October 06, 2015

Journalist Eric Duhaime on the possibility of a "photo finish" in Quebec

Brian LilleyArchive

I check in with journalist Eric Duhaime after the last and final debate before the vote.

We discuss the TVA hosted French language debate that took place last week, what issues Quebecers are most concerned about and how each of the parties are faring.

Duhaime says the NDP's popularity in the province continues to wane while the Bloc Quebecois is gaining popularity but two weeks out from the election, this could be the first time in Quebec's histroy that we have a real four-way race.


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commented 2015-10-07 12:21:39 -0400
Bill and Vlad, it is incomprehensible that the shiny pony could win this election. He is a boy child with pretty hair, and nothing more. Can’t believe Canadians want to put him in office.
commented 2015-10-06 21:19:05 -0400
Mulcair is conning both Quebeckers and Dippers – he’s the ultimate imposter here. He’s really a conservative which is why I think he’d make a better opposition leader . Mulcair, as he and the NDP become a more legitimate threat to lead, is exactly what Stephen Harper needs to split the opposition vote and return to 24 Sussex.
But Just Who is Tom Mulcair?

Mulcair acts as the perfect progressive socialist Quebecois. He was born in Ottawa, to an Irish father and a French Canadian mother. But he comes from privilege – His maternal great-great-grandfather was the 9th Premier of Quebec, Honoré Mercier, and a three times great-grandson of the 1st post-Confederation Quebec premier, Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau. What’s important to note of these family ties is that Mercier was a Liberal Quebec nationalist, and Chauveau was a Conservative. Does the apple fall far from the right leaning tree?
It does not. Mulcair, while in the Quebec Liberal caucus declared his affections for Margaret Thatcher’s right-wing politics. It doesn’t get further right than the Iron Lady, certainly as far away from the NDP’s ideology as Western culture can get. In fact, far enough away to be considered for a job with Stephen Harper.

In 2007, Mulcair was to accept a job with the PMO as a stepping-stone to being a Conservative candidate in 2008. The deal broke down over money, something Dippers are supposed to reject in favour of social justice and budget deficit.

Mulcair is a grasping opportunist – of right wing bent – shhhhh don’t tell the zombie voter.
commented 2015-10-06 19:34:27 -0400
The Liberal plan is not weird. Like true Lieberals they assume everyone is an idiot to be dictated to!
commented 2015-10-06 19:18:02 -0400
Lisa Rosie, they are not only disconnected from their provinces, they’re disconnected from the rest of Canada. A municipal politician I knew stood up in a national forum once and told Toronto delegates that if the ROC (rest of Canada) decided to build a wall around Toronto the entire city would be dead within a month. They don’t have a clue where and how food is produced, where their goods such as clothing and shelter are produced and certainly not how they’re produced and they all hate the tools that could be used to feed themselves. They hate the fuel industry that makes the trucks work that bring them all their goods and comforts. And of course with a big wall the fuel burning trucks they hate would not be able to get to them anyway. They loath all of the materials that make farms work as though carrots and broccoli and potatoes and beef and whatever else they like to eat, just magically appear on the grocery store shelves. They are utterly disconnected from everything that is relevant to their very lives except for their lofty ideals. I’m not sure ideals fill empty stomachs or keep one warm when the heat gets turned off.
commented 2015-10-06 15:04:55 -0400
Its true, what Montreal and Toronto have in common is that they are disconnected from the rest of their province. They don’t know what their own people really think.
I don’t think Justin has any business being in politics at all.
Mulcair can’t even commit entirely to Canada, and should live in France with his wife.
Quebec is quite the voter base for them both to be losing. This bodes well for Harper.
commented 2015-10-06 15:04:42 -0400
It looks like Tom is off his meds in this picture!
commented 2015-10-06 14:59:24 -0400
This really shows what a real disappointment Trudeau has been in this campaign. Sure, he’s put on the appropriate histrionics and has survived in the debates without being kayoed, but in the same respect, somebody like this who is writing off a lot of Quebec outside of Montreal and the Outaouais and his only saving grace is in Toronto and the Maritimes really truly has underwhelmed a lot of people. And I think it is fairly obvious that the drive bys know about this, but of course will not talk about it openly.
commented 2015-10-06 14:11:26 -0400
Agreed Bill Elder.

troodo is a fucking embarrassment and choosing him was the most condescending move the liberal pigs could have made.

Here Canada, vote for this dim witted man child because terrorist/castro loving pete troodo was his dad (although I think troodo’s real dad was Keith Richards (ask gangbang bi-polar margaret to confirm).

It will be pure entertainment when troodo loses his seat.
commented 2015-10-06 13:49:33 -0400
I truly would like to see Truedough beaten in his own riding and the Libs finish 3rd – very fitting end to a true regional rump party who represent nothing more than the agendas of their patrons in the Lauentian elite.