February 12, 2019

One day after Trudeau brags about having Jody Wilson-Raybould in his cabinet, she quits

Rebel Staff

As we've been reporting, the Globe and Mail released a bombshell, front page investigation into corruption at the engineering firm SNC Lavalin, and the pressure put on the former justice minister, Jody Wilson Raybould, to drop criminal charges against the company.

When Justin Trudeau first answered questions about it, he looked nervous and irritated. He gave overlawyered answers. Frankly, he looked like he was lying.

But then yesterday, a whole different thing happened.

Trudeau talked about the scandal with a grin, and a sparkle in his eyes. He look like a winner, who has won.

He said he still had "full confidence" in Wilson-Raybould, and added:

"In our system of government, of course, her presence in cabinet should actually speak for itself."

There was an implication there:

Not only was Wilson-Raybould happy to be part of Team Trudeau. She still had something to lose, didn’t she? He still had power over her, didn’t he?

Well, I don’t think she liked Trudeau's grin.

So she quit.

Her statement read, in part:

"I am aware that many Canadians wish for me to speak on matters that have been in the media over the last week. I am in the process of obtaining advice on the topics that I am legally permitted to discuss in this matter and as such, have retained the Honourable Thomas Alberta Cromwell, CC as counsel.”

She’s lawyered up, with a former Supreme Court judge as her lawyer. And she signed that letter "Puglaas," her Aboriginal name, which means "honourable."

As in: You can’t buy her off with a few baubles.

Trudeau has hired any number of grifters and grafters, as race and gender tokens, and they’d give him cover to do whatever he wants. It’s the best job any of them will ever have. They have no skills.

In Trudeau’s world, recruiting Jody Wilson-Raybould was the best of all, though:

An Aboriginal woman of colour from the west coast, the daughter of a hereditary chief. In the poker game of political correctness, that’s the royal flush.

What delicious irony that she’s the only one in Trudeau’s cabinet who actually acted with integrity and loyalty to the country...

NEXT: One of our favourite guests, consultant and lawyer Manny Montenegrino, joins me to discuss this developing story.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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commented 2019-02-15 21:36:33 -0500
You simply can’t resist proving yet again that you are indeed a red in a faux blue suit “Karen” simply trolling this site to spam the threads. Well at least you are good for a laugh though it is at your own expense. LMAO @ you
commented 2019-02-15 21:26:50 -0500
commented 2019-02-15 10:56:17 -0500
Everything about me? LOL hardly “Karen”, but judging several articles as of late you think that you are the center of the universe and continually spam the threads as to what YOU think is of great import even if totally unrelated to the article. Get a grip, your RED is showing too clearly as of late. You keep proving you are a red in a faux blue suit, priceless LMAO.
commented 2019-02-15 10:02:06 -0500
Who said I was quoting you?
Is everything about you now?
It is a popular term coined in in the 1600’s!
I quoted the dictionary! https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/henpeck#examples
People can do that in common discussion without a citation but since everything must be to your standards, you can shove off when addressing me.
People can also respond with emojjis in common language these days. Heck, its the new age of hieroglyphs.
Something primitative people such as some commentators on this page are old enough to understand.
Bye now! 👋
commented 2019-02-14 23:58:53 -0500
Are you going to debate some more with little clouds and laughing faces “Karen”? True to leftard form and talking points – no where did i say “hen pecking” yet you claim I did, such a leftard troll, get new material.
commented 2019-02-14 23:10:06 -0500
I disagree with Hyacinth quite strongly Keith except don’t believe in what’s commonly called “hen pecking” by some as to my belief.
commented 2019-02-14 10:21:18 -0500
The story in, uh, the, uh, uh, Globe and, uh, Mail is false. Uh, neither I, uh, uh, nor anyone on my, uh, staff, directed the, uh, justice minister to, uh, intervene in the, uh, uh, SNC Lavalin proceeding, which is, uh, uh, before the, uh, courts. I repeat, the story in the, uh, Globe, uh, and Mail, uh, uh, is false. Neither I, uh, uh, uh, nor anyone, uh, on my staff, uh, uh, uh, directed the, uh, justice minister to, uh, intervene in the, uh, the, uh, uh, SNC Lavalin proceeding. Sincerely, Rt Honourable Justin Trudeau Prime Minister of Canada
commented 2019-02-14 09:59:57 -0500
Charred Remains would be better called ‘Burnt Excrement’ for the garbage he has espoused.
Karen and Hyacinth, both do a good job, belittling this Motley Troll who is likely a Choir Boy, hiding behind a Comment Box.
commented 2019-02-14 06:47:12 -0500
Karen Macleod commented 5 hours ago
“Did you ever realize you’re called “Charred Remains” after how many times you get burned in a debate? "

