November 28, 2017

Jennifer Garner on Hollywood scandals: “We can’t just assume that every man is guilty”

Ben DaviesRebel Host | Rebel Reel Reviews

Remember after the Kevin Spacey scandal when I said, "This was a sign of good things to come"?

Well, even through it feels good to see corrupt, hypocrites fall we should still remain level headed. Jennifer Garner is one Hollywood actress who agrees.

We cannot use the left's tactic of condemning all people without due process. 

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commented 2017-11-29 07:44:36 -0500
Can’t assume all men are guilty unless they are Conservative or Republican. Then even the slightest whiff of impropriety is enough to declare guilt. These Hollywood and Democrat party accusations is simply a case of the chickens coming home to roost.
commented 2017-11-28 23:50:51 -0500
I think that is quite generous of Garner considering who she used to be married to. What she says is true, we can’t assume every accusation is true without proper vetting. Are they innocent, rapists and predators or just a**holes.
You flashed a picture of Leonardo, what might come out about that guy I wonder?
commented 2017-11-28 23:47:35 -0500
A couple of things:
1. Jennifer Garner supports Planned Parenthood and has done fund raising for them. (she and Ellen Page for example)
2. Al Franken is a big, big, big supporter of Planned Parenthood. That’s why Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the democrat Satan’s Choice are supporting him.
3. Jennifer Garner’s husband has been implicated in an alleged sexually inappropriate situation. Does she want her children to think poorly of their father, or what other kids will say about their father?

The only hypocrites who are falling, are the hypocrites like Jennifer Garner who has, with this statement, just invalidated her good girl, good wife, good Mother image. It’s all fake Hollywood.
commented 2017-11-28 23:18:12 -0500
She is right , there will be many phony accusations along with the real ones.
commented 2017-11-28 23:17:37 -0500
Frank Hohimer Moore has not been proven to have done anything , nor has Trump. I agree that any scumbag should get punished as well.
commented 2017-11-28 22:30:20 -0500
To equate Trump or Moore with Al Franken is completely ridiculous.

I have no problem with a Democrat getting what he deserve as equally as a Republican, but it has to be a case by case basis and in this case – Franken is not some predator or looking to grab pussies.

At worst, Franken was involved with politically incorrect comedy as a comedian at the time and is a touchy feely person in general and unfortunately a couple of women took it the wrong way.

To suggest that Franken and Moore are the same is simply confirming that you have a bias if you can’t differentiate between the two and their accusers.
commented 2017-11-28 19:35:16 -0500
Great commentary Ben.
commented 2017-11-28 18:54:53 -0500
We also need to consider that there were so many in Hollywood that decided to look the other way & let the abuses continue. They gave Roman Polanski a standing ovation despite the fact that he drugged & raped a 13 year old girl & fled the country to avoid going to jail. Innocent until proven guilty, yes. But Hollywood is a rats nest of perverts, pedophiles & those who enable them. This needs to be remembered going forward every time one of these fools thinks it’s their place to lecture the little people on any topic.
commented 2017-11-28 16:37:51 -0500
Good one BEN
commented 2017-11-28 15:16:48 -0500
I’m glad to see they are finally shining a light on “Ol’ Slick Willy” and his high priced pimp, Hildabeast. Let’s hope this goes somewhere and they both end up in prison in the very near future.
commented 2017-11-28 13:25:13 -0500
Remember, if its a Republican he is guilty.

If its a Democrat, its a misunderstanding, we must follow due process and not jump to conclusions, lets take a moment to reflect and see if this is really serious or most likely nothing at all, it must be politically motivated, or the women outright are lying.

Remember all the women who accused Trump before the elections? Right after he won they became silent and vanished into the ether. Their unspecified claims keep resurfacing by the media talking heads and the Democrats who just can’t come to grips that they lost.

Ergo, Trump = guilty. Franken = innocent until proven guilty.