November 15, 2018

How Jordan Peterson turned a Canadian musician conservative

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

On this week's episode of The Gunn Show, Musician and Youtubber Kelly Day joined me to explain what brought her back to conservatism.

While suffering the pain of a chronic illness, Kelly started following Dr. Jordan Peterson. From him, she learned to bury her suffering and be the version of herself that she wishes to be.

Seeking happiness instead of meaning is what the left it all about, that search for meaning is how Kelly learned to embrace Christianity.

WATCH my interview with Kelly to see how reading the CBC made her realize how wrong she had been.

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commented 2018-11-17 08:50:29 -0500
The Marxist left idiots think that the government owe them happiness and they have no idea what Marxism really was and what it and it’s adherents were responsible for .
commented 2018-11-15 11:30:43 -0500
Kelly has found courage. An inspiration for the rest of us.