August 09, 2016

John Lott: How NYT decides which gun rights “experts” to interview

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Dr. John Lott, gun crime expert and author of "The War on Guns," joined me last night to talk about how American police feel about the Second Amendment, and the surprising truth about academics and gun control.

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commented 2016-08-10 23:35:01 -0400
Until the guns are taken away from the criminals and terrorists, they have no right to impose regulations on law abiding citizens.
commented 2016-08-10 12:23:45 -0400
Marxists and Islamists who infect our federal government plus the media prostitutes who protect them will gleefully lie, falsify, fabricate, slander, libel, deceive, delude, bribe, and treasonably betray the free citizens of the United States into becoming an unarmed population. Unarmed populations have been treated as slaves and chattel since the dawn of history.

The Second Amendment foes lying about gun control – Firearms are our constitutionally mandated safeguard against tyranny by a powerful federal government.

Only dictators, tyrants, despots, totalitarians, and those who want to control and ultimately to enslave you support gun control.

No matter what any president, senator, congressman, or hard-left mainstream media hookers tell you concerning the statist utopian fantasy of safety and security through further gun control: They are lying. If their lips are moving, they are lying about gun control. These despots truly hate America..

These tyrants hate freedom, liberty, personal responsibility, and private property. But the reality is that our citizens’ ownership of firearms serves as a concrete deterrent against despotism. They are demanding to hold the absolute power of life and death over you and your family. Ask the six million Jews, and the other five million murdered martyrs who perished in the Nazi death camps, how being disarmed by a powerful tyranny ended any chances of fighting back. Ask the murdered martyrs of the Warsaw Ghetto about gun control.

Their single agenda is to control you after you are disarmed. When the people who want to control you hold the absolute power of life and death over your family, you have been enslaved.

Will we stand our ground, maintaining our constitutionally guaranteed Second Amendment rights, fighting those who would enslave us?

American Thinker
commented 2016-08-10 02:02:03 -0400
DONALD ALLAN… I think you may be thinking of NYT’s infamous Walter Duranty whitewashing Communism?… Apparently they still haven’t removed the plaque “honouring his contributions to journalism” from their wall of fame…
commented 2016-08-09 13:57:45 -0400
The NYT fascination with socialism and communism isn’t a new thing. The NYT was known for hiding stories about the atrocities during The Holocaust . And it is well known that NYT reporter Herbert Matthews played a significant role in duping Americans into believing Castro was one of the good guys.Batista bad, Castro good. The leftist media are experts in creating the simplistic protagonist/antagonist plot line. Of course thousands died as a result of Castro’s revolution and Che Guevara become a folk hero , personally responsible for his share in the bloodbath. A few years later of course, the world was on the brink of nuclear Armageddon because and the NYT certainly was in no small part culpable for it’s part in creating Castro’s Cuba.
SO now the media , championed by our trusted NYT is taking on the Second Amendment. The AMendment of course exists to protect the citizens from the tyranny of government. When the media and government are a complex, one body , the people need their guns to protect their liberty.
Talking about the Second Amendment will do nothing to protect it. Politicians have all but walked away from the Constitution. If Americans want to remain free and have the liberty guaranteed them by the Constitution, they had better form in millions on the grounds of Washingtom Mall. The only thing that turns the cowardly left away is the knowledge that the masses will not allow thier guns to be seized.
commented 2016-08-09 13:05:32 -0400
The NYT is a payroll or two away from insolvency as cognizant readers shun the the obviously concocted narratives in this globalist butt rag. NYT will front page any narrative the 1% oligarchy want the zombie masses to ingest. Last week some NYT metro hillbilly suggested that all the lies they can spin to stop Trump is a “moral cause” and their “journos?” tweet about hoping Trump is assassinated – top flight propaganda there, Iranian press awaits this talent.

That said, it doesn’t surprise me NYT are leading the globalist propaganda wave in establishing the new anti-2nd amendment narrative that negates the FBI crime stats in front of us. The Internationalist anti-gun (AKA civilian disarmament) pressure groups are all firmly in the control of globalist interests , so naturally they want Americans disarmed/helpless because the 2nd amendment has been an impediment to their globalist agenda to undermine the sovereignty of the US. citizen and nation so their globalist sponsors can plunder the remaining unprotected wealth. US civilian armed resistance to globalist police state coups is always a real possibility if/when oligarchy decide to fully pull the plug on constitutional governance – the 1% can’t have 30 million armed “cattle” screwing up their plans for global resource monopoly. (read Zbigniew Brzezinski to see the ground plan)

As for the facts on the ground about gun related crime, if we removed the crime committed with illegally obtained firearms in the 5 major urban ghettos (all gun free zones), America’s homicide rates would come in trim per capata with the rest of the world. 13% of America’s population in the 5 inner city areas is responsible for 84.9% of gun violence/crimes. There is only one subculture in America which creates the majority of the so called gun crime and it isn’t the Podunk Pentecostal youth league rifle team who is responsible.

The reason I believe this will get much worse before it gets better is because:
A) globalist regimes expand during crisis, crime is good for expanding government and the police state
B) the root cause of the problem isn’t guns its a dysfunctional inner city underclass subculture issue and political correctness is banning us from addressing it – even going so far as to blame the police for the murder rates in this demographic. The NYT is the spearhead of that disinformation narrative.
commented 2016-08-09 11:36:07 -0400
Chicago has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States. And last week three West Side Gangs met to issue a threat to the Chicago Police that they are going to target and ambush cops. And what about the law abiding citizens that have no guns to protect themselves in their homes , their cars, their workplaces? Well when the cops are targetted and fear for their lives, how in the hell can the citizens feel protected from crime?
Chicago has been forever under Democrat control. A good example along with Detroit an Baltimore. Pathetic failed liberal policies and agendas. Make no mistake that this is exactly what Obama wanted. You are foolish or naive if you think this is an unintended consequence. Remember who and what Obama is. A streeet organizer. It isn’t chaos if it is organized and planned. Only the participants think that. The organizers know what they want and how to achieve it. And in Obama they have an adept organizer.
commented 2016-08-09 08:38:00 -0400
I recall a certain police chief here in Ottawa who supported more gun laws and then upon retirement advocated for a gun manufacturer. Ambition skews behaviour.