April 24, 2019

Get ready for Justin Trudeau’s new tax — on plastic

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

You really can’t function in the modern world without plastic.

It’s durable, impermeable, non-toxic; it can be made in almost any shape.

It lets us do new things, and do old things better — in many cases, plastic pipes are better than metal or concrete ones.

I know I’m saying the obvious.

Yet I remember a few years ago, watching Preston Manning, at the Manning Centre, make his case for green conservatism. It was painful to watch. Manning had utterly changed from the principled western conservative who so strongly opposed the Kyoto Protocol in the 1990s. In this speech, it was clear that not only had he joined the global warming cult, but he was also condemning plastics. I couldn’t believe it.

The anti-plastic crusade is a real thing.

Look at this kooky crap I just saw on the CBC website today — on a propaganda page called CBC parents:

Our Easter Isn’t About Religion — It’s About Family And Living Plastic-Free

(Hey, do you think the CBC will do that same story for Ramadan or another Muslim holiday, too?)

And look at this headline in Blacklock’s Reporter, which is one of the few independent media left in this country, that refuse to take the government bail-out:

Fed Report Eyes Plastic Tax

Parliament should consider a plastic tax, says an Environment Canada report. Researchers cautioned the tax would cost consumers since plastics are “present in almost every modern product”.

Environment Canada paid external “experts” to write it, but this project was overseen, funded and coordinated by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC).

In other words, this report is product of Catherine McKenna’s fevered mind.

TONIGHT I'll show you what's in this internal Liberal Government report.

Sure, taxing plastics sounds as insane as taxing air — or the building block of life on earth, carbon.

Oh wait...

So even though you'll probably agree with me that this report is bizarre, and I doubt the Liberals would make it part of their platform in the upcoming election — but as part of their 2023 campaign?

Don't put it past them...

NEXT: He normally reports from Alberta, but tonight Keean Bexte joins me in our Toronto studio to talk about the Prince Edward Island election. Does the Conservatives' minority government victory reveal a cross-Canada trend against voting Liberal?

FINALLY: Your messages to me!



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commented 2019-04-24 21:55:08 -0400
Look how the left has changed. Star Trek was lefty utopia. No money, so no greed, no competition, no jealousy, only work if you want to etc. But, they were NOT for collectivism. The Borg was a mindless collective seeking perfection and to be feared and destroyed. Now – the left ARE the Borg!!
commented 2019-04-24 21:39:23 -0400
Ron Joseph – thank-you Sir. Done!!
commented 2019-04-24 21:33:40 -0400
Jan G.

Are you crazy? Think of all the implications of such a law!! All the ‘unintended consequences’. You suddenly turned into a Lefty. It ‘sounds good’, therefor it must be. Is that it? Going along with ‘sounds good’, is left wing ideology.
commented 2019-04-24 21:30:53 -0400
Constitutional Change

Lefty ideology is dependent on 3 things. Lies, high taxes and over-regulation. The lies are to justify the other 2.

The reason everyone flocked to the ‘new world’, was Britain and Europe were drowning in poverty and unemployment – caused by – you guessed it – excessive taxes and regulation. When settlers came, there were no rules and no taxes. People were FREE – at last!! That’s why this country flourished.

Excessive taxes and regulation choke our individual freedom and personal economics and our economy as a whole by extension. It should be right in the Charter that the gov can’t tax citizens more than 20% of their paycheque. No other taxes. No hidden taxes, no taxes by another name, not death taxes, no sales taxes no nothing. Considering it’s those items that choke our freedoms, it’s a wonder that no Charter in the world has that in it. It’s time we did.

As to excessive regulation, we’ll just beat them back with a big stick!
commented 2019-04-24 21:19:59 -0400
Ezra, I tend to disagree with you on repairing items. It’s cheaper to have something repaired in many cases. What about computers?
It’s like cars. People trade in their cars for status purposes and just because they look old (the cars that is).
commented 2019-04-24 21:18:54 -0400
There isn’t anything the Lefty’s hate more than the “little guy”, which is surprising, since they can’t be elites without us can they?

Just like C02, we produce a tiny %, but are expected to make up for the developing countries which have permission to continue increasing their output. This is an attack on the west. They want to “level the playing field” between us and developing countries. So as we diminish, they rise – and voila!! We’ll be equal. Ever notice how Lefty politicians sneer that we’re a ‘rich country’?

