change the world, not represent us.
Scheer will be only marginally different than Trudeau.Kenney will be only marginally different than Notley.
It’s sad .It’s cynical. But I’m afraid it’s a reality.
commented 2019-02-26 02:46:45 -0500
They are all just following orders now, Canadians be damned.
commented 2019-02-26 02:45:01 -0500
Lets do that first then talk about immigrants for all those jobs in Alberta. Come on. Immigration is uncontrolled in this country right now. We get the unfiltered hoards. We may also get some carefully selected for specific industry(although I have my doubts) but we will also get the unwashed masses. This is just a ploy. Kenney is not being honest. They will use such talk as a smoke screen for continuing uncontrolled migration. It is written in stone now. The UN Compact was signed and won’t be turfed until …I don’t know when or how.
commented 2019-02-26 02:22:38 -0500
Kenney’s messaging may need some work, but he’s probably right. When the AB economy turns around after the NDP are a gone, and the CPC erases Trudeau (let’s hope), then pipelines will be built and there will once again be more workers needed in AB than Canada can supply.
Hopefully those workers will be vetted and qualified TFWs and not criminal border crossers (which Scheer has promised to stop). I’m sure AB companies like Tim Horton’s would prefer sincere and screened people applying and not Trudeau’ s dishonest newcomers whose chosen first step into Canada was to flippantly break our border laws and lying to authorities about their so-called claim of “asylum”.
commented 2019-02-26 02:10:55 -0500
Mr. Kenny is speaking to business and entrepeneurs, primarily rural. His message is that he will give them access to the skilled labour they need to succeed – so come to Alberta.
Many sectors rely on foreign labour, philipinos dominate the health care space because they are tremendously skilled. To be clear these are not cheap labour positions.
Meat packing is a really tough, physical job in a cold environment, that Somalis and other foreign nationals are skilled at, and willing to do. It pays very well too. Ag, horticulture, landscaping are dominated by mexican immigrants. They are good at it, willing to work long hours and have a good attitude. Business owners large and small have told me their success relies heavily on this labour supply. It keeps our food supply cheap and exports competitive.
If that’s what rural business needs to suceed, Kenny will get it for them. Well done Mr. Premier and screw the political correctness.
It’s the same in America, UK and elsewhere.
commented 2019-02-26 01:29:18 -0500
Kenney came out to Alberta in his blue truck and sat with rural Albertan’s in coffee shops and wooed them into a false sense of hope. Shame on him. I don’t think anything is for certain as far as the outcome of this election will be.
commented 2019-02-26 01:11:32 -0500
KEITH BARNES commented: “Burnaby South, anybody hear anything yet????”

That clown with a funny tall hat & whiskers won.
commented 2019-02-26 00:57:47 -0500
Kenny has been a globalist & pro-mass immigration all way along.
Don’t be mistaken by his political stripe. When he was immigration minister he substantially increased annual immigration and TFW, he also added several non-essential categories to the TFW program. As cabinet minister in Harper govt. he twice attended Bilderberg meetings and each time upon his return he increased the immigration numbers.
As for his suggestion to settle newcomers to rural Alberta that is exactly in line with our somalian mohammedan immigration minister’s policy who just last month has brought up this new policy of settling newcomers into rural communities by offering them govt. jobs on arrival.
Canadian Federal or Provincial Conservatives are nothing more than Liberal lite. they are the equivalent of Tories in UK.
commented 2019-02-26 00:45:26 -0500
I know in a general sense people are concerned about immigration as I am, but I think the big one is I’m absolutely fedup with Muslims and Islam and their agenda being pushed every which way and most migrants/immigrants right now flooding into this country belong in that category!!
commented 2019-02-26 00:32:22 -0500
Rural Alberta does not need or want any more “talented newcomers”. Rural Crime Watch is busy enough.
commented 2019-02-26 00:24:02 -0500
John Williams, wouldn’t you do that after you ‘ramped’ up the economy again? So you could bring in only what was needed? No, this is about something else.
commented 2019-02-26 00:20:52 -0500
Its Vancouver Sheldon and the demographic is already tipped there.
commented 2019-02-26 00:19:49 -0500
Nobody anywhere wants more immigration but the politicians. These globalists are going to do what they are going to do and tell us we love love love the whole idea. Its devious. They must have really sold their souls for a lot of power and money to forsake their own people this way. Canadians do not want this. Alberta does not want this.
commented 2019-02-26 00:18:10 -0500
I like your angle on Kenney because its very possible, but I recall in 2006 when I lived in Alberta restaurants couldn’t hire anyone because there were so many good jobs teenagers didn’t even want to work in restaurants and didn’t have to so restaurants suffered with a lack of enthusiastic staff. Is it possible he is proposing to bring in low wage workers when he ramps up the economy again?
commented 2019-02-26 00:11:25 -0500
Flipping Jughead Singh why would anyone vote NDP my goodness!!
commented 2019-02-25 23:54:17 -0500
We don’t need any immigration at all in Canada right now. What we need to do is drive the environmentalists out of the government. Every “Conservative” party in this country is crap.
commented 2019-02-25 23:28:39 -0500
REBELATION is correct about putting official complaints in about the Police.
Most upper notch Police people really don’t want to spend their entire career with the RCMP or the OPP . The idea is to get 10 years experience then apply to a Private Force, usually in a well off District like North Vancouver. That way you get more Prestige, more money, and more freedom as you are the boss. Also less crime as you are in a good neighborhood.
However to receive this type of job, you can’t have a bunch of Black Marks on your file, so you would do your best to avoid any public complaints.
If Keean had suggested he was putting in a Police complaint, he likely would have gotten some action.
commented 2019-02-25 23:19:00 -0500
Didn’t Kenny go a Bilderberg Meeting. If so he is in the camp of Soros. I don’t trust him.
commented 2019-02-25 23:07:44 -0500
Burnaby South, anybody hear anything yet????
commented 2019-02-25 22:57:26 -0500
Jason’s speech smells like something else is going on. Jason is not dumb and he knows that only 6% of Canadians want a higher % of whatever type of Immigrants.
We all know that Jason’s eyes have always been on the big prize, the Prime Minister’s Job. Two Possibilities:
1. Jason has information that Trudeau will be following his brain out of the Liberal Office. It seems these days that Liberals and Cons think almost the same. Today’s speech sounds like Jason’s first Liberal speech.
2. Maybe he knows that Trudeau will win again and Scheer will be quickly thrown under the CPC Bus. A perfect fit. Remember any Globalist Politician has to act like he loves the 3 world, if he wants to get ahead. This speech would be Jason ’s proof that he is on the Saudi Train heading for Canada. Conspiracy Theory maybe !!
commented 2019-02-25 22:49:18 -0500
Kenney…you clown! Did you ask the people of Brooks what bringing these sudanese and somalians has done to their town? These workers were brought in by a US company (that is another shit show for another day) that were unwilling to pay the wages that competed with a booming oil economy. This has not improved Brooks as a town, that is for sure!
commented 2019-02-25 22:38:28 -0500
Kenney’s mind has been federalized and his heart has been socialized. His immigration agenda is his replacement for running for oil. He is ashamed of the things that Albertans care about. Just as green schemes are peddled to make us think a politician will create jobs, immigration is peddled to make us think that we need workers to fill positions, which positions, unfortunately, do not exist. Kenney will get elected, but not on the strength of my vote.
commented 2019-02-25 22:33:24 -0500
CHARRED REMAINS commented 37 mins ago.
Hey keith.. howya doin.?!………………

Doin fine Mate and thank you for your kind enquiry. In my Army days I would have said Well Done….Charred.