PETITION: The Attorney General MUST overturn Jordan Hunt's ridiculous sentence for kicking pro-life demonstrator

David MenziesMission Specialist
UPDATE: Torontonians shocked at Jordan Hunt's lenient sentence

July 1, 2019 - We did it! We took the message of Jordan Hunt's outrageously lenient sentence to the streets of Toronto.



You remember Jordan Hunt, aka, “Cuck Norris”, don’t you?

Hunt is a perfect surname for him because he likes to hunt down women who he disagrees with on the abortion file.

He likes to kick women.

He likes to push women into traffic.

Jordan Hunt was caught on camera on two different occasions attacking women. He was caught round kicking a pro-life activist named Marie Claire Bissonnette just because she had a different opinion than him.  

But what's almost worse is that this self-righteous bully likes to portray himself as the victim! Did you notice how right after he kicked Marie Claire Bissonnette in the torso, he cried out: “I meant to hit your phone! I meant to hit your phone.” As if that is an OK thing to do. But it adds to the Jordan Hunt narrative that he is so hard done by; that the only reason he acts out violently is due to being triggered by those despicable pro-life protestors! 


Jordan Hunt finally had his day in court, charged with multiple counts of mischief and assault. You just saw what he’s like and how he acts. You saw how unapologetic he is for his actions. And it was all caught on video.

But get this: in a courtroom that was completely devoid of any media except for the Rebel, Justice Michael Block delivered a verdict that left my jaw resting on the linoleum: namely, Hunt was merely given eight months probation and was ordered to stay 100 metres away from any future pro-life rallies. 

That’s right. Eight months! Probation!

Little wonder Hunt couldn’t contain his laughter after being sentenced; even before the court was adjourned, Hunt was giggling away with his lawyer right in the front row.

Keep in mind Hunt acting violently was not a one-off occasion. We know that Hunt on at least two separate occasions at two different locations physically attacked women just because they had the temerity to publicly display a pro-life sentiment? Really?

As well, in his statements prior to sentencing, Justice Block seemed to indicate that Jordan Hunt’s behaviour was beyond the pale. He had this to say: “This isn’t Charlottesville. We are not talking about a fight with armed assailants... but people [i.e., pro-life demonstrators] holding signs and singing songs.”

The judge further noted that the “right to demonstrate is protected under the Charter” and that demonstrating is a “sacred thing and you may not interfere with that.”

Predictably, Hunt’s defence counsel fell back on every excuse imaginable in order to mitigate the penalty. It was pointed out that on at least one violent occasion, Hunt was... intoxicated. As well, Hunt lost his job as a barber. And thanks to worldwide media attention, this exposure has: “caused a great amount of anxiety for Mr Hunt.”

Awww... Anxiety, eh? That’s harsh...

But isn’t this called being the author of your own misfortune? But no. Because remember, folks: Jordan Hunt is the victim here, whether he is being victimized by ideology or intoxication, Jordan Hunt is NEVER to blame. 

And you know what? The judge bought it, hook, line and sinker. 

Because, again, despite Hunt’s odious and violent actions, despite his thuggery being caught on camera, all this social justice warrior received was eight months probation! He will not serve a single day in jail. Not one. How is that possible? He is a serial assaulter!

Well, we aren’t prepared to let this story end here. 


We’ve started a petition that will be delivered to the Attorney General, asking them to overturn this gross miscarriage of justice.

We just can’t allow activist judges to hand out sentences for violent crimes that carry no tangible penalties whatsoever. It’s not right. It’s not justice. 

Also, since the Media Party would prefer that you remain kept in the dark about Jordan Hunt, we plan to literally take the Jordan Hunt story to the streets of Toronto. Which is to say, we plan to rent that Jumbotron-equipped truck again, and let people know that yet another violent offender has been given the kid gloves treatment by the justice system. That truck rental costs about $2,000; I think that’s money well spent.

However, not being one of Justin Trudeau’s bought and paid for media outlets, we can’t do this without your help.

So in addition to signing our petition, please kick in a buck or three if you can. Click here to make a donation.

Let’s not allow Jordan Hunt to get away with yet another crime. 

Sign the petition!

We demand that the Attorney General looks into Jordan Hunt's light punishment and overturns this gross miscarriage of justice.

Will you sign?