December 22, 2016

Jews For Santa (because Hanukkah sucks)

Gavin McInnesArchive

Jewish people should keep on celebrating all their holidays, but they should also incorporate a little Santa Claus into their lives.


Santa isn’t even really Christian; he’s more like a Norse god.

I’ve talked to Jews all over the country about this and they already do this, at least in California...

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commented 2016-12-28 22:58:10 -0500
@jay Kelly…I have never seen theREBEL promote hatred of immigrants and strangers. Cautionary warning about the overbearing manifest destiny of contemporary islam is not in any way the same as what took place in nazi Germany. Islam cannot be detected in a DNA test.

@gavin McInnes…(sung to the tune of Elvis Presley’s Blue Christmas)

I’ll have a Jew Hanukka without you
I’ll play a klesmer harmonica without you
Yeah you’ll get lots of toys…in your Christmas for the Goys
Ahh but I’ll have a Jew Hanukka……:-)
commented 2016-12-25 03:59:13 -0500
Gavin McInnes did not identify himself as a Jew before, but we will take his word for it.

Are you willing to speak out about the persecution of Jews on The Rebel? Go for it.

The Rebel has promoted a hatred of immigrants and strangers, and has spoken out in favour of certain European leaders who want to exclude Jews and Muslims from their territories.

Is your turn of face a statement against Jews in Europe? You better spell it out.
commented 2016-12-22 19:16:21 -0500
Well frankly Gavin in terms of the ``i`m a minority too``, in Canada anyways, I find Catholics and Jews to be much the same thing. They`re both largely progressive, vote for people like Trudeau and have their own schools systems. They`re 7-11 people in that it is all about convenience. Applying for a government job, loudly proclaim that you`re a ``minority``. Need some ``privilege``, now you`re white. White women are largely like this too these days. It`s like that horrible song by that crappy band Green Day.
commented 2016-12-22 16:58:36 -0500
Happy Hanukkah, Gavin.
For once (or maybe a number of times in my memory) you’ve got it wrong.
I have just lost a lot of respect for you and your opinions.
commented 2016-12-22 16:28:55 -0500
Christians have Elf on a Shelf; Jews have Mensch on a Bench. It’s all good, Gavin.
commented 2016-12-22 14:54:50 -0500
Hello Terry and Liza: I had the same problem….being cut out of premiere video. I had to go through the full gamut to get it back, however. It was most discouraging.
commented 2016-12-22 14:51:54 -0500
Anyway.. Gavin, I agree. There are nothing but Grinches everywhere. No fun anymore. No Santa is absolutely child abuse, and in the west where we have always celebrated Christmas, not saying Merry Christmas is an insult. I always feel like I have been slapped when I get some idiotic glare or PC response. I do know Jewish people who do both, which makes sense to me.
commented 2016-12-22 14:48:05 -0500
Yeah Terry, same here. That was a little creepy. So hard not to be paranoid in the climate in this country these days.
commented 2016-12-22 14:39:46 -0500
Ok. It’s back now. Never had that before.
commented 2016-12-22 14:23:13 -0500
Access denied.? Whats that about?