Like "Karen Macleod commented 10 hours ago
😂😂😂👇👇👇💁 " is debating …NOT

Leftards are so delusional.
commented 2019-02-14 01:25:02 -0500
Did you ever realize you’re called “Charred Remains” after how many times you get burned in a debate?
Its all about your observations eh?
Observation noun definition:
a remark, statement, or comment based on something one has seen, heard, or noticed.
Keep making statements. Never stop.
commented 2019-02-13 21:03:55 -0500
commented 2019-02-13 20:18:30 -0500
Oh, did I make an observation, Charred?
You used the word “savage” and I quoted “savage”.
You said "
Keeping in mind that her tribe may have practice cannibalism in the 1900s as did a few tribes along the West Coast and inland natives as well. She is an activist and a criminal.!"
You also said,
" There’s not a purebred native left in this country and 50% of them don’t even roll with 50% DNA… And speaking of DNA there is a lot of inbreeding because of isolated gene pools in tribal pockets dotted throughout the north that doesn’t have the means to frequently add fresh DNA that’s required for healthy minds and bodies, they have been doing that for years until the white man got here and built a society for them as they were unable to build anything for themselves beyond primitive Stone Age tools and portable shelters out of skins.!!"
Then you said,
“Sorry but none of my cousins married each other… Only royalty and savages do that.!!”
The definition of a “savage” is as such
a brutal or vicious person.
“the mother of one of the victims has described his assailants as savages”.
She’s definately not a criminal Charred.
Is she a vicious person because her tribe may have practiced cannibalism?
Who is lying w a forked tongue now?
Just because you didn’t day “Puglaas is” or “JWR is” doesn’t mean what you said was your stayed opinion but rather a skewed version of facts.
I hope she sues your ass off.
commented 2019-02-13 18:31:16 -0500
That’s not my observation, its a rule of language.
Don’t mansplain me! Lol.
Ah, just go back to calling Puglaas a “savage” for your credibility, Charred Remains.
commented 2019-02-13 18:31:10 -0500
That’s not my observation, its a rule of language.
Don’t mansplain me! Lol.
Ah, just go back to calling Puglaas a “savage” for your credibility, Charred Remains.
commented 2019-02-13 17:56:29 -0500
Charred Remains;
Its “You’re weird”.
Insult me correctly.
commented 2019-02-13 15:47:38 -0500
Jee, Charred Brains,
I bet 100 years ago your cousin’s married and ate food w turd still in it.
There is no excuse for cannibalism so conservatives shouldn’t eat their own. Or shit.
commented 2019-02-13 15:37:05 -0500
Ah, to think a tribe called “cannibals” makes a criminal in the 21st century.
Smooth move, ex-lax Charred brains.
That’s actually racist.
Go talk to a native, will yah?
commented 2019-02-13 14:56:53 -0500
Mike Bell, even if it turns out that Jody W.R. deserves some credit for this move, the Peoples Party Of Canada wouldn’t want anyone with her track record. She wouldn’t even make it to the vetting process. We already know her resume.
Not a good fit.
commented 2019-02-13 14:52:22 -0500
Yes Hyacinth, they did paint is as a good thing. But we now all know that it was just a ticket to print money and run up deficits. They couldn’t get away with it id we were still on the gold standard.

