February 15, 2019

Out of any 10 hate crime reports — are nine of them hoaxes?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Jussie Smollett is an actor who appears in a TV show about rap music called Empire. He is a gay, black entertainer who plays a gay, black entertainer. I mention that, because that’s the centre of the story here.

A couple of weeks ago, Smollett said he went out on a record-breakingly cold night, to get a Subway sandwich at 2am. He said some white guys spotted him. They shouted "Empire" and "This is MAGA country" at him, called him the N-word, tried to beat him up, attacked him with bleach, and put a rope around his neck.

In Chicago, which was in the middle of a polar vortex at the time. People being warned not to go outside.

It's also a city that’s 83 per cent Democrat.

And this crime: It all happened in 30 seconds? And no-one saw this?

Soon though, TMZ, the celebrity website and TV show based in Hollywood, were giving hour-by-hour updates on this case.

Senator Kamala Harris, who is running for president, tweeted:

This was an attempted modern day lynching.

Senator Cory Booker tweeted the same thing. Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, that new Palestinian congresswoman, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: They all ran with what the Democrat journalists in the mainstream media had written. 

Meanwhile, Chicago police scoured the neighbourhood. There was surveillance footage everywhere — including Subway of course. But nothing.

Then last night, news broke that police were talking to two men, buddies of Smollett:

Two brothers, Olabinjo “Ola” Osundairo and Abimbola “Abel” Osundairo, have been identified as the men taken into custody by Chicago police for questioning as “potential persons of interest” in last month's purported hate crime attack of Empire TV start Jussie Smollett.

White supremacists come in all colours these days! Only in America...

It was a hoax. You knew that.

But the mainstream media didn't know that. The CBC had a huge story on it:

The family of actor Jussie Smollett has called the attack on the black and gay Empire cast member a 'hate crime,' and they pushed back against any suggestion that he was anything but honest with the police.

Why would the CBC write that? Smollett is a c-list celebrity; he has no connection to Canada; there’s crime in Chicago every day — it’s the murder capital of America.

Well, obviously, it’s the Trump reference: That’s why the CBC ran with it.

But it was a lie.

Just like the breathless report from Edmonton a few years ago about someone stuffing white supremacist flyers into mailboxes in Edmonton. The whole media-political complex was freaking out. But someone had a doorbell camera. And look at this — the “racist” was a black guy.

Same reason a Muslim girl in Toronto lied about a man cutting her hijab on the street, then somehow managed to get the prime minister and mayor and premier and everyone tweeting in unison within hours?

Another hoax.

It’s all too bad. Because maybe one in ten times, a story like this is true. But the other nine times, it’s a scammer.

And like the boy who cried wolf, when we really need to care, or pay attention, no-one will believe it anymore...

NEXT: One of our newest Rebels, Janice Atkinson, joins me to talk about the return of so-called "ISIS brides," who are clamoring to return to the UK from Syria.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!


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commented 2019-02-18 23:46:17 -0500
Can you clearly articulate what you define as “true red, proof from a cabinet minister still isn’t good enough”.
Hyacinth, please re-read your comments. The only thing one speculation proves about another is that it is speculation. The contents of what Butts did & said with his unofficial role will be under the most intense of scrutiny now. Good!
Butts and Trudeau in public are dead to one another. Good!
Was Butts responsible for the lack of notes being taken in the PMO? There is also the Admiral Norman case indicating corruption at the PMO. If he didn’t resign and plan to skip the country (I bet he’ll go to the states and get hired up with a corrupt foundation), Butts would be in it for the worst hell of his life. He deserves it.
Butts and Trudeau broke the hell up.
commented 2019-02-18 21:59:46 -0500
- “I’m speculating like you and the journalist in the article.”

Projecting yet again?

- “We’ll have to find out if Butts and Trudeau go on vacation together to see if any of this is true.”

