April 22, 2015

Justin Trudeau doesn't understand "middle class"

Brian LilleyArchive

Warren Kinsella, the dark prince of Canadian politics joins me to explain why Justin Trudeau doesn't sell well when he talks about the middle class.

We also break down the coming election.

Marissa Semkiw explains that Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's war on the wage gap isn't supported by her own facts and figures.

Finally, lefty economist David Macdonald explains why progressives don't like all the tax cuts in the budget.

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commented 2015-05-13 12:01:26 -0400
warren kinsella is an out of date insignificant ex-liberal insider…drooling on the outside for some time now….he has the typical penchant of the left loser….he likes to call canadians that he cant win an argument with…“slow white trash”…why would lilley give this pos a platform? some kind of blackmail? my granddaughter was truly impressed.. once a pos always a pos…..we can meet anytime you would care to name..
commented 2015-04-25 09:32:51 -0400
Welllllllll, okay, LISA. Here are Kinsella’s mature and studied responses to – as Mark Steyn said – my obvious provocations: :)))))

Subject: Re: Levant 10, kinsella 0
> Hey, fuck you, loser.

Temper, Temper.
Gonna get your mouth washed out with soap!

Subject: Re: Levant 10, kinsella 0
> This is for you, douchebag:
commented 2015-04-23 21:12:35 -0400
Jamie how can you leave us hanging, give it over!
Interesting to hear from Kinsella. He was way less annoying in this piece than usual. Very informative on how the candidates have to be aware of how they are being viewed. It sure did kill Iggi, I am hoping the same will happen with Justin.
Also appreciated more from Marissa on the wage gap.
Great as always Brian.
commented 2015-04-23 09:06:15 -0400
“About your pet name for Warren, what do you know about it and how, you dirty old rogue?”
Sorry to disappoint you JOAN ABERNETHY, but there isn’t anything remotely dirty about it…however, I’ll take the roguish part. Several years ago, Kinsella got into a public pissing match with Ezra Levant over free speech, and ended up second best in the dust-up. I sent Kinsella the following email:

“Boy are you ever getting spanked by Mr. Levant.
Out here in the country, all the kids are singing, “Warren is a Wee-wee, Warren is a Wee-wee.”

To my great delight, he responded. And his response to that (and a follow-up provocation) was such a sterling sample of professionalism that I sent the entire exchange off to Mark Steyn, who published it for all the world to see.
commented 2015-04-22 22:33:43 -0400
Sorry for the gramatical error
commented 2015-04-22 22:32:41 -0400
I gotta say, the pics you guys have these of these idiots are priceless! I always have a good laugh :D
commented 2015-04-22 21:56:31 -0400
Troodo is going to get the beating of a lifetime in October.

Can’t wait for more Troodo videos rolling down the stairs. Dim witted loser!!!
commented 2015-04-22 18:15:34 -0400
Justin Trudeau is the worst thing that has happened to the Liberal Party. And the Liberal Party is awful.
commented 2015-04-22 17:42:39 -0400
Oh come on, Jamie. We like Kinsella. He represents the majority in the Liberal Party that will not vote for Trudeau. And he is doing his best to convince the undecided Liberal leaners to jump ship and swim to the right.

About your pet name for Warren, what do you know about it and how, you dirty old rogue?
commented 2015-04-22 16:44:29 -0400
Old Warren wee-wee would be touting turdo la doo as “the” common man if turdo la doo had hired him on.