You posted from your link, “He [ daddy] was frankly using the Liberal Party, in accordance with the Maoist tactics he so admires.”
“It should be understood, they explained, that “a political party is not an end, but a means.” "

Yup, we have been done over real good. Canada is rotten with it.
commented 2019-02-13 14:36:29 -0500
Liza Rosie commented 1 hour ago
“Yes, it was a very small amount David, but little Trudeau sold off the last of it that we had. How interesting big Trudeau converted(sold off) the main lot of it in the 80’s. "

According to Global News (they also paint it as a “good thing”) which of course it is not.

March 4, 2016
Canada sells off remaining gold reserves; has just 77 ounces left
The Canadian government has been selling off its gold reserves since the mid-1960s, when over 1,000 tonnes were kept tucked away. Half of those reserves were sold by 1985, and then almost all the rest were sold through the 1990s up to 2002

Liberal – Lester Bowles (Mike) Pearson – 22 April 1963 – 20 April 1968
Liberal – Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau – 20 April 1968 -3/4 June] 1979
Liberal – Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau -3 March 1980 – 29/30 June[
Liberal – John Napier Wyndham Turner – 30 June 1984 – 16/17 September[*] 1984

1990- 2002
Liberal – Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien – 4 November 1993 – 11/12 December[*] 2003

Thank the Dippers (under the banner of the Liberal Party since the sixties).
In 1963, as you will remember, Trudeau had campaigned for the Marxist New Democrats, and had called the Liberals “idiots” and “a spineless herd.” Two years later, in 1965, Trudeau, Gérard Pelletier and Jean Marchand, of Cité Libre, decided to run for Parliament themselves – as Liberals.

In an article in Le Devoir, Trudeau and Pelletier explained to the dumbfounded N.D.P. that, “we are pursuing the same objectives and adhering to the same political ideas we have been espousing for so long in Cité Libre…”

Among these ideas was “a politics open to the left.”
It should be understood, they explained, that “a political party is not an end, but a means.”

Trudeau, in other words, was still working for Communism. He had become a Liberal simply because the Liberals could win and the N.D.P. couldn’t. He was frankly using the Liberal Party, in accordance with the Maoist tactics he so admires.
commented 2019-02-13 14:15:12 -0500
One does, indeed, get the feeling that she was the most decent one in that cabinet.

Maybe she’ll now join up with Maxime Bernier.
commented 2019-02-13 13:30:01 -0500
Yes, it was a very small amount David, but little Trudeau sold off the last of it that we had. How interesting big Trudeau converted(sold off) the main lot of it in the 80’s.
commented 2019-02-13 13:21:47 -0500
As much as I do not support the current prime minister, I am compelled to correct the statement that this Trudeau sold off our gold. In 2015 I wrote a letter to the Harper government asking how much gold we had in our treasury and was told it was a very small amount.

The reason given was that in the early 1980s the then-government of Canada, in support of our monetary policy, decided to convert the bulk of our gold holdings into high credit quality, marketable, fixed-income securities that are denominated in foreign currencies.

Who was the prime minister in the early 1980s? Non other than Pierre Elliot Trudeau!

There is more in the letter I received, but if anyone is interested in this issue write (email) the Minister of Finance. The address is given on the ministry’s website.
commented 2019-02-13 13:09:01 -0500
I saw that Jamie. It is a very deep infestation.
commented 2019-02-13 13:07:21 -0500
Don’t rush to any conclusions about her principles or conclude that she has distanced herself from turdo.

Here’s her lawyer:
“He (Thomas Alberta Cromwell) retired from the Supreme Court of Canada on 1 September 2016. The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation appointed him a Trudeau mentor in 2017.”

commented 2019-02-13 13:04:50 -0500
I woke up this morning dreaming of a non confidence vote…….but…….

