June 20, 2019

Is Trudeau manipulating the re-approval of the TMX pipeline for his re-election strategy?

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(Sheila Gunn Reid is guest hosting tonight)

The Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project was just re-approved by Justin Trudeau.

Will the second time be the charm? Or will the summer of discontent being threatened on Canada by the anti-pipeline movement scare the feds away from finally starting construction on this expensive boondoggle?

The re-announcement of the TMX project first approved in 2016 is shameless electioneering from a federal government polling well behind the Conservatives in just about every poll I've seen lately. And that's including the CBC's in-house polls, which shows the Liberals 6 points behind Andrew Scheer's CPC.

Some Liberal support seems to be shifting to the Green Party, whose supporters are outraged that the Liberals are not offering the level of environmentalism which they demand. Even the American governor of Washington, Jay Inslee, has been agitating against the pipeline.

Let me tell you why I don't think Trudeau will build the pipeline.

I think that the Liberals know they need those green voters back.

Tzeporah Berman, Rachel Notley’s hand-picked co-chair of the oilsands advisory group has been an activist for 26 years.

Berman is the founder of Forest Ethics, and she's the international program director of anti-pipeline group, Stand Earth. She's too old to do her own dirty work, but she has others to do the dirty work of assaulting police officers as part of her climate change doomsday cult.

And she's warming up on Twitter after spending so much time on networks like Al Jazeera. Warming up by calling on followers to #WarriorUp for the #ClimateEmergency and to #StopTMX.

Her advice has been making the rounds, and it's looking like Trudeau's team will be standing by as these eco-warriors unleash eco-lawlessness during the eco-summer lead-up to the fall election.

NEXT: William McBeath of Save Calgary joined me to talk about the ongoing tax crisis fueled by Calgary City Hall and the city itself, including going over the six-figure average salary positions covered by taxpayers.

FINALLY: Your messages to us!

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commented 2019-06-21 13:34:35 -0400
Sheldon Eisler,
No problem, the more we post hopefully more canadians will wake up.
commented 2019-06-21 13:18:43 -0400
So that dirty, tree-huggin’ terrorist, commie douchebag and ugly, alleged female, Berman, doesn’t have a problem spiking trees and logging roads and putting Canadian forestry workers lives at risk, eh?
Fine, maybe someone should spike Berman…or her driveway.

By the way, my reference to ugly and Berman didn’t only refer to the ugly, angry visage on that nasty skank’s face, it’s the demonic corruption that exudes from those ugly, angry, delusional eyes…makes my skin crawl just looking at it. That look and stink of demonic corruption and delusion pervades the red lefty tent…including Jihadi-Justin-Groper and the rest of it’s willing inmates.

“…Berman is a surname that may be derived from the Yiddish phrase בער מאַן (lit. ‘bear-man’)…”wiki
I wonder if she thinks of herself as “The Bear Jew” (Sgt. Donnie Donowitz), stalking the country bashing in the heads of any conservative/pro fossil fuel man or woman who dares stand up and tries to protect one of the backbones of Canadian firstworldom!
Yes, she is certainly the stuff nightmares are made of…(shudder of disgust here).
commented 2019-06-21 09:59:24 -0400
“Is Trudeau manipulating the re-approval of the TMX pipeline for his re-election strategy?”

Is fat pork greasy???
“Well,a question ain’t really a question…if you know the answer too” – John Prine.
commented 2019-06-21 09:52:03 -0400
That pipeline expansion is the carrot that the left keeps banging us over the head with. That pipeline will not be expanded as long as we have traitors in our government, who are being controlled by the UN’s agenda. It’s time the west separates from Canada, and joins the US.
commented 2019-06-21 08:26:56 -0400
Don’t you mean Personipulating?
commented 2019-06-21 08:23:33 -0400
Kenny referendum on separation immediately.
Stop all transfer payments.
commented 2019-06-21 00:35:30 -0400
Ron Voss: exactly,this was methodically planned and calculated and like you said there is no point now for that pipeline with Bill C-48 in its way!!!
commented 2019-06-21 00:08:52 -0400
Tzeporah Berman should be tried for treason and sedition.

With the Senate passing Bill C-48 (anti-tanker bill) what’s the use of a pipeline anyways?
commented 2019-06-20 23:23:54 -0400
TMX is table scrapes so funny to watch politicians fight over it, so amusing to watch.Too bad they did not do it for the 5 that died.one approval just aint gonna do it too funny .and the Liberals are PCs think that your gonna buy into one pipe line approval ya one pipeline is gonna put 200,000 Albertans back to work Too Funny
commented 2019-06-20 22:08:13 -0400
Govt owned golf courses?
The more government employees, the more obedient employees.
commented 2019-06-20 22:05:14 -0400
Trudeau gets $$ …..and canadians get screwed!!
Open the link for Elle, after she finishes her rant scroll down below the video and click on the link that is there….Required reading for all Rebels.
commented 2019-06-20 22:05:09 -0400
I realize a lot of Albertans are busy working on ranches, etc., but Rachel Notley and Nenshi are perfect examples why Albertans need to keep informed and aware of who is being voted in.
Thanks to TheRebel, I think they’re better informed this time.
Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again.
commented 2019-06-20 21:07:35 -0400
What is with the finger nail polish?
commented 2019-06-20 21:04:43 -0400
- So lets see; the Trudeau Liberals have canceled every pipeline they could until now, they banned tankers, they declared a “climate emergency” & then announced the TMX was going ahead. Now the foreign paid activists are mobilizing to delay it. So, I’m not buying it – I doubt if anyone outside the CBC is.

- Could Calgary city hall have been hoping to get the Olympics so they could temporarily hide their mismanagement & put off the massive tax hike they just implemented? Getting the Olympics would have been a major disaster for the city & the province.
commented 2019-06-20 21:01:18 -0400
Trudeau is going through the motions of restarting the pipeline because the UN is starting to worry about his longevity as PM. Looks like the UN picked a loser when they downloaded him.
Watch out for that ‘State of Emergency’ he is sure to spring on us when the Polls show him as a sinking ship…..A sinking what?
commented 2019-06-20 20:57:17 -0400
SHELDON EISLER commented 26 mins ago

Breaking news: Liberal senate passes bill C-48,time for Alberta and Saskatchewan to hold a referendum and separate from Canada!!!!

Exactly. OK Mr. huff and puff Kenny, what are you going to do now?
commented 2019-06-20 20:28:20 -0400
Sorry Jill I didn’t see you posted it already.
commented 2019-06-20 20:27:01 -0400
Breaking news: Liberal senate passes bill C-48,time for Alberta and Saskatchewan to hold a referendum and separate from Canada!!!!
commented 2019-06-20 20:02:50 -0400
Damn right he is. Probably going to work too. Especially with conservatives splitting the vote. Four more years of that moron.