May 08, 2018

Jason Kenney breaks his "grassroots guarantee"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I reported on Jason Kenney turning his back on his grassroots guarantee. 

During last weekend's United Conservative Party (UCP) policy conference, the party's membership voted in favor of a motion mandating that public schools inform parents when their children join a gay-straight alliance club. 

Despite the clear message from his party's members, Kenney announced that a UCP government would not turn this motion into law. This announcement directly contradicts the grassroots guarantee Kenney campaigned on during the UCP leadership race.

WATCH my video to see why how Kenney's now attempting to hide his grassroots guarantee, and why he and Ontario Conservative leader Doug Ford need to respect their party's membership and stand-up to the mainstream media.

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commented 2018-05-09 08:06:15 -0400
Jason Kenney is exhibiting the classic arrogance of the conservative party that was thrown out and why the NDP was elected on a protest Vote.. The conservative party in Alberta should have died a natural death and been reborn on the effort of its own hard work… It should have never been allowed to force itself onto a grassroots party built from the ground up by somebody else’s hardwork.. Before the amalgamation of the two parties the conservative party was broke, bankrupt, morally corrupt and nothing has changed other then we lost the wild Rose . Jason Kenney is not from Alberta and left his constituents in his other riding high and dry before his tenure was complete to seek opportunity in Alberta . It is an absolute shame that Derek Fildebrandt was forced away from the leadership role while actually not doing anything wrong . I knew from the beginning that the conservatives forcing themselves on the wild Rose just to stay in the political game was wrong and now my suspicions were proven correct . They had everybody believing that they had to do this or the vote would be split and the NDP would be elected again…That would have never happened because everybody was still down on the conservatives for their 40 years of corrupted behaviour in Alberta and the wild Rose would have drifted into power on the effort of their hard work . My paper boy could’ve beat the NDP without the joining of the two parties… Alberta gained absolutely nothing from that but the PCs sure did .!! When are we going to learn .!!!
commented 2018-05-09 03:29:31 -0400
Thanks for your detailed insight Ron Voss.. I don’t live in Alberta but my oldest son and my grandchildren are indeed there… I’ve never liked “chubby” politicians and that’s why I kept advising Kenney to do a few more pushups every day that he was on the leadership trail in his pickup truck… He’s now proving to be the classic “know it all backroom boy, and screw the people who elected me” that I feared he might be…
commented 2018-05-09 01:18:20 -0400
The next thing we’re going to hear out of this sodomite is “it’s 2018 that’s why”
commented 2018-05-09 00:59:14 -0400
I never did like Jason Kenney
commented 2018-05-08 18:52:38 -0400
I repeat what I said yesterday. Every one I’ve ever met who’s gone into politics has begun to compromise their integrity the moment they got elected. They break their promises, they stop listening to their conscience and their constituents, they start listening to their political advisers, and they forget why they got into politics in the first place. Politics by it’s very nature seems to be a corrupter of all who immerse themselves in it.
commented 2018-05-08 18:45:46 -0400
The Toronto ‘Red’ Star portrayed what happened as creating a deep divide between the Party upper echelons and the grassroots:
To some degree that is true and that divide is being created by the activist group LGBTory which has infiltrated the party to subvert it to move towards the left and adopt ‘progressive’ positions. Here is a rough transcript of some of the debate on motion R030:
James Kutchen (JCCF): should not be perceived as a negative motion, although it will be perceived as such by the media, who will attack you anyway.
Representative of LGBTory: What happened to a disciplined big tent party. Have to vote this down! (Very angry emphatic tone). We (?) will be perceived as an angry party.
Representative of LGBTory: The previous speaker is the Alberta director of LGBTory (Harrison Fleming) and we should pay attention (sounds threatening). We should crumple up this motion and burn it in a lake of fire (Reference to an incident brought up in the 2012 election; something posted by a Wildrose candidate years before, which the media jumped on.)