What they’re doing is replicating what they did with smoking. Write a “Report”, the media picks up on it, the politicians are too scared to fight back, and it becomes policy. This has been going on for decades. The Reports are typically flawed from the first word. They’re trying to create a utopia.
commented 2019-04-24 21:15:52 -0400
Mike Lavigne: EXACTLY!
Just like they do in most other comment sections (G+M, NP, etc.)
Ezra, what say you?
commented 2019-04-24 21:12:19 -0400
Good to see Keean come to Vancouver, but you really need a full time reporter here, like when you had Christopher Wilson.
commented 2019-04-24 20:56:51 -0400
Should be able to like, dislike and reply to comments here. Anyone agree?
commented 2019-04-24 20:50:46 -0400
This scientist explains how polar bears are not in danger of extinction.

People like Trudeau and McKenna are worshipping pagan gods.

Glenn Craig: You’re right. Climate Barbie should be promoting new recycling programs to encourage small businesses instead of giving it to Loblaws, who will only increase their prices even more to cover their portion.
commented 2019-04-24 20:50:20 -0400
Green Sympathy vote?? PEI has a 27 seat legislature. Liberals went from a majority of 18 seats to a low of 5. One week before the PEI general election Josh Underhay, Green party candidate in District 9 (Charlottetown–Hillsborough Park) , and his son drowned canoeing. The Greens suspended campaigning and District 9 was exempt from the provincial election. It will run as a byelection in 30 days. The Greens had 1 seat prior to the general election but resurfaced with 9 seats. Had the Greens not suffered this horrific loss and the election run its normal course it is conceivable the Conservatives would have run the table. https://globalnews.ca/news/5190062/pei-election-delay-josh-underhay-death/
commented 2019-04-24 20:46:09 -0400
Oh yeah, Ontario is just going to love a tax on plastic, just like they love a tax on carbon. Bring it in time for the next election Junior.
commented 2019-04-24 20:44:41 -0400
You don’t even need a full blown oil industry in order to produce poly vinyl chloride (PVC)…all you need is methane and sea water …two of the most abundant resources on the planet…..

We have learned how to “scrub” smoke stacks to just about all air borne pollutants….except CO2….solving THAT one keeps everybody happy….once we do THAT….scrap plastic and old tires….become fuel.
commented 2019-04-24 20:38:52 -0400
- Perfect. While they scream “Nazi” at everyone & do the endless Chicken Little routine they’ll make life as unlivable as possible & promise to double down if reelected. Great election campaign. The Liberals are doomed if they don’t dump Trudeau & pals & recreate themselves. Luckily it seems that they have no intention of doing so & the window of opportunity for them to do this is closing. Their “creative” changes to the election act will likely keep them from being completely destroyed but they may very well slip to 3rd place in October.

- One province after another has fallen. Trudeau has soured the Liberal brand. If I were one of the few Liberal provinces left I’d be redesigning the party logo & distancing myself as much as possible from my federal counterparts.
commented 2019-04-24 20:22:26 -0400
The plastics that are “problematic” are disposable food packaging. An entrepreneur here in PEI came up with a system (he was a chemistry teacher) to turn scrap plastic into an alternative for pressure treated lumber. He wanted to be independant and would not accept government funding. He did not need to seek out scrap plastic…without even being asked to do so people spontaneously dropped off their washed and cleaned scrap plastic at his depot….he built a boardwalk at a popular beach to showcase his product (which got washed out in a winter storm, but was as good as any pressure treated equivalent and competitive in every sense including price.

His facility had an unfortunate fire which insurance did not cover.

I am noticing lately an advertisement pop up on my YOUTUBE recommended views that showcases some company (in not very good animation) doing this with plastic trash that is oil contaminated (like motor oil bottles) that would otherwise be deemed “HAZMAT” (hazardous material).

Usefull things can be made from this scrap….let’s put our efforts there…rather than taxation punishment.
commented 2019-04-24 20:20:43 -0400
Thats right Trudeau keeping digging your re-election grave you moronic fool!! Keep taxing Canadians you asshole,48% of Canadians are already on the verge of bankruptcy,time for these elitist/globalist pricks to feel the wrath of the people!!

Have you had enough yet Canada are willing to be taxed some more? When will we stand up and say no more?