February 27, 2019

Jody Wilson-Raybould “told the truth about Justin Trudeau. I think he’s going to jail.”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Today Jody Wilson-Raybould testified about Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts, and the rest of the Prime Minister’s Office, and others in the Liberal inner circle, other cabinet ministers, and even the head of the supposedly non-partisan civil service, the clerk of the privy council, Michael Wernick, how all of these people and more conspired to pressure her to drop criminal charges against a corrupt company called SNC Lavalin.

That’s a Quebec-based engineering firm that was caught paying $48 million in bribes in Libya. They were being prosecuted for those crimes in Canada, but because they’re a Quebec company, and Trudeau is a Quebec prime minister — well, the Libranos instinct came out.

And so the Montreal Liberals went to work on Jody Wilson-Raybould, the first aboriginal woman justice minister in Canadian history. They met with her, they pestered her, they pressed her, a dozen times. And she refused to bend.

So they broke her — they fired her.

The Globe and Mail reported some of this a few weeks ago. But it was mainly anonymous sources. Wilson-Raybould herself hired a former Supreme Court judge as her lawyer — to make sure she complied with her obligations as a former cabinet minister and justice minister, in terms of confidentiality and legal privilege.

Today, she negotiated her appearance at a Parliamentary committee. Trudeau waived some of his legal privilege, to allow her to talk at least somewhat.

And she did.

It’s about half an hour. I’m just going to play it to you in full, stopping from time to time to give my thoughts.

I had another monologue fully prepared for today, but this late-breaking news is too important.

And I want to show it to you in full, because I know you won’t get that elsewhere.

It’s the most amazing thing I think I’ve ever seen in Canadian politics.

Watch it with me tonight.

P.S. 15 years ago, when I ran the Western Standard magazine, we created "The Libranos" poster — a satirical image of Liberal ministers of the Chretien era who corrupted politics. Well, the Libranos are back, with a new generation of corruption under Justin Trudeau.

The Rebel is offering an updated version of the popular "Libranos" poster. Trudeau and his team are as corrupt as ever. Show your defiance of this corrupt political culture by proudly displaying a gorgeous, stylish Libranos poster — or even wear it as a T-shirt or get it on a coffee mug!

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commented 2019-02-27 21:24:18 -0500
What a great day. Sings Like a Bird belts it out, Cohen bombs and Trump is making peace in Vietnam. Yipes!
commented 2019-02-27 21:24:13 -0500
commented 2019-02-27 21:23:50 -0500
Springsteen endorsed Hillary and the US Liberals… I think this one quite fitting for Trudeau and his crew..
commented 2019-02-27 21:17:39 -0500
was watching 2 different live feeds… following the chat on the CBC live feed while watching in cpac, CBC was deleting peoples comments all the way through the 3+ hours.
commented 2019-02-27 21:03:22 -0500
Ezra….the RCMP and the crown prosecutor involved got such a severe backlash for being over zealous in the Mike Duffy case that they are now gun shy to jump on Justin…he IS the Prime Minister after all….imagine if it didn’t stick…who would take that risk purely out of “though the Heavens may fall” zeal.