A delegate: We are a Conservative party; not the NDP. We want parents in charge!
Then 3 UCP MLAs, heavyweights in the Party, were sent out to dissuade the grassroots voters from voting for this motion:
Rich McIver (who was interim leader of former PC party in Alberta and currently UCP Caucus whip): This is not about outing gay kids (caused pushback from crowd which caused the chair of the meeting to scold those in attendance to be respectful)…but about making kids feel safe. We will be called ‘the lake of fire’ party. Passing this motion will severely affect our likelihood of winning the election.
John Carpay (JCCF): Pointed out, our Party voted against Bill 24 (which prevents parents from being connected to their chikdren). Parental rights is a cornerstone of a free society. If you love parental rights, you love freedom.
Jason Nixon (UCP Opposition house leader): Stop taking the NDP’s bait; already in law.
Pastor Brian Coldwell: About fundamental rights. Government and activists are never right when compared to parents.
Leela Aheer (UCP Deputy Leader and one of three UCP MLAs, including Brian Jean, who abstained from voting on Bill 24): Please vote no against this motion.
Disturbing the inflammatory, fear-mongering language even from the UCP MLAs like McIver. The UCP will risk losing the upcoming election by voting yes for this motion. Seriously? Despite the pressure and bullying from top,level UCP MLAs, the UCP members passed the resolution with 57% support. I made a notation after that vote, “Freedom now.”
commented 2018-05-08 18:38:25 -0400
The symbol ‘greater than’ does not carry over, the motions under the group motion on Education, received greater than 85% in the online survey.
commented 2018-05-08 18:31:14 -0400
The media likes to talk of Alberta’s United Conservative Party’s Founding Convention revealing a deep divide on social issues because of the debate and vote on motion R030 (reinstate parental opt-in consent for any subjects of a religious or sexual nature, including enrolment in extracurricular activities/clubs or distribution of any instructional materials/resources related to those topics).
However, not mentioned by the media was that motion R030 was part of a group motion on Education, that included 21 other motions which had garnered a whopping > 85% support from an online survey of the members. 85% That’s a strong endorsement by the members!
Despite the shameful effort by UCP MLAs, Ric McIver (UCP Caucus whip), Jason Nixon (UCP House Leader) and Leela Aheer (UCP Deputy leader) to dissuade the members assembled (an example of policy determined top down), the Motion, nonetheless, still passed with 57% support.
What we have is a disconnect between the upper echelons of the party and the grassroots members. If there is a divide in the party it is being created by the activist ‘progressive’ group LGBTory, who have infltrated the party to subvert it to adopt ‘progressive’ social policies. In my view, a ‘progressive’ conservative is an oxymoron. If you are going along with the narrative of the hysterical left wing media, Toronto Star, Edmonton Journal, MacLean’s, Calgary Herald, Global News, CTV, Huffington Post etc, on this matter, as a conservative you are clearly on the wrong side of this issue.
commented 2018-05-08 14:22:26 -0400
Edith, I’m sure Ron Voss can give us a different take on it.
commented 2018-05-08 13:31:48 -0400
Radical sex, the best form of birth control. Keeping in mind that Canada already has an unsustainable birth rate. Look at Wynne’s Sex Education program, teaching how to use inanimate objects as sex toys, to pre puberty children.

Nothing to do with Islam?
commented 2018-05-08 11:45:27 -0400
This is a low blow. I was there the resolution was way too loaded with negative connotations. He is the leader and why should he put his life and our economy on the line. You want Jason Kenney to win? Doesn’t sound like it Ezra. I agree parents should have a say in radical sex Ed. as does Kenney. They could have left the word "club’ out of it knowing the controversy it will cause. Why are you making it bigger? I was there. Small number of voters on last day, but the NDers were there enmass. I sat beside 2 and there were 2 in front of me. All 4 voted Yes. It was there intent to cause an issue and not once again we are ‘killing our own’ with commentary.