Spoken like a true red, proof from a cabinet minister still isn’t good enough. So few hours in a day to defend the Liberals from so many scandals LOL.
commented 2019-02-18 21:50:30 -0500
Anybody can read the article you posted.
It also says this, “The suggestion that he has done anything untoward will have stung him. The idea that he would cling to his job would seem grubby.”
And, “There probably didn’t need to be, given his extreme sensitivity to criticism”.
Butts in my belief hates the spolight because he wants to be unaccountable for his power. Unless backed up by a bigger guy that gives him vindication and guess who that bigger fish actually was?
Nobody thought Trudeau had a brain cell left in his body.
I’m speculating like you and the journalist in the article.
If Butts so much as hangs out with Trudeau after this and they’re caught together, the scandal will only grow.
We’ll have to find out if Butts and Trudeau go on vacation together to see if any of this is true.
In the mean time, I bet it was a helluvah golden handshake. Gross.
commented 2019-02-18 21:08:22 -0500
" … I think Ezra might be wrong though about Gerald beibg a force behind the throne. … "

The troll is wrong as per usual:


“… One cabinet minister said he’s never seen a relationship like theirs. “Nobody talks to the prime minister, everybody has to go through Gerry. When Jean Chrétien calls for Justin, he gets a call back from Gerry. Even Justin thinks it was Gerry who got him elected,” he said. …”
commented 2019-02-18 20:55:23 -0500



~Jonathan Seagull
commented 2019-02-18 15:27:35 -0500
GERALD BUTTS RESIGNS!!!🎆🎇🎉👍 I think Ezra might be wrong though about Gerald beibg a force behind the throne.
That would also be caught by an investigator and would tripple screw Butts!
Ezra Levant on twitter – “5. I don’t believe that Butts will truly leave. He really is the de facto PM. As Trudeau himself told the Ethics Commissioner, Trudeau just shakes hands and works on “relationships”. Butts makes the decisions: (link: ”http://ciec-ccie.parl.gc.ca/Documents/English/Public%20Reports/Examination%20Reports/The%20Trudeau%20Report.pdf" rel="nofollow">http://ciec-ccie.parl.gc.ca/Documents/English/Public%20Reports/Examination%20Reports/The%20Trudeau%20Report.pdf) ciec-ccie.parl.gc.ca/Documents/Engl…"
commented 2019-02-18 15:20:27 -0500
commented 2019-02-18 15:18:05 -0500
Liza, not for you to judge. Sorry to see you like this.
commented 2019-02-18 14:49:09 -0500
No body cares Karen go pester someone else.
commented 2019-02-18 14:08:11 -0500
I like the first article Liza, but using a black to counter a black is just as racist according to being an ideological liberal that promotes how people think over their skin color. So if I made similar points, does it matter based on my age, race or sexuality? Nope. Thomas Sowell would be sad to hear that as the case.
Kurt Schlichter. God I love him soooo much but civil war isn’t the answer either. Like any marriage, the vows mean something and with the USA, with each freedom is a vow to one another to hold true in sickness & in health. Trust me, marriage was not meant to last that long when invented but the old rules stand no matter how much it sucks for both parties. Democrat or Republican.
commented 2019-02-18 13:56:38 -0500
Carl Jackson makes some valid points about the Smollett case.
Worth the read. A Black calling out a Black, and he’s not the only one.

“Five Takeaways From the Jussie Smollett Hoax”
Kurt Schlichter’s
“It’s Time For America To Break Up With Liberals” is a good read as well.
commented 2019-02-18 13:41:22 -0500
I mention Smollett had a moustacheless beard. I mentioned Nation of Islam in Chicago. I mentioned how Michael Jackson also sung about racial unity.
None of that was engaged in or you call me “Left wing”.
What do you think Lisa about the religious make up of Nigeria mostly hating gays yet he has two Nigerian friends and Smollett said he would still sleep with a woman?
Why was that ignored?
commented 2019-02-18 13:36:30 -0500
Hyacinth check out the other Smollett article, she/he is a troll of many talents, or a sucker for punishment. One or the other.
commented 2019-02-18 13:17:48 -0500
Spam spam spam, you just keep proving that you are a troll intent on destroying threads, absolutely nothing to do with the article as per your norm.
commented 2019-02-18 13:00:25 -0500
Here is the definition of how
the way in which; that.
-“she told us how she had lived out of a suitcase for a week”
in any way in which; however.
“I’ll do business how I like”.
And the definition of what
-the thing or things that (used in specifying something).
“what we need is a commitment”.
If I cared what things you thought, then I’d be a leftist. I’d care about the content of your thoughts as opposed how they formed. You don’t question what you know.
commented 2019-02-18 12:37:14 -0500
I don’t care what you do either.
God Bless. 🐔
commented 2019-02-18 05:31:40 -0500
Karen Macleod commented “… but I do care how people think ….”

