May 31, 2017

Joel Pollack: "No evidence" of Trump collusion with Russia

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I spoke with Joel Pollack about the Media Party's Trump-Russia Witchhunt. 

Even though they have no evidence to back their allegations, the media continues to smear President Trump with fake news.

WATCH my video to see why Joel thinks these attacks won't hurt Trump's approval among his voters. 

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commented 2017-06-01 14:12:15 -0400
In the Rich Seth case, if following the dots leads to the Demicratic Party, the implication and fallout is expected to be HUGE; hence the high stakes in this batlle for uncovering the truth.
commented 2017-06-01 14:05:29 -0400
The other thing with the Seth Rich case, is that there is a lot of DIS information coming out of Washington which it is suspected, is intentionally misleading. Those who take the bait will then be called out as fake news and discredited. So a lot of people ,Mike Cernovich for one, won’t talk about the case on line for now. There are enough people, as Ron pointed out, already getting into it in the media, and in my opinion the smart ones are laying low for now. The “deep state” with members in both the Republican and Democratic party have a lot invested and will do and say anything to protect themselves and their agenda. A formidable, well backed force, with too many people with too much to lose.
Having said that I am sure that quietly, leads are being followed. Jack is walking through a land mine as I am sure he knows, and will need to watch his step, but I wish him safe passage to the truth.
commented 2017-06-01 00:54:48 -0400
But it must have happened if the lying MSM and the left say it did LMAO!
Saw Hillary still blaming everyone but her today, what a pathetic scumbag.
commented 2017-06-01 00:19:42 -0400
Regarding ‘Russia’, isn’t it normal for an incoming president elect’s transition team to meet and talk with foreign leaders? Pretty well all have done so in the past. This Russia thing is a joke. How did it even grow any legs, that’s what is so amazing to me. Joel Pollack is spot on, it is nothing but a witch hunt.

An example of Democrats ridiculous projection, Chelsea Clinton stating that she doesn’t know how she will explain Donald Trump to her children, when their grandfather Bill Clinton is a rapist! OR Hillary stating that ‘we need stricter gun laws’ after the murder of Seth Rich! I don’t know how this evil family can say this stuff straight faced. How do they sleep at night? Pure evil.
commented 2017-06-01 00:16:19 -0400
Maybe you’re right Ron, I don’t know, time will tell. However I’m not sure letting Jack go with a big announcement would have been the way to go. The original plans with Jack went south for what ever reason. I trust Ezra’s decision and the conclusions he came to in order to get there until further info. I still trust Ezra’s judgment and I respect Jack for continuing.
commented 2017-05-31 23:57:22 -0400
LIZA ROSIE commented, “I don’t agree that the Rebel has ‘caved ’ in this case Ron.” Liza I was just following up in drawing a reasonable conclusion as to a possibility from your own observation that "Seth Rich is too hot for any (conservative) outlet to handle right now”. I don’t know whether the Rebel has ‘caved’, but it is very suspicious that Posobiec was let go so quietly. Not too long ago Ezra was singing his praises and looking forward to his reports from Washington. *If*Jack was let go, as you suggest, because he wanted the freedom to do more independent journalism, then why did Ezra not announce it as such so one did not have to find out via an outlet like BuzzFeed? A lot of suspicious circumstances just as surround the Seth Rich case. Posobiec is not the only one pursuing this case; for example, note my reference to Fox News’ Sean Hannity below. If indeed Posobiec was let go because The Rebel did not want him to cover this story, then a reasonable conclusion, in my view, would be that The Rebel indeed “caved”.
commented 2017-05-31 23:48:28 -0400
Lots of good stuff in that OAN video Ron.
commented 2017-05-31 23:29:35 -0400
I don’t agree that the Rebel has ‘caved ’ in this case Ron. If you follow any of Jack’s independent you tubes, he hasn’t even pieced it all together himself yet. He is investigating, searching out people who can help him fill in the blanks. I don’t believe he has anything ‘concrete’ or proven to report on as yet. It sounds like it is going to be a full time job for him for a while. He is passionate and dedicated to getting to the bottom of it, after all this time has passed with out any movement on the case. He said he has made plans to ensure his own safety. I hope that is true, because the deeper he digs the more dangerous it will get for him. He is a target now, an unabashed target.

As far as why the left want this shut down, they know there is truth in it. They know this will be damning for the Clinton’s and a whole lot of other people. Did you hear about the Miami lawyer who was found dead on the beach ?

It needs to develop. Timing is everything, and I think it is not an unwise decision for a Canadian conservative outlet such the Rebel, to ‘hold off’.
I don’t believe Ezra backs down from anyone.
commented 2017-05-31 23:15:34 -0400
Another source, Anime Right News (ARN), certainly not in the category of leftist BuzzFeed, reports Posobiec was fired from The Rebel for reporting on the ongoing investigation into the murder of Seth Rich and the recent leads that have developed:

If Posobiec was let go over his coverage of the suspicious death of Seth Rich, check out this report by an independent TV news company, One America Now, to decide if such investigation and reporting is warranted or that it should be allowed to be shut down the left:
commented 2017-05-31 22:58:05 -0400
LIZA ROSIE, if indeed true that “Seth Rich is too hot for any (conservative) outlet to handle right now” that gives me no sense of confidence in The Rebel if indeed Jack was let go for that reason, as that would mean that The Rebel allowed itself to be silenced by the left (self-censored itself) as they are trying to do with Sean Hannity (below). Again, one needs to ask, Why is the left so determined to shut down this story?
commented 2017-05-31 22:46:33 -0400
I really enjoyed Jacks reports on the Rebel, sorry he had to leave. I think I understand and suspect it was a mutual agreement. The Seth Rich case is a very sensitive issue and needs to develop before it can be properly reported on by the Rebel or any media outlet. (my summation). Jack is hot on a trail and sounds determined to follow that trail to the truth. He probably can’t do that without going independent for a while. Seth Rich is too hot for any outlet to handle right now. I respect Jack for perusing this, and both Ezra and Jack for being gracious about it.
Buzzfeed are such low life’s. They will be the ones with egg on their face. No one trusts or respects their lying spun reporting, not even the left.
Both the Rebel and Jack Posobiec are making names for themselves. They are on the cutting edge. MSM like Buzzsucker, have no concept of what it is to search for the truth, not only because they are lazy, but they wouldn’t recognise it if it slapped them on the nose.
commented 2017-05-31 22:23:24 -0400
PETER NETTERVILLE commented, “Thanks Tammy. I read the article. I can’t say I put much stock in the honesty of BuzzFeed, but it does explain how the Left views Jack’s dismissal. I appreciate the maturity shown by Ezra in not revealing any details”. Okay, I doubt that he will, especially if it was related to pressure to stop any coverage of murdered Democrat Seth Rich. However, without giving details a simple announcement will do so one doesn’t have to find out about in BuzzFeed. I would agree that you can’t put much stock in the honesty if BuzzFeed. The fact in their account is that Jack was let go and then they jumped upon the leftist media bandwagon to denounce Jack (and The Rebel) as conspiracy theory peddlers. Why is the left so intent on shutting down any investigation or reporting of this suspicious death??
commented 2017-05-31 22:12:49 -0400
The leftist media for months has trumpeted the groundless conspiracy theory about Trump colluding with the Russians without a scrap of evidence. However, when someone dares to raise questions about the suspicious murder of Democrat staffer Seth Rich the media explodes with claims of fake news and being a conspiracy theory peddler. As Sean Hannity of Fox News explains in his show a few days ago on the topic of Liberal Fascism there is tremendous (Soros-inspired) pressure to stop him from providing any coverage of the case of murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich:
I hope that Ezra did not succumb to such pressure and, for that reason, drop Jack Posobiec as his Washington bureau chief.
commented 2017-05-31 21:17:04 -0400
No one with any cognitive ability listens to MSM blab feed….the only place CBC and CNN are watched is at old age homes and airports.

The truth is out there but you won’t find it on corporate media.
commented 2017-05-31 18:48:40 -0400
You’re welcome Peter.
I hope Rebel will hire another US correspondent.
commented 2017-05-31 17:50:20 -0400
Sorry for misspelling your name, Tammie.
commented 2017-05-31 17:49:43 -0400
Thanks Tammy. I read the article. I can’t say I put much stock in the honesty of BuzzFeed, but it does explain how the Left views Jack’s dismissal.

I appreciate the maturity shown by Ezra in not revealing any details. This sort of professional discretion is not something a person would receive from a left wing news organization.

I wish Jack Posobiec all the best in his future endeavors.
commented 2017-05-31 16:26:35 -0400
Found this article it was published two days ago. I don’t like Buzzfeed and take what they publish with a grain of salt. The article says in part, "When asked why Posobiec no longer works for him, Levant said, “Like BuzzFeed, our HR matters are private.” At the end of the article another quote, Levant did not say whether The Rebel will be hiring a new Washington bureau chief. “I’ll show you our editorial plans if you show me Buzzfeed’s editorial plans,” he said.
commented 2017-05-31 16:10:49 -0400
Petter Netterville, after I posted, I searched the Rebel site and found exactly what you are saying. Jack has been archived! I realize he had only been a Rebel contributor & White House correspondent for a short time, but, I think an announcement by Ezra is reasonable.
I’m going to look for additional info and post if I find out more.
commented 2017-05-31 15:48:54 -0400
@ Tammie

If you look at the column on the right of the web page under the heading “Meet the Rebels”, Jack’s name is now under “archives”, which indicated that he is no longer contributing.

As to whether he was “canned” or left due to other reasons, who knows. I doubt Kelly knows either. But trolls never miss an opportunity to sow dissension and be jerks, so he blurted out he was “canned.”
commented 2017-05-31 15:41:57 -0400
There is obviously no evidence that Trump colluded with the Russians, but that won’t stop the idiot lefties from continuing their accusations. The left, especially the media, won’t let something as trivial as lack of evidence get in the way of a good slander.
commented 2017-05-31 15:13:26 -0400
Kelly Weber, I didn’t hear about that. Was there an announcement that I missed?
commented 2017-05-31 15:12:04 -0400
meanwhile Podesta has real connections to Russia. The only reason the Democrats get away with this is the MSM is firmly in their camp.
commented 2017-05-31 14:22:03 -0400
TAMMIE PUTINSKI-ZANDBELT, Jack is no longer employed by the Rebel. He got canned.
commented 2017-05-31 13:59:41 -0400
Psychiatrists in the US must be having a heyday with all those poor unstable lefties down there. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see 4years of continuous investigations on Trump. This will only hurt the Dems and the MSM even more.
Good point Tammie.
commented 2017-05-31 12:42:54 -0400
Still waiting for the “smoking gun” msm promises day after day, after day!

It would be great if President Trump could mention the interference in Canada’s last election by Soros funded groups and others, saying something like “look what happened in Canada in 2015”
When President Trump called attention to what is happening is Sweden, there was worldwide interest in finding out what he was referring to.

Maybe Jack Posobiec can give the Press Secretary the links to Brian Lilley’s reports, and pass them on to POTUS who could then read the reports and hopefully shine a light on this:
Rebel Media reports: