April 29, 2019

Justin Trudeau just had a really bad weekend — “I actually think he could lose the election”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

I used to think Justin Trudeau was like Barack Obama, in terms of media coverage.

In eight years, there was never a negative story about Obama in the mainstream media.

Likewise, our Canadian media is completely in the tank for Trudeau. Not just the state broadcaster — because of course these days, thanks to Trudeau's media bailout, all media are the state broadcaster, or want to be.

Even the eight-day international incident in India didn’t really make the media stop loving Trudeau — they all cringed a bit, but they still loved the guy.

Until Jody Wilson-Raybould came along. And, credit where credit’s due, it was the Globe and Mail that broke that story.

And the reason it hit is that it showed all of Trudeau’s charms that had worked so well on the media were fake. He wasn’t a feminist. He wasn’t an Aboriginal supporter. He wasn’t about "sunny ways." He just said all of those things, like a pick-up artist knows what compliments to tell a young woman in a bar.

That's when you started seeing things like the Maclean's cover story about Trudeau called "The Imposter."

And so — miracle of miracles — Trudeau’s teflon is gone. I think I always saw it; but now everyone does.

It's gone from bad to worse, and last weekend, it was really bad.

It started with the flooding around Ottawa. High rivers, floods, time to sandbad.

Justin Trudeau showed up to "help," but of course it was just a photo op. He's posing. He filled sandbags for all of 15 minutes.

But one of the locals challenged him, he complained. Said this photo op, and all the security around Trudeau, was holding up the real work. 

It’s surely true. You don’t bring in someone who needs that level of security to a place where masses of strangers need to come and go. You don’t. Unless photo ops are your essence.

So what does Trudeau. He goes into patronizing "Thank you for your donation" mode — and puts his hands on the guy.

What's with Trudeau and being handsy? If that guy put his hands on Trudeau, he’d be arrested that moment, I can assure you.

TONIGHT I'll go through the rest of this disastrous photo-op, all caught on tape. It actually gets worse.

But there was more, as I'll show you, too:

Trudeau meeting with the Prime Minister of Japan — and calling him Chinese. Twice.

Was he drunk? Or high? We know he has huge liquor bills, and we know he has boasted about smoking pot since becoming a Parliamentarian.

And then last night, the icing on the cake:

The Simpsons — that cartoon that is painfully woke and liberal, with Lisa Simpson as a social justice warrior. Normally they’d love Justin Trudeau. They’d invite him to do his own voice. They’ve done that with many celebrities and politicians before.

Well, on Sunday night's episode, they had "Justin Trudeau" on as part of the plot line. But for some reason they didn’t get Trudeau to do his own voice. I think it’s because they mocked him mercilessly.

Millions of people watch The Simpsons. That’s international ridicule.

I wouldn’t have said this before. I haven’t said this before. I don’t want to get my hopes up.

But I actually think Trudeau will lose the next election — if not outright come in second, I think he will lose a majority.

But these past three days, these self-inflicted wounds that no media other than the most obsequious bought-and-paid-for media would mop up for him? I think he’s going to have at terrible six months.

I think he’s going to lose...

NEXT: Our reporter Keean Bexte is in San Diego, covering the shooting at a synagogue — that could have been a lot more deadly if not for a courageous (and armed) member of the congregation. 

Keean and I talk about the mainstream media's predictable anti-Trump spin on this story.

FINALLY your messages to me!

