November 30, 2016

Judge’s decision a blow to parental rights in Ontario

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Lou Iacobelli, Chair of the Parental Rights in Education Defence Fund, came on last night's program to talk about a troubling Ontario court decision.

A judge has ruled against a Greek Orthodox father who wanted advance notice when his children would be taught about issues like homosexuality and abortion, so he could pull his children from class...

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commented 2016-12-07 14:05:32 -0500
I agree with one thing, there will be a Canadian Civil war, when it starts participation will be mandatory I am afraid.
commented 2016-12-01 10:40:15 -0500
Deborah, I disagree with you. The Canadian sheeple will take this lying down like they do with everything else. The frog in the pot of boiling water? We are that frog.
commented 2016-12-01 00:57:59 -0500
We’re sliding right into the end times. It’s going to get a lot worse. We’ve become a country of willfully blind cowardly fools.
commented 2016-11-30 23:31:18 -0500
If Brad Trost is elected he has said that he will do away with this ridiculous sex-ed curriculum. We must make sure that our rights as parents to remove our children from the school system are protected. Let’s not forget that the politicians work for us. I attended a protest/rally regarding the sex-ed curriculum and was shocked at the small turnout! Tried to talk to people in the church about protesting this, and didn’t have any takers. No wonder we have the government we do. Canadians don’t get that they have a voice and the importance of using it. Shameful!
commented 2016-11-30 20:24:04 -0500
You can’t pull your kid from (a) class and expect to miss that indoctrination. It is woven into every subject and every class. Don’t send them at all is the only solution. Although I am sure they will eventually make it mandatory to send your kid to the public school system by eliminating any alternatives by outlawing them. It IS communism, absolutely right.
This is as left as Canada has ever gone, and if Trudeau has his way like the good little commie that he is, it will get much worse.
commented 2016-11-30 18:30:31 -0500
Deborah Graupner, I agree with your comment about the sex ed grooming children for pedophiles. What about the connection of this sex ed to Ben Levin the child pornographer? People should look him up to see all the pedophilia he was involved with. It’s very vile and disgusting. Kathleen Wynne should be locked up for pedophilia too, for pushing this agenda onto children. The investigation and connection of a known convicted pedophile should not have ended and should be reopened to ban the sex ed and imprison Wynne. This liberal government is so sick and perverted it makes a normal person gag.
commented 2016-11-30 18:15:39 -0500
The SCOC where all real laws that are useful to our society, go to die.

Seriously, if the SCOC backs this law, there will be a civil war. The state does not own our children. The education system has been undermining parents for decades now. They even try to guilt us into believing that most children are sent to school without food, so that they can be substitute parents for our children, and feed them. And of course the kids don’t know any better, because they want what everyone else is having. Communists make me sick!
commented 2016-11-30 17:30:26 -0500
You expected a reasoned judgement or civil justice from a soviet people’s court judge in Ontarslabovia? Their legal system is demoralized as their social policy.

I’m surprised Muslim parents are not standing as intervenors in this man’s case. Well on to the SCC – take a chance with the commie Kangas there.
commented 2016-11-30 17:20:27 -0500
the judiciary has to go , they all need to be purged from Canadian society especially the likes of that SCOC bitch McLaughlin .
commented 2016-11-30 15:46:27 -0500
… and this is why we home-school…
commented 2016-11-30 15:36:04 -0500
DEBORAH GRAUPNER : I could not agree more.

Of course this kind of mind warping of Canadian Children will all help to reduce the Canadian Birth Rate.

Trudeau and Islam will be pleased. As for that thing called Notley, she/he needs to be put to the Stake.
commented 2016-11-30 14:14:52 -0500
They aren’t teaching anything anymore, they are just indoctrinating them. People should remove their kids from school, and refuse to allow the state to indoctrinate them. It should be a crime that they are teaching kids to have sex with vegetables. They are grooming them for the pedophiles.
commented 2016-11-30 13:51:28 -0500
Kids are having a hard time learning basic skills like math and english. How can we expect them to grasp abstract concepts such as gender identity?
commented 2016-11-30 13:27:42 -0500
Good old communism. We can shove anything down your kids throat and we do not even have to tell you so you cannot be a parent and do what you think is right for your kids.
If these clowns want to be the kids parents then they can wake up to feed them at 3 A.M. and change their diapers.