Spoken like a true red.
commented 2019-02-17 22:32:42 -0500
Ever wonder how much a person gets paid to troll a site? Clearly it is by the word.
commented 2019-02-17 16:47:20 -0500
God, even Ezra Levant had a guest on stating basic academic research aligning Globalism with fascism with the book called “The Green Swastika” by William Kay.
So, what is it Hyacinth and Muta Ween.
What’s the real narrative you’re trying to promote by aligning Nazis with Communism? Which is a real threat in Canada that some immigrants taught their offspring once “fleeing” communist states from China to the Iron Curtian.
We need to understand both to maintain Western Ideological Liberalism. But no! No free exchange of ideas for Karen. She’s a troll! A conspiracy theorist. A bullsh*t artist. A know nothing house wife and mother. I should just shut up and never challenge the status quo like any kind of rebel. I’ll be a good, quiet woman with an agreeable temperment that gets walked all over.
Excuse me.
commented 2019-02-17 11:39:48 -0500
He is sooo cool to be coming back with the sub still in his hand. After fighting off two white supremacists and nearly being hung, he’s still got that sub. Much respect! LOL
commented 2019-02-17 09:30:33 -0500
Okay Muta Ween,
Communism was anti religious.
About national production.
Propaganda about exterminating enemies.
Enemies of the classes.
Propagated a utopia and New better man.
Had a propaganda train.
The radio was used to let the people know about rations.
They thought propaganda was part of education but failed to brainwash people.
They were about pseudo sciences.
And they down right demonized the enemy.
I gave you a fair list of examples of communism. I can show you PET was more communist than his son.
But if you could provide examples of each point I listed w JT, that would be great.
commented 2019-02-17 09:03:20 -0500
Muta Ween,
You stated I should stick to mothering?
I’d like you to state on what ethos you have to speak that proves you’re not propagating absolute garbage.
For the record, I think Pierre Trudeau was more of a communist that Justin Trudeau with the NEP and the Quiet Revolution.
Just not a pure communist.
commented 2019-02-17 06:33:07 -0500
Hyacinth, Continue to grace these threads with your insights but please don’t get caught engaging in back and forth arguments with one of the trolls that propagate nothing but absolute garbage .
commented 2019-02-16 21:28:52 -0500
Ha ha ha haa!!!
Good day, woman!!
commented 2019-02-16 21:20:54 -0500
You truly do suffer from a reading deficiency “Karen”, must you continually show that you have difficulty in comprehending what you read?
commented 2019-02-16 21:13:55 -0500
Can you please respond in either form.
A) Concession & refutation.
B) Toulmin’s claim, support and warrant.
C) Monroe’s Motivated Sequence or
D) Rogerian Counciliation.
Don’t forget Gunning Fog index for flow!
Come on logic/ grammar Queen!
Do your best.
commented 2019-02-16 20:48:35 -0500
Karen Macleod commented 7 mins ago
If any cops, secret agents, Left wing huxsters or actual naxis are reading this cussing me, I’ll blow you a kiss because I’ve never felt so alive battling you in the open. Woohoo!

Spam, spam, spam. Proof yet again, a red in a faux blue suit.
commented 2019-02-16 20:45:55 -0500
You truly do suffer from a reading deficiency “Karen”, must you continually show that you have difficulty in comprehending what you read?

I am not “debating” a faux blue suit though from all appearances you apparently wish I would.

The link was in reference/added notation in regards to CBC but if you had a grasp on understanding what you read then you would have realized it was in reference to a previous post regarding the CBC.

LMAO @ you once again.
commented 2019-02-16 20:39:53 -0500
If any cops, secret agents, Left wing huxsters or actual naxis are reading this cussing me, I’ll blow you a kiss because I’ve never felt so alive battling you in the open. Woohoo!