Help fund our billboard and radio ad campaign!

We’re going to run a billboard campaign across Alberta and Saskatchewan to encourage politicians to demand to renegotiate equalization payments. 

No pipeline. No payments. 

We’re also running radio ads in Alberta and Saskatchewan, asking people to sign a petition to get the oil premiers to stand up for their workers.

And we’re also going to run another billboard in Quebec, in French, at the website which means, "no more."

We want to tell Quebec Liberals that they can’t kill thousands of jobs in the west and still expect western oil money. No more. Rien de plus.

This is as bad as it gets. Alberta and Saskatchewan are being made have-not provinces. The tall poppies of Confederation are being cut down. There will be no relief until Trudeau is gone — just like his dad.

But at least, in the meantime, maybe the provinces can show some self-respect and stop paying billions to Quebec job-killers.

If you like the idea of a billboard and radio ad campaign, then please chip in below.