May 03, 2019

Trudeau's China, uh, Japan mistake only the tip of the iceberg

David MenziesMission Specialist

You've probably heard the cringe-inducing tape of Justin Trudeau twice referring to the Japanese Prime Minister as the leader of China by now.

But did you spot the historical error? Justin says that Canada has had 90 years of diplomatic relations with Japan, but he seems to be forgetting a brief hiccup in the early 1940s.

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commented 2019-05-04 23:47:59 -0400

Get even with him for this. Broadcast loudly the truth about how those Boeing 737 Max 8 planes were brought down by their ISIS Orc supporting jihadist co-pilots. Both planes were “sudden jihad syndrome” events. ALLAHU AKBAR was screamed in the cockpits at the end. Cockpit voice recordings confirm this.

The problem isn’t with the Boeing 737 Max 8. The problem is with ISIS sympathizing JIHADI PILOTS.

I would fly on a MAX 8 any day, just so ling as non-Muslims were flying the plane!

Do not fly in a plane when Orcs are the pilots.

And don’t let the fake news media trick you into thinking that a computer gone psycho killed everybody on those planes. Where are the cell phone videos from the passengers that they took during the flight emergency? They have been confiscated.
commented 2019-05-04 20:29:15 -0400
Muta: or as Archie Bunker would say “meat head”,I loved both those shows!!!
commented 2019-05-04 20:07:44 -0400
I can barely tolerate watching or listening to Trudeau but when I do I am reminded of Fred Sanford’s favourite saying :
commented 2019-05-04 15:14:27 -0400
This leg crossing fruitcake of a PM is nothing but a stupid stupid embarrassment on Canada!!!
commented 2019-05-04 12:56:57 -0400
Sigh! – yes. Really Trudeau is quite unbelievable. We must be the laughing stock of the world. The Chinese gaff was just the latest in a series of gaffs from an inexperienced guy who got in on his father’s name. I cringe.
commented 2019-05-04 04:43:11 -0400
Sigh!… So once again, on the world stage, it is vividly demonstrated that the second largest land mass country in the world is being run by a hapless buffoon… O Canada!…
commented 2019-05-04 01:04:15 -0400
Stupid as a sock full of hammers.
commented 2019-05-03 21:40:44 -0400
All the top donors to the Trudeau foundation are money laundering “businessman” from China.
Trudeau works for China not Canada
commented 2019-05-03 21:05:16 -0400
How nice that the fopdoodle is continuing to help the conservatives get into power this October.
commented 2019-05-03 19:38:25 -0400
I have to ask, was he drunk again, or maybe high? Because he can’t possibly be that stupid, can he?
commented 2019-05-03 18:33:21 -0400
Geisha Girl? Good one, and I’m surprised as well.. Every time I see/listen to this fool, I’m reminded of the time in the mid 70’s, where I and a friend were skiing Mt. Tremblant. We would take our customers to Tremblant from Toronto on skiing vacations, and that was a good gig. We got paid to Ski… Sweet!! Anyway, we bumped into Pierre at the top of a hill, and politely said “hello”.. The Trudeau family had black armbands on, and ALWAYS went to the front of the line at the ski lifts., I guess " Little Potato" was raised in a family of “privilege”? Clearly, he has not learned a thing about modesty.. Yet, far too many Canadians will still vote for him this year… Get out and vote people. If you do not, then you only have yourselves to blame for the destruction of Canada…
commented 2019-05-03 17:33:46 -0400
the west has so wised up to that utter moron as a joke for a leader. time for the east to wake up before the election. dumb and a disgrace even to the poor liberal party.
commented 2019-05-03 17:25:50 -0400
I keep laughing about the Porky Pig on Ritalin thing…
and so with that visual, when you look at pictures of Jihadi-Justin-Groper sitting in what he thinks is a poised and elegant manner – well, he’s not pulling it off in reality…he looks more like a desperate approval-seeking six year-old girl trying to sell her nonsense to a room full of adults…and sounds like Porky Pig on Ritalin in the process…LOL! What a loser!
I bet he reads these comments about him on THEREBEL…I wonder how he rationalizes our words and his behaviour, in his narcissism and limited experience and intellect…especially now that Buttsie went bye bye.

A little Schadenfreude never hurt anyone…
commented 2019-05-03 17:02:26 -0400
How do we know Jihadi-Justin-Groper didn’t misspeak on purpose, as a slight, he did it twice…
The silly ass has pissed just about everybody else off…except for the brain-dead and other lefties.

“He sounds like Porky Pig on Ritalin”.
That’s pretty darn funny Menzoid.

Didn’t Jihadi-Justin-Groper just have some Japanese/Chinese transgender girl ghost write his autobiography, called “DIARRHEA OF A GREASY GIRL”, and no publisher would touch it…well, you hear rumours…
Maybe he was just confused and sad that day when he twice insulted PM Abe.
commented 2019-05-03 15:36:22 -0400
Trudeau reminds me of a starter motor with a dead battery. Come to think of it, he even looks like one.
commented 2019-05-03 15:33:21 -0400
The reason liddle turdo referred to China twice is because the Chi-comms are always on his mind; these were textbook Freudian slips.

In Beijing all the kids are singing:

♫ turdo is a wee-wee
turdo is a wee-wee ♫
commented 2019-05-03 15:17:07 -0400
Robert: Totally agree,after that ruling there is only one path for Alberta and Saskatchewan to take and that’s to split from confederation!! That dope McKenna gave her interview like a true socialist dictator spewing out her skewed falsehoods,claiming that kids should be in the streets fighting for climate change. Where are all these jobs you keeping yapping about,McKenna you are a stunned cow we are losing mass jobs and investment to the US because of this horse shit!!! You want civil unrest,keep it up McKenna you dope,you’ve pissed Albertans off now for far too long!!!
commented 2019-05-03 15:00:39 -0400
Strike one for Kenny as the provinces challenge to Trudeau’s kill the economy carbon tax goes down in flames. Alberta independence was and still is the only way to escape from the tyranny of the global warming scam.
commented 2019-05-03 13:59:48 -0400
Geez I cringe everytime I have to see our leg crossing fruitcake of a PM,especially when he is meeting with other world leaders. Good one David I am surprised he didn’t dress up as a Geisha girl for the meeting that would have been right in Trudy’s wheel house!! This dope just keeps tripping up,Trudeau are you an alcoholic ?????