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commented 2019-04-30 01:24:13 -0400
Trudeau actually got in the way and hindered the efforts of people attempting to stem the rising water.. nothing going on around this boy is too important to fade away from the truth and take advantage of misery or even add to it.. This guy had the guts to say something about it but he was so angry it didn’t come out right and he didn’t acknowledge as many negative points about Trudeau’s photo op that he could have… But good on him for trying and by the way this video is available on YouTube.
commented 2019-04-30 00:56:17 -0400
I think we all look they same to him. Sad beer drinking un-neighborly slobs with opinions.
I think he has many less friends in his trust fund circles and with normal Canadians with the exposure of his fake feminism, lack of concern for first nations and obvious contempt for other Canadians over the recent months and years. He is nothing more than a goofy mascot for the liberal party and I think they regret their choice.
commented 2019-04-30 00:02:24 -0400
I wouldn’t be attending any place of worship in any center of significance unless it was protected at least by an armed marshal of some sort.
There are mainly two main sorts of haters who would shoot up a synagogue, an Islamist or an apologist. If the guy had some nazi group connection, he may not hate Jews for the same reason as a jihadist , but neither did Hitler, but they shared the same goal. Don’t forget the Nazi/Islamic alliance in the war, working together for the extinction of the Jew. Nobody held more hatred for Jews than they did. Does anybody think that we would be seeing so many events like this if non Muslim hatred wasn’t being imported and normalized by apologists in the west? It has emboldened anti Semitic hate in the west, with out a shadow of doubt.

Thank God for the good man with the gun. It’s time to protect our places of worship. If that became the rule, these incidents would be stopped before they start.
commented 2019-04-29 23:16:05 -0400
- Trudeau’s real nature was exposed for all to see when the SNC-Lavalin scandal blew up. After that it became increasingly difficult for people to ignore what a corrupt, shallow, incompetent stooge he really is. So he has a very bad weekend & it won’t be the last. (There’s a meme of Trudeau at that map with that soldier – the caption reads “I’ll be taking selfies here, here & here”. I wish I thought of that one first.) His photo-op blows up in his face. He insults the Japanese Prime minister by confusing Japan & China twice (on camera. How many more times in private I wonder?) Then The Simpsons do an episode with him in it showing him basically running away from the SNC-Lavilan scandal (didn’t our bought & paid for media party decide it was time to move on from that? I guess the Americans didn’t get the message.) I’ve been saying for some time that Trudeau would defeat himself in the coming election. It won’t get better for him going forward.

- So lets see how quickly the news media stops talking about this shooting. They’ll treat it just like the Sutherland Springs church shooting in Texas in 2017. Same sort of thing – the victims weren’t Muslim & a good man with a gun (an NRA instructor on top of that) stopped a bad man with a gun.
commented 2019-04-29 23:14:56 -0400
Did you notice Justy is making all these blunders now that his Butty is gone.
commented 2019-04-29 23:13:06 -0400
A minority government for Trudeau is the same as Trudeau not losing the election, because the NDP will prop him up. It was Trudeau’s old man and the NDP that gave us the NEP which all but destroyed Alberta. The next time, they’ll finish the job.
commented 2019-04-29 23:11:27 -0400
1. DEBORAH GRAUPNER: You are right. If he doesn’t lose, there is something very, very wrong.

2. Catholic Churches in Sri Lanka have cancelled all Masses; they have to watch Mass on television. The terrorists have accomplished more than the murders, Catholics are now being denied practicing their religion in their Churches.
Judaism and Christianity will always be persecuted.
The Liberals are still denying religious organizations funds for summer students. They just reworded the attestation form.

