November 03, 2017

DNC Chair admits Clinton rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders

John CardilloRebel Host | Off The Cuff

Longtime Clinton allies Donna Brazile and Elizabeth Warren are not only distancing themselves from Hillary Clinton but throwing her under the bus. Even Hillary is reversing her own positions on the Fusion GPS dossier.

Is this all politics as usual, or is something more damning for Team Clinton at work here?

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commented 2017-11-06 03:47:00 -0500
Are there any criminal laws broken here? If so, then lock her up.
commented 2017-11-06 00:35:14 -0500
SAM GAUTAMA commented 5 hours ago
Propagating Trump and his administration is working for the Russians since the Russians have been proven to have interfered with the election and on behalf of Trump.
Once again, a claim is not proof.
Care to show us this proof of which you speak, Sam.
commented 2017-11-05 20:28:17 -0500
Oh Sam, Hillary was all about Divide and Conquer. If you have trouble understanding who the Russians were working with, I suggest you look for latest news on that front. Hillary and the Obama administration is where you will find collusion with Russia. They used Canada too, research how the uranium was driven to Canada and exported to “Europe”.
commented 2017-11-05 19:13:32 -0500
If you are working for the Russians then you are more Russian than American so you figure it out. Propagating Trump and his administration is working for the Russians since the Russians have been proven to have interfered with the election and on behalf of Trump. So supporting Trump is supporting Russia. Good ol’ Patriotic thing to do you right wing delusionists. Why is it so many people in the trump administration lie about meeting Russians? It’s a divide and conquer strategy…you’d have to be an idiot not to see that that is working.
commented 2017-11-05 09:03:02 -0500
Great commentary by Truth Factory – Nov.4/17

According to Sam, now “The Russians” are working for Rebel?!!! Russia! Russia! Russia! Go back to sleep.
commented 2017-11-05 00:06:28 -0400
Wasn’t Brazile already caught emailing questions for audience members before debates? After which she tweeted “the goal of this is not to come out unscathed. the goal is to win.”

She’s as corrupt as all the others and she knows it.
commented 2017-11-04 22:29:23 -0400
Humour has it that Hillary was found on wieners hard drive with the pedophile wiener’s wife having sex with a minor… it was on a file named " life insurance "
Let’s see what happens.
commented 2017-11-04 20:26:23 -0400
Gee……No Shit Sherlock
commented 2017-11-04 19:46:33 -0400
Ah, Sam, who are the “Russians” writing for the Rebel? Can you name one?
commented 2017-11-04 19:43:17 -0400
Is this a glimpse of things to come for the swamp creatures in DC?
Will Donald Trump rid the nation of that oozing and fetid slime?
Can he do it in time?
One can only hope!
Oh what theatre that would be…
commented 2017-11-04 19:30:50 -0400
Yes…the Dems screwed up because they figured it was Hillary’s time etc etc and they fucked over Bernie Sanders and so there is political karma biting them; however, just because they are bad doesn’t mean the Trump nut jobs are good. This polarization game you play on the Rebel is a Russian divide and conquer strategy that is working brilliantly…well done’ve hoodwinked the conservative class of america. Brilliant. And you Russians writing for this rag know it.
commented 2017-11-04 05:39:36 -0400
Donna may find herself committing suicide in the very near future over this bombshell. People who oppose Clinton have a way of turning up “suicided” .
commented 2017-11-04 04:06:49 -0400
Too bad Sanders did not speak out during the election.

Lock her up!
commented 2017-11-03 23:35:49 -0400
Now that these Traitorous Jackals are cornered, they start eating each other to lessen the impact on them. But they will never eliminate the damage to the nation that they are responsible for, inciting aggression against president Trump, causing rioting in the streets, willfully spreading damning lies and destroying the Democratic process. They all need to suffer the penalty of incarceration for their crimes against the nation, they have proven themselves to be “Enemies of the State,” Anti American and Silent Terrorists of the Deep State.
commented 2017-11-03 23:17:38 -0400
Glad Elizabeth Warren admitted to knowing this. She’s a major abortion proponent and advocate for Planned Parenthood. Admitting to this will certainly discredit anything she is pushing for Planned Abortionhood.
commented 2017-11-03 23:11:55 -0400
Hilary speaking…did you say ‘honest’? She doesn’t know what the word means!
Donald Trump is prepping the US for the big bang when all the ‘you know what’ hits the fan. And it’s coming.
A guy I knew said he gave his staff enough rope, and if they want to hang themselves, they hang themselves. President T. is throwing out the rope.
commented 2017-11-03 21:15:38 -0400
Brazile cut herself lppse from the Clinton crime cartel controlled DNC and she’s singing like a canary – The Dems will be a coastal rump party after 2020
commented 2017-11-03 18:47:38 -0400
Clinton is our ‘wannabe’ modern day Titanic and even the Rats had nowhere to run when that when down.
commented 2017-11-03 18:06:13 -0400
Great point, they all must be afraid of the FBI informant. But all of this made me think of the DNC supposed hack by Russia. Since the DNC and Hillary were in fact one entity and Hillary paid Fusion GPS for the fake dossier written by Russians, the DNC computer being hacked by Russia must also be a lie of Hillary’s gang.
commented 2017-11-03 17:28:12 -0400
Paul McCullough great point they should not be shocked when someone like her acts like she always does.

This is one war i will quite enjoy. And of course the trolls are silent.
commented 2017-11-03 16:40:28 -0400
Hillary’s sinking ship explains why the rats in the Democratic Party are jumping overboard!
commented 2017-11-03 16:35:16 -0400
These women will likely end up dead under mysterious circumstances. They obviously don’t know how really dangerous Killary is. I would suspect that more of her criminal activities are about to be exposed, and they don’t want any dirt sticking to them.
commented 2017-11-03 16:05:38 -0400
- The Clintons have a power base within the Democrat party. This isn’t just a dump Hillary campaign, it’s a civil war within the party. It’s hilarious that Democrats are pretending to be outraged when Hillary has spent a lifetime breaking rules she that got in her war. Why would she follow the rules of the Democrat party?
commented 2017-11-03 16:00:17 -0400
Brazile vs Hillary
So this douchebag walks into this pub. And she points at this slut sitting at the bar, and she yells, "……