February 28, 2019

(WATCH) Michelle Rempel: “Time to Testify Trudeau! SNC Lavalin / Justin Trudeau affair explained”

Rebel Staff

Michelle Rempel: "Canadians are tired of Justin Trudeau’s countless scandals.

"Yesterday, the Conservative Party put forward a motion to get the Prime Minister to testify before a Parliamentary Committee on SNC Lavalin, and his alleged attempt to interfere in our criminal justice system."

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commented 2019-03-01 17:00:29 -0500
Don’t hold back Michelle…LOL

Jihadi-Justin-Groper has an awful lot of choices and actions he should be held accountable for…among others, treason and other high crimes against Canada and Canadians! And I include much of the LPC in that – which of course the Fake News Media Party works in collusion with (paid whores and socialists, doncha know), and the rest of the Five P Professionals…

As an aside: If there was a pool or something that had odds on who would be the first person/politician to get up from their front or back bench in the HOC and cross the floor and (deservedly) kick Jihadi-Justin-Groper right in the nuts and/or backhand the little fascist bitch (‘scuse my French)…my money would be on Michelle – and that’s a compliment to her…and a statement on the CPC – and this after JW-R speaks up…sorta speaks up.

Oh Canada…
commented 2019-03-01 00:56:51 -0500
Peter, Johny Wick under a previous pseudonym claimed southing big was going to happen to prove me/us/The Rebel wrong. That was December 1. Still waiting for this vagueness to happen. He keeps assured me about 10 times that it is “tomorrow for sure”.
commented 2019-02-28 22:46:52 -0500
Peter Netterville commented 5 hours ago

Peter, I’m lost also, although I believe Al is talking about the Alberta Election. 89 days left?
commented 2019-02-28 18:06:05 -0500
Al Peterson said, “89 days of no hammers falling.”

Okay, I must have missed something earlier that gives this statement context.

What does this mean?
commented 2019-02-28 13:59:53 -0500
Charred, I definitely knew that you were talking about Jody. (scary stuff if JODY took over as PM) The new war would be about who takes over Canada, Islam or the First Nations. I think the latter might let the Whites stay.

I assumed Mark was talking about Rempel as that is the subject and she is not a Liberal. (Although sometimes I wonder.)
commented 2019-02-28 12:41:39 -0500
89 days of no hammers falling.
commented 2019-02-28 12:32:06 -0500
commented 2019-02-28 10:36:33 -0500
Charred and Mark, You are both correct in your statements, however you are each talking about a different woman. Sort of funny.

Unfortunately Rempel sometimes has her own self interest at stake, so I don’t trust her either, especially on Immigration-Migrates-Refugees-Border-Jumpers etc..
commented 2019-02-28 09:02:57 -0500
This is a woman the SHOULD be a minister. Strong, intelligent and NOT a Liberal.