3. Notre Dame was absolutely arson. Haven’t they investigated the man seen on the outside ledge?
commented 2019-04-29 23:05:09 -0400
People would show up because that’s what Canadians do. No one needs Trudeau there as incentive, that is for sure. He uses his kids as a shield. He is insulting and condescending to that fellow who is frustrated but pointing out the truth, and delivering a well deserved scolding. I am surprised Justin didn’t tell him that there is no place in Canada for complainers or worse. Justin is as unaware of his surroundings as his five year old and just as out of place.
I would be slapping all those hands away including Justin’s. At least I would be reminding him and his MP to not touch me again, or I would be pressing charges.
commented 2019-04-29 22:47:37 -0400
There seems to be a break in that sandbagging video. Was something edited out?
commented 2019-04-29 22:35:34 -0400
I agree Ezra, Trudeau may very well lose the next election, and for Canada’s sake I hope he does, however it is not due to Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives. These are self inflicted wounds.
commented 2019-04-29 22:26:02 -0400
I would be curious to know if in Canada the students were made to go to these organized rallies by their teachers? In NZ, climate change has a cult like following. The Catholic church encouraged its members to attend and support the youth and there are senior climate change groups. Everyone is involved, it reminds of a communist movement. My son’s school did not allow their students to attend the youth climate change rally but many other schools forced their students to attend.
commented 2019-04-29 22:16:33 -0400
Junior is the gift that keeps on giving. I don’t call him the Boy Blunder for nothing.
commented 2019-04-29 21:49:33 -0400
I sure hope that Ezra is right and Trudeau’s bubble dose burst, with a loud bang. The danger with this though, if Trudeau becomes panic ridden, he may in desperation have his UN Arabic friends create a situation, similar to the UK and Brexit, where everything is continually kicked down the road until it is to late. A state of emergency would kill this years election.
Sounds far fetched, I know but just look at Europe. Things are changing rapidly, the unbelievable has become the norm, extreme violence is acceptable, a body on the sidewalk is just something to be stepped over.
On the other hand, Trudeau may just get tired of playing at being a PM and just walk away with a shrug.
commented 2019-04-29 21:49:06 -0400
We are always talking about Trudeau mishandling JWR, Jane Philpott and Miss Knight, the Kootenay Reporter, and so we should.
Why don’t we ever discuss the two MP’s Trudeau suspended for sexual harassment with female NDP Members before the election? Andrew Scheer was speaker of the House of Commons and was supposed to do an investigation. All I heard is that both men are gone, yet nothing happened to Trudeau, even with evidence.
commented 2019-04-29 21:32:24 -0400
Well said Sheldon,
Justin “Zoolander” Trudeau should just stick with what works best for him and what he’s actually probably very good at …..tea bagging
commented 2019-04-29 21:31:13 -0400
Obama and Hillary rigged Canada’s election. But it backfired. Won’t happen again. I think they’re going to LOOZE.
commented 2019-04-29 21:28:37 -0400
A lot of people began to question Trudeau’s sincerity when he called the woman in Quebec a racist three times. No M.P. or P.M. has ever called any citizen a bad name let alone a racist.
commented 2019-04-29 21:13:52 -0400
If Trudeau wins another term, it will be because the whole system is corrupt. When he was elected, all those public servants came out of the woodwork, and couldn’t contain their glee. How many civil servants are loyal to the liberal brand, and would think nothing of interferring in the election?
commented 2019-04-29 21:04:45 -0400
The shooting at the synagogue proves that firearms DO save lives. Had somebody had a pistol on their person, they could have dispatched the vermin who had the rifle.

As for Trudeau, I’m so glad people are seeing through his image to the real person underneath. Let’s hope he keeps messing up and offending average Canadians.
commented 2019-04-29 21:01:16 -0400
The shiny pony, a classic narcissist, its all about him and when the argument is lost, the puke uses the passive aggressive ploy.
Plain and simple……the lights may be on but nobody is home!
commented 2019-04-29 20:53:45 -0400
This guy is a full blown moron,Trudeau leave the sand bagging to real men,you are probably much better at tea bagging. Who do you seriously think you are walking up and touching that mans ’arm? Whatta putz!!!
commented 2019-04-29 20:50:51 -0400
When there’s a flood, fire, or some other kind of emergency in the U.S., no president goes to the exact location of the emergency while the emergency is in progress. They wait for days or weeks to take a tour of the damage to the location once the emergency is over. Trudeau with his kids and security in tow, rushed in immediately before they opened the damn just for the sake of a photo op.

If Trudeau can’t remember that the person standing right beside him is from Japan, not China, I don’t even know what to say about that.
commented 2019-04-29 20:43:08 -0400
I experience this PM differently than those who voted for him…

Btw…he did look either drunk or close to it during that fundraiser with those 2 protesters…
commented 2019-04-29 20:37:41 -0400
The guy in the white hat yelling at Trudeau is the type of candidate my PPC riding needs.