Justin won a majority in 2015, as of Jan /19, he still holds 179 seats of the 338. Even if every one else in the house voted non confidence, their still wouldn’t be enough votes to bring down the government. It would be an unsuccessful vote of non confidence failing with a total of only 163 (at best) including Block, for dissolution of Parliament. Aside from a full NDP, Gr., Block count, we would need almost 20 votes from the liberal pool to dissolve gov. and call a snap election.

In Harper’s case, it backfired for Ignatiaf’s call for a non confidence vote. Instead of sinking Harper it allowed him to go from a minority to a majority gov.
https://globalnews.ca/news/3568037/vote-of-no-confidence-canada/ This time, because of pot, socks and teenage (and old lady) infatuations which won the cretin his majority, we haven’t a chance in hell of using the system to rid ourselves of this vermin. That sod is in like flint, he is an inoperable, metastasised cancer in the bowels of this country.

That doesn’t mean we can’t knock him down to a minority if not out with a win , when the determined election date rolls around.
If we last that long.
commented 2019-02-13 12:56:04 -0500
Jihadi-Justin-Groper you are a liar, a coward, and a traitor…your criminality to be decided by a court of law! …or not.
I wish I could say that to your misshapen, soy-boy face, goof!

He may think of himself as pure laine but in reality, and as he consistently proves, Jihadi-Justin-Groper is pure shyte, as in a nasty, lying, POS globalist traitor!
Let’s bring back Capital Punishment to the Canadian Criminal Code and deal with this lying, POS traitor appropriately – public execution by hanging! Set an example.
Then go after the rest of the treasonous, criminal scum…politician, Fake News Liar, crony-capitalist, or bureaucrat!
Take a stand Canada – or get stood on!

This can of worms that has been opened for us should be more than enough to get the entire Liberal cabinet tossed in jail, let alone bring down the LPC for good!
Of course it won’t. This is Canada. Too many lefty liberal retards wrecking the place.
The paid whores who are the Fake News Media Party will sweep it under the rug and it will just go away like the rest of the criminality and treason committed by the so-called people we apparently elected.
And even if some heads do roll, there will be all that "forgiveness and reconciliation’’ BS afterwards and then things will go on as usual…all the criminals and traitors coming back after an ‘appropriate’ length of time, to wreck the place some more.
This is Canada after all…

Take a stand Canada…or get stomped!
commented 2019-02-13 12:46:02 -0500
The straw that broke the camels back. This will end the liberals come October
commented 2019-02-13 12:24:51 -0500
This Liberal v Liberal spat may drive some Dippers, who voted for Junior last time, back to the NDP fold.
commented 2019-02-13 12:06:01 -0500
I am glad Jody Wilson Raybould is gone. That’s one Liberal down. Over a hundred more to go.

I stand by on what I stated about opportunities for the opposition to take down the government. Not in the regular House of Commons non-confidence motion because I know they don’t have enough members to defeat the government.
But Scheer could have easily called a news conference and told all Canadians that neither he nor his party would attend the HoC until Justin Trudeau resigned because he would refuse to sit in a house with a criminal as PM. The longer he stayed out of Parliament, the more feasible it would be for Canadians to see that Scheer would stick to his guns, his popularity would have increased and the more pressure the Canadian public would put on Trudeau to leave because they would know Scheer was not lying.
Scheer should have done that when Trudeau sold off all of Canada’s gold supply when he first started in 2015, when M-103 was introduced, or Trudeau’s five ethics violations, or bringing a terrorist with him on a trip to India, or the 10.5 mil he gave to a terrorist Omar Khadr or bringing ISIS fighters back to Canada etc.
Scheer didn’t do that. In fact, he hasn’t done anything to thwart Trudeau other than continually complaining about a carbon tax and a balanced budget, which shows he is spineless as leader of the opposition, therefore I can only assume he would be as useless as Trudeau as PM. Andrew Scheer may personally be a nice guy. He is not leader material.