May 23, 2017

JK Rowling Attacks Journalists for Reporting on Manchester Bombing

Rebel Staff
In the aftermath of the horrific Manchester Bombing, migrant-rights activist and writer JK Rowling decided not to say a word regarding the radical Islamic terrorist that conducted the attacks, but instead, she is criticizing journalists for reporting on them.
In a tweet to her 10 million followers, she posted a thread criticizing media and news organizations for attempting to interview witnesses, trying to uncover details, and broadcasting images of the aftermath of the attack. 
Why is JK Rowling more interested in shutting down reporting about terrorism than shutting down terrorism itself? 
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commented 2017-05-25 01:53:03 -0400
Oh my God JK Rowling!… So magical wands, incantations, and wizards cannot negate suicidal bombers with mayhem in their backpacks?… Say it isn’t so!…
commented 2017-05-24 17:05:58 -0400
Rowling is behaving like a true antifa supporter and a terrorist denier/promoter. Anything as evil as this Manchester attack getting hidden and ignored takes on a more sinister life of it’s own, enormously growing uninhibited and out of control.
commented 2017-05-24 15:55:55 -0400
I hope her sales crumble!!
commented 2017-05-24 14:20:44 -0400
Another rich liberal twat who is not affected by any Islamic actions. She is secure in her knowledge that her security team can protect her and that she will never wander into an Islamic neighbourhood.
She lives in a fantasy world where there are no Islamic terrorists.
commented 2017-05-24 14:05:51 -0400
If JK Rowling had kept her political views to herself, which she has not done for the past few years, she would have gone down in history as one of the most brilliant minds of this age. Now, not so much….
commented 2017-05-24 12:04:53 -0400
Allan Peterson, I like your idea. Katy Perry is safely behind her wall & can tweet all the nonsense she likes, she does so with a security detail and monitoring equipment etc….what a brainless fool!
commented 2017-05-24 09:54:41 -0400
Rowling is a stupid, Satanic, devil-worshiping cow who ‘writes’ Satanic verse for children, who’s devil worshiping parents provide Rowling’s Satanic verse for their children!
Since devil worshippers all stick together, it’s no wonder Rowling and her ignorant followers all worship Satan in the form of Mohammud/Islam and/or Marx, and work to destroy everything good and correct, in the West.
Ye shall reap what ye sow…enjoy your swim in the Lake of Fire…for eternity!
commented 2017-05-24 09:41:51 -0400
And then there is Katy Perry telling us that the solution is more of what caused the problem in the first place; “No barriers, no borders, we all just need to co-exist”.

Uh hunh. It is high time to show these bimbos for what they are. It is quite simple.

We need a mob to stand in front of their mansions calling out these same words. And also a paraphrase of those immortal words of President Regan: “Katy Perry, tear down this wall”. If you have a few hundred people calling her a hypocrite, even the MSM will cover the event.
commented 2017-05-24 08:50:44 -0400
Paul Joseph Watson On Melania Trump, Marine Le Pen And J. K. Rowling- his comments on JK Rowling begin 13 minutes into his commentary.
commented 2017-05-24 01:38:29 -0400
Never saw her Potter Movies, what I call Kiddie Crap, she got none of my dollars. Hope she gets Chronic, perhaps Fatal Writer’s Block and can only write the same line over and over again, like the following, “I am a virtue signalling Traitorous Slug.”
commented 2017-05-24 01:14:45 -0400
I recently refused to see her movie Fantastic Beasts because of who she is. My money will not make that kind of beast weathier. My pocket is now aligned with my beliefs and values and I would hope that others would follow the same logic. It is self-respect for me.
commented 2017-05-23 22:37:08 -0400
If a person who only looked like a Muslim with a backpack showed up to one of her book signings and shouted Alluha Ackbar, she would walk over people to get away. Which actually makes me think that someone should do this to point out celeb hypocrisy at events. I would never be mistaken for one , so it would have to be someone who looks the part.
commented 2017-05-23 22:33:58 -0400
Seriously there are some people i would help the Islamists throw off of a building. She is one.
JK Rowling is such a hero , virtue signalling on Twitter from the safety of her huge mansion that could house many immigrants but houses none. SO BRAVE! SO COURAGEOUS! SO INSPIRING!
commented 2017-05-23 22:28:39 -0400
Because she has 24/7 security and high walls surrounding her estate.
Pretty easy to take up any asinine position regarding the uglier side of day- to-day life if you aren’t actually required to be a part of it.
commented 2017-05-23 22:24:27 -0400
Is there really anything more contemptible than someone who has insulated themselves in a gated rural fortress 9500 miles away from the problems her former countrymen face daily and moralizing from a position of security they will never know.

Rowling is despicable and what is commonly refereed to as a quack the fact she has 10 million “followers” shows us how we are in an era that celebrates debased mediocrity..
commented 2017-05-23 22:04:29 -0400
Just an Alinsky tactic. Undoubtedly paid generously. Like Judas. Free will will destroy humanity
commented 2017-05-23 20:26:18 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,372 Attacks, 214,819 Killed, 295,945 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-05-23 20:24:01 -0400
Mette Reid.
I mirror your post and echo your sentiments towards what you wrote.!!
commented 2017-05-23 20:17:03 -0400
It must be so frustrating for all the SJW lefties when their favourite victims refuse to stick to the narrative. Of course the worst is yet to come when the mythical islamaphobic backlash hits.
commented 2017-05-23 20:08:39 -0400
Why does JK Rowling think her opinions and advice are important to anyone else?
commented 2017-05-23 20:04:55 -0400
Harry Potter books woke up and introduced many to occult practices. Now on the increase. Ms. Rowling is under the spirit of delusion.
commented 2017-05-23 20:04:53 -0400
Harry Potter books woke up and introduced many to occult practices. Now on the increase. Ms. Rowling is under the spirit of delusion.
commented 2017-05-23 20:03:41 -0400
Ron Dunn;
Our little dick-tater-tot, speaking for us, says “Canadians are shocked by the news” (which of course we’re not) and the victims “many of them far too young” (as if there’s some appropriate age of consent for being slaughtered).
commented 2017-05-23 20:00:57 -0400
Years ago: “So dear, do you want to check out the Harry Potter movie?” The wife: “No thanks honey, I don’t want to watch 2 hours of Satan worship for children”.
commented 2017-05-23 19:51:58 -0400
Who the Fk is JK Rowling?

Perhaps when Trudeau’s new found friends get around to tossing him off the top of the CN Tower, the way of the Gay, he will finally realizes the error of his ways.
commented 2017-05-23 19:51:54 -0400
Deport her to the “No Go Zone” of her choosing. Then if she survives, see if she still “feels” the same way after a month. She is making the mistake of thinking because people read her fiction and watch her fantasy stories, that anyone will be swayed by her uninformed opinion.
commented 2017-05-23 19:45:51 -0400
commented 2017-05-23 19:30:17 -0400
So Canada where is turdo in all this, haven’t seen or heard one word of condolence from him or the rest of his pack of fools.
commented 2017-05-23 19:16:57 -0400
I don’t appreciate JK Rowling’s ivory tower sermons….what a fool!