December 20, 2017

Joel Pollak: Trump labels the left's "climate change agenda" a national security threat

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show,'s Joel B. Pollak joined me to discuss reports that President Trump's new National Security Strategy will identify the left's efforts to push a climate change agenda as a potential security threat.

Energy independence has long been a goal for American conservatives, it's one of the reasons they've fought to lift burdensome regulations off job creators in the energy sector.

During the election, Trump ran on a pro-coal platform that earned him huge victories in Rust Belt states with economies devastated by Democratic environmentalist legislation.

The President's approval of the Keystone XL pipeline will lessen American reliance on foreign conflict oil from countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia while bolstering the economy of ethical oil producers in Western Canada.

Left-wing climate change policies have harmed the American economy and resulted in the government having less funding available for the military. Joel believes Trump's rejection of environmentalist dogma will strengthen American economic AND national security.

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commented 2017-12-21 21:49:01 -0500
While the self-loathing left are wetting their undies over Trump’s tax cuts to mid-lower wage earners, this delightful meme has been making the social media rounds souring lefty’s egg nog -
commented 2017-12-21 07:31:38 -0500
Gee, Andrew says that Trump’s coal policy is a disaster.
Wow, that sounds pretty serious.
Why is the coal industry not growing rapidly?
Is it because of Wynne turbines? Nope.
How about Notley’s solar panels? Guess again.
Gerald Butt’s alternate economy? Aw c’mon give me a break.
No, it is because of cheap, clean natural gas, another key facet of Trump’s energy plan which Andrew conveniently ignores. Trump wins again.
commented 2017-12-21 02:38:25 -0500
Right on Trump , the lefties are going to have a meltdown, they think their lie is gospel.
commented 2017-12-21 02:37:24 -0500
Andrew Stephenson funny you should even mention subsidies when your pro subsidies for any phony green hogwash. And when did this happen and if it did , what amount was used to subsidize? And it is not dead. Try some reality.
commented 2017-12-21 02:31:55 -0500
I love Ms. Stephenson’s proclivity to have it all forecast with no chance for reality to unfold… Vis – “Another amusing statistic? He opened up 10 million acres of arctic drilling leases – and the uptake was less than 1% of available leases”… Well Duh – the opening up of the ANWAR only comes into effect AFTER he signs the tax reduction bill because it’s part of the same package!.. So you already know how many drilling leases are going to applied for in the coming MONTHS and YEARS ???… Such presumed “omniscience” reflects a very, very, disturbed personality…
commented 2017-12-20 23:37:17 -0500
Dang autocorrect, it should have read “But you can’t make Andrew Stephenson change his views because he is paid to promote the lies of the left and the globalists. He is a paid fool, a liberal troll.”
commented 2017-12-20 23:23:29 -0500
You are right William, Andrew Stephenson opens his mouth and removes all doubt yet again that he is just another paid liberal troll. We have the finest cleanest burning coal fed systems on the planet, almost no hazardous emissions, technology we sell to the world, especially third world, against the wishes and plans of the UN and World Bank to keep them in poverty, not developing their natural resources, just burning dung in their residences instead of using power from efficient cost effective clean burning advanced coal fired systems. But you can’t make Stephen change his views because he is paid to promote the lies of the left and the globalists. He is a paid fool, a liberal troll.
commented 2017-12-20 22:53:25 -0500
Climate alarmism , well at least the racketeering end of it gorging on public funds, is dead in America. The deluded crisis hysterics can chant and fill encounter group therapy groups but the fraud of climate crisis is a no sell outside corrupt globalist networks.

Gren Tech luddites rarely see the sources of their energy enhanced existence , so they tend to picture coal as a relic of the 19th century, black stuff piled up in Victorian alleys. In fact coal is a thoroughly ubiquitous 21st-century artifact, as much an emblem of our time as the iPhone. Today coal produces more than 40 percent of the world’s electricity, a foundation of modern life. And that percentage is going up as clean coal tech expands in petro-poor nations. In the past decade, coal added more to the global energy supply than any other source.

The reason globalists hate coal and have trained their zombie green shock troops to bed wet over it is because coal is cheap, abundant energy which can elevate destitute undeveloped nations into 1st world conditions – something globalist elites loath – wide spread prosperity.
commented 2017-12-20 22:49:09 -0500
Andrew Stephenson, show me one single successful windmill or solar operation on the planet. There are none, every single one has failed miserably. They can not delivery the current required, they are inefficient, they cost too much for what little they contribute to the grid, power is sold off at cheaper rates to the US than to our own citizens that pay through the nose for it. It is all virtue signalling that gains absolutely nothing, You can not make power when the wind doesn’t blow, the sunshine isn’t intense enough, and they are super high maintenance with very short life spans. As I said, a complete and utter failure every single place they have been tried on the planet, at enormous cost to the taxpayer. Put your money where you mouth is and prove the existence of just one successful operation on the planet. You can’t because every single one has failed, and the taxpayer is left holding the bag and price tag, just so these idiots can look like they are doing something to save the planet, which they can not. You are not going to change how the ball of fire 93 million miles away effects the climate, and no, it does not accept cash or credit cards.
commented 2017-12-20 21:25:09 -0500
@ Andrew Stephenson commented 2017-12-20 17:48:47 -0500

You are a Bolshevik! – please learn that Bolsheviks don’t have a very long life-expectancy.
Stop being a POS.
commented 2017-12-20 21:22:39 -0500
@ Andrew Stephenson commented 2017-12-20 17:48:47 -0500

You are so completely full of sh*t! I can smell your breath from here! Why don’t you go and do some “favors” for Billary Clintoon & Obumer & TruDope (he loves knobbers!)? Take your crap to some other forum – you’ve expended your criticism.
commented 2017-12-20 21:17:21 -0500
Go President Trump!!! We love you & Melania! Merry Christmas!
Please kick TruDope squarely in the gonads!!
Give TruDope a million $$$ – put him in the Arctic in January & see if he knows how to warm up.
I’ll bring the box.
commented 2017-12-20 19:52:24 -0500
Buying Saudi oil benefits Saudi interests not Canadian . It also finances Mosques all over the world and Canadastan . Wake up Canada Trump is on the right road . Canada is screwed if we continue .
commented 2017-12-20 19:44:03 -0500
I love Trump.
commented 2017-12-20 19:04:42 -0500
Go Trump !
commented 2017-12-20 18:57:26 -0500
Go Trump !
commented 2017-12-20 17:48:47 -0500
His pro-coal agenda turned out to be a disaster, and it was a matter of hours before he realized he needed to offer subsidies to actually prop up his agenda, since coal is essentially completely obsolete.

Another amusing statistic? He opened up 10 million acres of arctic drilling leases – and the uptake was less than 1% of available leases. Again, his obsolete agenda runs up against economic realities, which is that it’s not regulations killing these businesses – it’s that there are better ways now.

How are putting up trade barriers “lifting burdensome regulations”?