February 13, 2019

(WATCH) John Stossel: A better, private schooling experience for boys once given ADD medication

Rebel Staff

John Stossel speaks to students and explores a private school that focuses on real responsibility and real life work.

"School is 13 years of how to be passive, and how to be dependent," says Michael Strong of the Academy of Thought and Industry.

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commented 2019-02-14 01:49:10 -0500
Liza Rosie an old friend that reconnected with me a while back said the same, he pulled his kids(4 boys) out of public schools for the exact same reason. Sad that actually being a kid is a bad thing now.
commented 2019-02-13 20:47:38 -0500
When they started talking to me about drugs for my kid because he was ‘disruptive’ in class, I hauled him out and homeschooled him. This was in middle school. His friend dealt with it a different way, he saved up the Ritalin and sold the pills on the street to his friends. Seriously, what they do to boys in the system is disgusting.

That school sounds terrific. The public school system is absolute poison to a young brain and emotional health. Public schools are bad for girls as well. It turns them into sjw nightmares, no man should be subjected to.

One thing though, civics. Every potential voter needs to know history and how their government works.
commented 2019-02-13 10:29:17 -0500
Being a boy is a medical condition that needs to be treated with drugs…every educator knows this…it’s called ADHD….in my day it was called euboreme…..;-)
commented 2019-02-13 07:55:13 -0500
Well, if learning this way works for them, all the more power to them.