April 23, 2019

REVEALED: Trudeau rang up $384K in food, liquor on only FIVE flights

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The Liberals are asking Canadians to do more with less. But are they? You won't believe how much Justin Trudeau spent on liquor and food on just five flights on a government jet.

The discovery of the out-of-control hospitality costs for five trips on Trudeau's Airbus came from an order paper question place by Conservative MP Bev Shipley:

“With regard to the consumption of alcohol and food on flights taken on government-owned Airbus and Challenger aircraft since June 1, 2018: (a) on which flights was alcohol consumed; and (b) for each flight · where alcohol was consumed (i) what is the value of alcohol consumed, (ii) what was the origin and destination of the flight, (iii) what was the flight date, (iv) what is the breakdown of alcoholic beverages consumed by specific beverage and quantity, (v) what is the cost of food consumed on each flight?”

What a brilliant question.

The Environment Minister would have us believe the world is about to end in 11 and a half years and it looks like Trudeau has taken the warning to heart:

He and his friends are partying in the sky like there's no tomorrow. And you're paying for it all.

When Trudeau went on a 10-day world tour last November, the food bill was $143,000.

The entourage ran up a booze bill of $1,000, with 53 bottles of wine sipped and another 53 cans of beer chugged!

When Trudeau went to Buenos Aires to the G20 meetings, he rang up and in-flight food bill of $103,000. Liquor cost for that trip totaled $923, with 57 bottles of wine and 38 cans of beer.

Over 200 bottles of wine and 250 cans of beer were consumed on just five Airbus flights between July and December totaling $4,039.36

The taxpayer also covered $381,814.05 for gourmet food for the Prime Minister and associates.

Let's put these outrageous cost in the context of the average Canadian family.

Global News reports the average Canadian family spends $220 per week on groceries.

The food bill alone for Justin Trudeau's trip to talk feminism in Buenos Aires could feed a single Canadian family for 470 weeks. That's nine years worth of groceries.

I'm not saying that Trudeau and the dignitaries he flies with should pack a bag lunch, but out-of-work Canadians shouldn't be buying millionaires booze and gourmet delights.

Especially when the Liberals claim to be working hard for the middle class and those fighting to join it.

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commented 2019-05-01 02:33:08 -0400
Trudeau and his family have been feeding like hungry pigs at the taxpayers trough for many decades. They have as a family done irreversible damage to this nation and have cost many innocent lives. They will continue to lap up the luxuries at our expense.
commented 2019-04-26 15:55:09 -0400
Politicians everywhere are on the make and fiddling their expenses and freeloading at the taxpayers’ expense. A few short years back in the UK politicians from all parties were caught out in a huge parliamentary expenses scandal. One headline read, MP claims for a duck house in his pond as a legitimate expense!!
These people are just greedy careerists who couldn’t give a shit about those they are supposed to represent.
commented 2019-04-24 23:12:13 -0400
Have fun and fill in the lyrics.. by the way… I’ve seen more yellow vest with “Trudeau must go” written on them hanging out of tailgates and trunks of vehicles.. Keep the flame growing and pass it on.
commented 2019-04-24 22:34:36 -0400
commented 2019-04-24 22:34:19 -0400
Food Banks are running low on goods.. because there are more “nobodies” on the brink of bankruptcy.. and maybe a few that just arrived because of Trudeau’s tweet of irregular invites. Trudeau handing out millions to a convicted terrorist(self confessed).. not just one mind you.
No money left for Canadian Veteran’s.. and on.. and on..

I guess Trudeau and his crew are having a drink on us….
commented 2019-04-24 17:09:44 -0400
Anyone still upset about Bev Oda’s $16.00 glass of orange juice?
commented 2019-04-24 12:58:14 -0400
Curious about a couple of things:
1) At end of flight what happens to “surplus” drinks/food – does crew take it home? Do passengers help themselves to “leftovers”? Especially food as it is not really returnable. These concerns are especially relevant for stops away from home base.
2) Are drink costs quoted tax and duty free (especially on international flights) ?
3) Are passengers required to specify their “orders” before flight ?
commented 2019-04-24 10:24:03 -0400
So why do liberals hate free speech? The central reason is that liberals don’t wish to have their views challenged. Not having one’s views challenged creates the impression that one’s views are unassailable (have you noticed how the NDP and Liberals, specifically Trudeau react to negative publicity?); it is obviously preferable to think that one’s views are impervious to criticism than to actually have to face that criticism. Suppressing free speech prevents views from being challenged in two ways.
First, it can oftentimes prevent opposing views from ever being uttered, either through intimidation or outright banning.
But the second and even more insidious way in which liberals do this is by labeling all opposing views as “problematic.” Thus, even if the speech is not banned, it is still labeled as troublesome in some way (what was that story about a media slush fund that Trudeau established not too long ago?) Perhaps it is racist, or sexist, or classist, or some other “-ist.”

