May 27, 2016

“Princess of Pot” Jodie Emery: “Justin Trudeau was never in favour of legalization to begin with”

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With dispensaries across Toronto being raided by police, legalization activist Jodie Emery told me she was disappointed by the Liberals' delay in keeping their campaign promise to decriminalize marijuana. Some of what she says may surprise you!

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commented 2017-03-23 18:28:29 -0400
I can guarantee you one thing. You get me to grow the weed, cure it, clone it, sell it, and put all the money back into employees, new technologies, and better bud. Not to mention we can now invest into growing Canadian companies in other industries. Ill tell you, this is the path we choose. This is the only way my Government and friends. Its all about the people.

Richard Mowat
commented 2016-05-29 12:19:42 -0400
Liebranos break a promise. What a surprise! NOT!
commented 2016-05-27 20:03:16 -0400
Predictable. Trudeau used people’s enthusiasm to get votes.
commented 2016-05-27 17:24:49 -0400
Pot users have been indirectly sponsoring criminal activities all over the world. I lived in south america and thanks to the north american and european users who buy the product from drug dealers paying no tax, these criminals are stronger than ever. If we legalize in Canada , it should be only legalized the marijuana produced in Canada, otherwise the world drug lords will continue profiting from canadian pot heads and continuing abusing the people in south america and mexico with violence , corruption and control. Thanks drug users for supporting criminals.
commented 2016-05-27 16:48:54 -0400
The problem here is that the pot heads that voted for his holiness, Justin “El-Bow” Trudeau, this go around because they believed his lies will likely forget about the lies in four years at the next general elections. They will vote for the supreme waste of flesh Trudeau again when he renews his promise to legalize pot. If on the other hand he has already legalized pot, then this Fool On The Hill will promise to legalize crack cocaine (probably what he uses to relax) from a hard day’s work of elbowing and strong arming members of parliament.

commented 2016-05-27 16:10:25 -0400
As a 40 year pot smoker I must agree with Maurice’s comment as well. The sad thing is that the selphie social media crowd would consider legalizing pot and the trappings of the Trudashians as their voting guidelines. Multi billion $ deficits, stagnant economy, shoppers list of more important issues than this, one would think. Butts new what he was doing though, and they sucked up a lot of crucial votes. Justin is a liar. Justin is a liberal politician. The laws of the universe are intact.

DJBT et al
commented 2016-05-27 15:27:06 -0400
Considering how benign marijuana really is, the whole issue of legalizing or just decriminalizing it is low on the list of important issues for me, like Maurice and Elizabeth have said.
commented 2016-05-27 14:36:00 -0400
Maurice Potvin – I totally agree, not on the radar at all. I am not necessarily opposed to legalizing it but this issue is way down on the priority list. Perhaps if nothing happens with this issue before the next election, the folks who voted for Trudeau based on his promise might be unhappy enough to vote differently.
commented 2016-05-27 14:28:46 -0400
He has learned well from his masters:
Yarden Mariuma writes: “Taqiyya is an Islamic juridical term whose shifting meaning relates to when a Muslim is allowed, under Sharia law, to lie”.
commented 2016-05-27 14:27:42 -0400
She tried and failed to get nominated as a Liberal candidate so now she turns on the Liberals.
Typical Liberal.
commented 2016-05-27 14:16:19 -0400
Imagine that… a lefty lied to get elected… next thing we know, the sun will rise in the east… oh wait…
commented 2016-05-27 13:48:26 -0400
This is one issue that I really don’t give a damn about. It’s nowhere on the radar screen of important issues in the Country or the World. And I really have to question depth of character of those for whom this is the critical issue that determines how they vote.
commented 2016-05-27 13:31:45 -0400
Turdo is on a life-long role-playing delusion – when he lies he just sees it as just playing the role needed at the time.

If the raids on legal pot dispenseries in GTA (Lib-central) are an indication of our drama queen PM’s loyalty to his pot head fan base, then it seems they bought his acting job.
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