July 26, 2016

John Gormley: Why Canada’s northern premiers oppose Trudeau’s carbon tax — and they’re right

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Justin Trudeau has decided to skip the Premier's conference. Maybe it's because the Northern premiers are united against his "carbon pricing" scheme. Broadcaster John Gormley explains why this "tax on everything" would hit people up north particularly hard.

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commented 2016-07-26 21:30:38 -0400
It is a Globalist tax, it is being implemented by the Luciferian U.N.. Trudeau and Notley and all the rest of the cronies on the U.N. fake green band wagon are the puppets and they are profiting big time by this tax on EVERYTHING. Remember when you are scraping the bottom of the barrel to heat your house fill your car, feed your children, remember these minions of evil are living fat and wealthy off of the sweat off your backs. Throw these maggots out, hunker down and rebuild this country. Or you can kneel to your evil overlords. Your choice.
commented 2016-07-26 13:08:53 -0400
A carbon tax will effect the cost of literally everything. What ever needs to be transported will cost more. It will be one more thing to cut into the bottom line. It won’t be good for anything but a temporary revenue stream for the government to line their pockets with. I say temporary because eventually we will be bled dry.
There is more than enough tax revenue to run the country properly already. Many have admitted outright that’s really all this is, a new revenue stream to finance new programs and build bigger government. Not really about the environment at all. Oh big surprise!
‘Well how will we pay for implementation of our new programs otherwise?’ YOU WON’T.
I wish.
commented 2016-07-26 11:41:49 -0400
The “Green” shift (shaft) by another name! An excuse for more taxes against the working folk to support the Liebranos in the manner they feel entitled! Entitled to their entitlements y’know!
commented 2016-07-26 11:19:16 -0400
If it is a true “carbon” dioxide tax, it would encompass a good deal more then fuel. It would be discrimination if it were only on the oil industry.

Wine, beer, and spirits have CO2 as a byproduct. Soft drinks (aka pop) have CO2. Imagine a carbon tax on just about anything other than drinking water (and most likely there soon will be a tax on water).

Having a farm with livestock of any sort would have to be taxed, too. After all, animals breath out CO2, ergo they product CO2.

A good many industrial and production processes produce CO2. Will there be additional CO2 charges?

When a house is built, it gives off some CO2 as a result of being built. An additional tax?

Cut grass, have any organic waste – including dog poop you have to scoop – gives off CO2 as it decays. Ergo, will there be a CO2 tax for the size of your lawn, your pet, your business that has CO2 as a bi-product?

Humans breath out CO2. Will we be taxed for breathing?

Then there are politicians, jetting off here and there, being driven around in limos or large government SUVs. And with all the hot air we hear from some, a lot of additional CO2 expelled. Will they be surcharged for CO2?

Carbon dioxide is, essentially, plant food. Its a natural occurring gas. What man produces in a year is less than the variation of what the planet produces from year to year. What man produces in 100 years the planet can produce in less than three.

If you burn your steak on the BBQ, will you be taxed for producing carbon?

We were dangerously low at 250 ppm of CO2 for a while. At 150 ppm or less, plant life dies. Plant life dies and so does most life on this planet other than bacteria. We are now at just over 300 ppm. This is about ⅙ what we had just a few million years ago.

Why is there not a CO (carbon monoxide) tax? Isn’t there carbon in that?

Diamonds are pure carbon. If it is a “carbon” tax, will diamonds be taxed for carbon?

Baby Doc Justin (aka Prince Dumb) just blindly follows his orders from Gerald Butts – the anti-industrialist. And we get stuck paying for their reorganisation of our society.

Canada: soon to be a poor, Luddite Sharia nation.
commented 2016-07-26 11:13:26 -0400
When you’re running a political mafia party it is important to steal as much from the public as possible. Results are not important as long as the money is redistributed to the Liberal faithful waiting at the public trough for their feeding. Carbon reduction will come when no one can afford to heat their homes feed their families or drive their cars. With Notley’s band of Eco terrorists determined to shut down the oil and gas industry, we’re all in for a world of hurt as the bottom line of federal income will disappear giving Queen selfie another opportunity to raise taxes yet again to fund his ultra ego. Next up watch your pensions as Trudeau and Wynne are frothing at the bit to raid our pensions again to fund ill advised Liberal schemes of corruption. History repeating it’s self. Money taken from our pensions to fund infrastructure in Quebec and Ontario. Still waiting for them to return the borrowed funds of which both governments refuse to repay. Wait our Liberals are not finished. Ontario is bordering bank bankruptcy as the Wynne government is determined to become the Greece of North America. I’m guessing the rest of Canada will have to bail out Ontario and it’s corrupt Liberal government. Another opportunity for Queen selfie to raise taxes in support of corruption and Liberal incompetence.
commented 2016-07-26 09:00:32 -0400
Trudeau will impose a carbon tax whether they like it or not! Why, because it is 2016 and he can!