May 10, 2018

Joe Warmington: PC "double agents" undermine Doug Ford's leadership

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, guest-host David Menzies and Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun discuss the left-wing double agents undermining Doug Ford from within the PC party.

Toronto-Centre PC candidate Meredith Cartwright recently embarrassed the party when she hired actors to play supporters at the leadership debate, but her tweets reveal something even worse.

Meredith Cartwright is a liberal!

Cartwright's tweets reveal Stephen Harper "bugged" her, she never voted for Rob Ford, supports Hillary Clinton, and wanted Caroline Mulroney to beat Ford in the PC leadership race.

Ford has already dumped Tanya Granic Allen as a candidate, why not Meredith Cartwright?

WATCH David's interview with Joe to see how the Liberals are planning to drop more bombs on Ford in the near future 

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commented 2018-05-11 22:12:32 -0400
Sht James, you were skeptical all along and I guess you were right. Its not looking good for Doug Ford’s character. I really wanted him to be what Ontario needed.
There is definitely tomfoolery going on, the party is corrupt, however Ford could have stood up against these attackers and he didn’t. Joe says he’s aware of it now. So what’s he going to do?
May Mulroney’s kid never get elected ever to any office.
Damn her daddy.

There is tomfollery on every level across the country. The attempt to prepare for the Van. mayoral race is already obviously corrupt. You can be sure there are foreign entities who want to keep Gregor Robertson in as mayor and are making it difficult for any right of centre candidates to run. How do we keep this kind of corruption from infecting the integrity of our municipal, provincial and federal elections?

Having politicians with some back bone and smarts would be a start.
Wake up Doug! Show you have some integrity.
commented 2018-05-10 11:46:17 -0400
I just heard Ford on CFRA Ottawa talk radio. He was lobbed a soft-ball question about private vs. public health care, and instead of noting that the private sector already plays a considerable role in the Province’s health care system, he stammered that he supports public health care one hundred percent.

Just like his sad predecessors, he’s showing us that he’s scared shitless of the media, and will tailor his responses (and future actions) accordingly.