October 23, 2017

Jesse Jackson Compares NFL Players To SLAVES

Rebel Staff

As the NFL National Anthem protests rage on, left-wingers are going to increasingly ridiculous lengths to make the league look racist. During an appearance on Fox Sports on Monday, Rev. Jesse Jackson had the nerve to compare the players to slaves, saying they went “from picking cotton balls to picking footballs and basketballs without freedom.”

Here are some of the best gems from Jackson's appearance:

“And in many ways it is oppressive. To go from picking cotton balls to picking up footballs and basketballs without freedom is not very much progress."

“What strikes me in football, the reason I have to stand up–when the president says ‘fire them’ and calls them sons of bitches, they are sons of mothers who produce champions. They’re not sons of bitches, they’re sons of mothers who produce champions. He comes out strong and the president comes out strong. Unlike basketball or baseball, there are no guaranteed contracts. So you stand but don’t play tomorrow, that’s workplace harassment. That’s illegal.”

Let's start with the fact that calling multi-million dollar NFL players slaves is completely ridiculous. In fact, it's offensive to how horrifying slavery really was that to compare men who are literally paid millions of dollars to throw a ball around to people who were enslaved due to their skin color. 

Instead of being asked to do hard labor like slaves were, these players are simply being asked to stand for the National Anthem and show some respect for our country and those who have fought for it. This should not be nearly as big a deal as Jackson and his fellow race-baiters are making it out to be. 

This mentality of making everything about race was exacerbated by Barack Obama during his presidency, and when Americans voted for Donald Trump, they sent the message that they were sick of the race-baiting mindset. 

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

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commented 2017-10-24 19:44:59 -0400
OHHHH – Andrew – good one bros!!

Muta Ween – another good one!! LOL!!!
commented 2017-10-24 13:27:54 -0400
Well I simply cannot participate in the enslavement of athletes so I just won’t watch any NFL games anymore. Thousands more agree with me and are finding other things to watch. Thanks Jesse for bringing this to our attention.
commented 2017-10-24 08:15:30 -0400
Slaves and subjects kneel. Free men stand.
commented 2017-10-24 02:49:58 -0400
Rising to Jesse Jackson’s “bait” has been what has sustained his “shitck” for several decades now… Especially with the East Coast media… He would not survive without this deliberate “baiting” again, and again, and when he finally “flops” in the bottom of the boat, few are going to miss this smelly piece of fishy turd…
commented 2017-10-24 02:32:56 -0400
When you have lost relevance, you resort to outrageous statements to get on the news. Jesse Jackson has been running from one non-outrage to the next, somehow always injecting race or racism into a story.

He demeans slavery by claiming that standing, or being forced to stand during the anthem is akin to slavery. Perhaps he should look at the player’s handbook where it states how players are supposed to act during the anthem. Maybe then he might get the hint that standing is a requirement. By signing a contract for oodles of money the players agreed to the terms of behaviour of the league. Its not slavery: its the employer and employee agreement.

BTW, everyone seems to have forgotten that there were also white slaves in the South. In the North they were called indentured, and mostly white Irish. Oh yes, and black slave owners in the South who had no problem owning black slaves.
commented 2017-10-24 02:12:58 -0400
Not “all” owe millions.. damn spellcheck .
commented 2017-10-24 02:01:55 -0400
Picking a cotton ball or picking a football… Are you kidding me.???!! And somebody is actually taking this fool for real.!! Great point Drew… Slaves can’t walk away from their predicament because the owners would cut, castrate or beat them football players however can’t t walk away from their predicament either because they all millions and millions and millions of dollars.. If they are slaves it is because they signed the contract of their own free will.
commented 2017-10-24 01:24:05 -0400
Yeah Jesse they are clearly forced to play the game you ignorant fool. They are free to quit playing, that does not sound like slavery to me.
commented 2017-10-24 01:01:11 -0400
Keith Barnes… If we ignored stupidity stupidity would just grow… What we need to do is ridicule stupidity.. like we used to when things were normal, but political correctness tries to put a stop to that so we need to put a stop to political correctness so we can once again ridicule stupidity
commented 2017-10-23 21:43:37 -0400
He’s just one of Obama’s race baiters!
commented 2017-10-23 21:39:27 -0400
The gladiators of ancient Rome were not all slaves. Anyone could audition and try out. Many Patrician (patriarchal class) boys did including emporer Commodus (a dead ringer for Justin Trudeau the boxer).

No stadium of fans ever cheered anybody for picking cotton… get real in your rhetoric Jessy Jackson.
commented 2017-10-23 21:29:22 -0400
Wonder how much Clinton pays these Guys, to sit during the National Anthem. I think it would be best to just ignore the whole situation. As long as they get publicity, They win.
commented 2017-10-23 21:16:18 -0400
Maurice Potvin, so true.
commented 2017-10-23 20:23:03 -0400
The perpetuation of racism is absolutely essential for the continued existence of the leftist SJWs. Without it, they lose all relevance. If racism ceased to exist, people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be out of work, and I assume they have quite lucrative careers. So keep racism alive at all cost. Look for it under every rock. As Morgan Freeman said, the way to stop racism is to stop talking about it. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton could never do that because they’d be out of work.
commented 2017-10-23 20:00:15 -0400
Don MacDonald, great post!
Jan G, thanks for the link.

Excellent video on Islam and Slavery (2012)

Jesse Jackson has much to learn about slavery.
commented 2017-10-23 19:53:32 -0400
Don MacDonald.. OOH-RAA..
5 kernels of popcorn out of 5..
commented 2017-10-23 19:27:49 -0400
Jesse Jackson is right – black football players are slaves so it is our God given quest to free the slaves. Free all black football players and enslave white men only to play football.
In Canada we feel the black man’s pain which is why in Canadian football , teams must have at least 51% Canadian players on the field at any given time. Some may say that this is to ensure young Canadian boys get a chance to play and develop their skills at a professional level. But there are those who know the real reason to stop the enslaving of black Americans to our fiendish game.
commented 2017-10-23 19:04:38 -0400
… How do you resurrect washed-up dinosaurs?
… Say something against President Trump.
… It’s true. It is only the Left that continues to race-bait. They cannot see beyond their prejudice.
… Everyone else has left race behind.