Stop Islamic School Radicalisation: Sign the Petition

Mark LathamRebel Host

Across the world, people are worried about radical Islamic terrorism.

Let’s be honest: much of it starts in schools.

Youth radicalisation is a huge problem.

It can’t be swept under the carpet. It needs to be confronted head on.

On Mark Latham’s Outsiders, we have heard from Mrs A, a very brave school teacher who experienced threats and intimidation from Muslim boys (aged 11-12) at Punchbowl Primary School in 2014.

At one stage, they surrounded her, chanting the Koran in Arabic.

Another time, they drew their fingers across their throats, threatening Mrs A (an alias she uses for security reasons).

The school principal told Mrs A to “harden up”, making excuses for the radical students.

Nearly 200 incidents were logged in the departmental system against these students at Punchbowl Primary.

Yet the Education Department did nothing.The problem was swept under the carpet.

In June 2017, after campaigning by Mark Latham’s Outsiders, Mrs A was able to meet with the NSW Minister, Rob Stokes.

He offered no apology for what had happened or acknowledgement of the scale of the problem.

It was another fob-off, a sign that politicians still don’t take seriously the threat of school radicalisation. By ignoring this problem, hoping it might disappear, the terrorist threat looms larger.

Teachers like Mrs A deserve better. Our society needs a better standard of political leadership.

Please sign our petition to secure Justice for Mrs A and confront this serious social problem.

Sign the petition!

The NSW Government must apologise to Mrs A and acknowledge the truth of what happened at Punchbowl Primary School. Student behaviour of this kind cannot be tolerated. It must not be allowed to happen again, in any Australian school. To prevent terrorism we must have zero tolerance of Islamic student radicalisation.

Will you sign?