Learning is impossible without opposing views. If free speech opponents have their way, college will become nothing more than indoctrination, with professors telling students only one side of the story and treating that as the complete truth. While this may seem terrible to some, it is what many of today’s liberals seem to desire: a safe space free of the horrors of opposing viewpoints. The millennial generation is the key to our survival. We are one generation from becoming a socialist state and the millennial’s are spear heading that charge. What they are being taught in schools today will become policy tomorrow.
commented 2019-04-24 09:05:18 -0400
Again, – - – - why do we fund all / any politicians, – - – - let them pay their own tabs, – - – - – and reduce their time in office to two terms then out they go, – - – - – never to return, – - – - – - case closed.
commented 2019-04-24 08:47:16 -0400
Great report Sheila, but is lacking some context. Is there anyway to compare these five flights to five of Harper’s most expensive food/booze flights? I imagine there would be a stark contrast, but without comparison, how do we know Trudeau is any worse than his predecessor?
commented 2019-04-24 08:28:46 -0400
The Liberals aren’t asking Canadians to do more with less as the first sentence in the article begins.
The Liberals , like all socialist governments are mandating how we live and how we spend our hard earned dollars. And they aren’t content with just that.They are telling us how and what we can say and do. Democracy in action they say because they won the election.
And Trudeau thinks he can impose his will on all Canadians ,thinking he is the smartest of us all. And he has his monarchial style court jesters and fools in the media to lie and obfuscate in his behalf on a daily basis.
And every day at the gas pump and every month the utility bills keep rising so we can address a non existent fairy tale called climate change.
Most Canadians would love to call Trudeau a jackass to his face .Let’s just hope and pray we can get rid of him because we have little time remaining to save this country.
commented 2019-04-24 07:04:07 -0400
$384K could have bought a lot of new sleeping bags for our military. You know, the underpaid heroes that our Idiot on the Hill sends to the most dangerous places on planet earth so he can virtue signal. Remember, the military have been told to “share” their 40+ year old sleeping bags with other members of the military because there just isn’t enough to go around.

Its interesting how, when I meet people in the military, not one has a kind word for our PM Baby Doc Poo-Doh (aka Small Potato).

Ever wonder why, at 46, he still isn’t allowed to touch the principal of his trust fund? Papa Doc was no idiot, unlike his “son”.
commented 2019-04-24 02:53:54 -0400
I’m with you Robert McClelland… That must have been some damn fine “Maui Woowie” they were tokin’ on each flight!… And was Junior just collecting the butts to replenish Mamma’s stockpile?…
commented 2019-04-24 02:30:20 -0400
Corrupt entitled pigs like usual. And of course little from the progressives about that 133 million tax break.
commented 2019-04-24 02:29:37 -0400
Dan Mancuso you got that right, i also despise the NDP but when it comes to corruption they barely rate a 1 compared to the Liberals 11.
commented 2019-04-24 00:43:02 -0400
Yeah, blah, blah, blah…when has this – and worse – NOT been the Liberal Party Way©?
I’ve been voting in Canada since the 70’s…
commented 2019-04-24 00:26:04 -0400
$4,040 for 250 cans of beer is $16 each. Didn’t Bev Oda get fired for drinking ONE drink at that cost? Where’s the media outrage?
commented 2019-04-24 00:21:22 -0400
That’s 76,362$ in food per flight. How’s that even possible? How many ppl were on each of those flights? I mean, at 76, it’d be $1,000 each, and I doubt there was anywhere near that many. At half that it’d be $2,000 each.

Frickin’ Lefty’s think ‘restraint’ is something you use at a sex club!
commented 2019-04-23 23:39:11 -0400
Really, I can write booze off as an expense? Then I won’t pay any taxes either. Fn pos
commented 2019-04-23 21:53:43 -0400
This doesn’t even include the dope smoked or consumed on each flight.
Junior has a pretty good idea he is on the way out, so expect him to live it up while he can.
commented 2019-04-23 21:47:23 -0400
I wonder how much it cost Canadians for Trudeau to roll out his new gay loonie coin? Did the virtue signalling little pimp shed a tear when they unveiled it.
commented 2019-04-23 21:11:21 -0400
And the POS maggot Trudeau hands out 40 K a year living expenses to cover any illegal crossing our border ( complete with RCMP bell hops ) while Canadians starve and can’t find housing
What globalist scum Trudeau is.
commented 2019-04-23 20:58:08 -0400
I’m way past disgusted with our foppish prime minister. He needs to be tossed out as quickly as possible. We also need to tell millenials the truth about climate change and that carbon dioxide is a life-giving gas. Plants would die without it and then we’d die too.
commented 2019-04-23 19:18:33 -0400
It is not cheap to fund an idiot.
commented 2019-04-23 19:14:36 -0400
Junior is the ultimate Quebec Laurentian. Time for the Laurentian empire (aka Canada) to rebel. Interior BC, prairies, Ontario are the start.
commented 2019-04-23 18:35:09 -0400
“I approve this message because I’ve got a better idea”. The idea is to lead by example. and hope the middle class catches up with the Trust Fund Kid.
commented 2019-04-23 18:33:09 -0400
For someone who campaigned on taking care of the plebeians, Mr Middle Class doesn’t show much grasp of the concept.

Here he is oozing compassion for the schlubs:

commented 2019-04-23 18:00:18 -0400
Have Canadians had enough yet? When are we going to put a stop to all the insanity the Liberals have dished out to us,still waiting for the rise up and conquer moment.
commented 2019-04-23 18:00:16 -0400
He’s never needed to worry about money. He’s an arrogant man with no self control and he doesn’t care cuz it’s not coming out of his pocket.