January 19, 2016

Is Justin Trudeau's "PM probation" period" over now?

Rebel Staff

Many new jobs in the corporate world require an individual to go through a 3-month probation period before becoming a permanent employee and gaining full access to company benefits.

January 19th marks 3-month of Justin Trudeau as Canadian Prime Minister... I ask his bosses (The Canadian Public) how they think he's done so far?


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commented 2016-01-25 00:15:08 -0500

Let’s see if we can round up this week, Canada is looking kinda peaked.
Parliment finally sitting Monday, January 26. Hope some details come forward will quick!
Government has no excuse for them to give , had a 2 month long vacations to combat this.
They better all have rested because our government, will be tested.
See if Governments can find Parlimentary seats, how many of them can take the “HEAT!”

Trudeau wrapping up at Davos Summit Swiss, jiving with Kevin Spacey and Bono actors bliss.
This convention was about coporations business mix not about celeberties selfies fix!
Awkward Trudeau, felt the pinch. Activist crictic Leonardo DiCaprio would not give him a yard or an inch.
“Enflamed rhetoric”, Trudeau said, to rebuke deflecting his broken paltform promise which was synthetic!
Trudeau chummy with Jack Ma technology China King, Jim Ballsie Blackberry ,fears being in Canada’s communications ring!

Stephen Poloz says Canadians pay the price for low oil, as loonie tumbled. Government has already fumbled.
Inflation in Canada ticks up to 1.6% in December. Higher food prices is all Canadians remember!
Dozen Canadian Companies placed on downgrade watch. How much more will they be clocked!
Canadian Hiring intentions drop to lowest levels since Global Financial crisis. Canada job zero in the minus.
Moody’s downgrades rating, cites “Lack Of Confidence”. Trudeau flushed money for Canada already spent.
Jobs cut, loonie’s rut & oil’s glut. Canada finances will be undercut!
Stronger long-term Canada economic growth, most of our government are already smoking dope!
BOC housing, debt threaten financial system. Liberals lack the definition of needed wisdom.
CMHC considers developer’s proposal to sell condos, no cash down payment. Lehman Brothers, “SUB-PRIME CRISIS” mortgage statement.
The House $20 billion in infrastructure spending will get Canadians back to work. Union bosses gave a wide smirk!

Trudeau should take “definitive” stand on pipelines, Naheed Nenshi chimes.
Rachel Notely and Kathleen Wynne working on pipeline overtime!
LGTB community, in total mutiny. Tories Rona Ambrose to end party’s opposition to same-sex marriage,
can they fufill this large capacity carraige?
NDP " Bad Campaign" frustration vents, this is such a non-event!
Millionaire immigrant investor program lures only 7 instead of 60, sounds a little fishy.
1 year after the pilot program was launched. Permanent resident visas were already staunched.

Trudeau on gender-equal cabinet. “Mindsets take longer to shift”. Trudeau is not really swift.
Trudeau’s states men “Shouldn’t be afraid” to refer to themselves, as feminists.
Trudeau sounds pretty sexist!
Harper had answered a feminine call, he only had 3 less women in his cabinet in all.
Court challenge on prolonged Senate empties no longer holds water, I do not why this was being bothered?
But Aniz Alani mission should have been to see Senate abolished by attrition.

Doctor-assisted suicide was supposed to be drafted by Febuary 6, 2016, Courts gave Trudeau another wait and see scheme.
Marijunana legalization government conviction. Canada’s Marijuana growers are in a race to make a “sugar high” addiction.
Electoral reform it is set to say, Trudeau looking to take your Charter Rights away.
Ranked ballots, proportional representation, mandatory voting, online. Liberal party government wants power for all time!
Maude Carrier’s mother urged Trudeau to keep Canadian fighter planes involved in the war, she is ashamed of him like never before!
Trudeau, reiterated committed to withdrawing the CF-18s to continuing to fight against terrorism with other means."
ISIS military strikes deadline is almost gone! Trudeau flip-flops on a dime!

Febuary is coming soon this way.. Not much for government to say!
Canada still on her last leg, hopefully there isn’t more to dread.
Trudeau running on grandois AIR, Canada is stuck paying major fanfare!
You Liberals voters better have fun. Trudeau has keys for Canada to be undone.
When will Canadians see “RELIEF”? Harper was the lesser “DEVIL”, was my belief.
commented 2016-01-25 00:06:29 -0500

2016 Canada still on a rocky January start!
Trudeau has turned Canada into huge board game of darts!

Eurozone "Your Minister in Paris said “Canada is back, that’s a little bit of the impression we had.”
Conservatives Harper made their own legal polishing Europe ticket meal..
Coninsx said, “Good co-operation, negotiated agreement in principle for a massive trade deal.”

Canada calls on countries to run huge deficits at the Davos Summit Swiss.
Trudeau thinks innovation, investment is part of the test, to Canada’s struggling economy mess.
That’s the message he is pushing, is what media news had to say .
But, as Vassy Kapelos reports, not everyone is buying it. “NOT IN SO MANY WAYS!”

“My predecessor wanted you to know Canada for its resources,” Trudeau said during keynote address.
Trudeau copying Harper like courses are you willing to confess?
Nenshi said he wouldn’t have used the same laungage tone , as Trudeau fussed.
He prefers to describe Canada, as a “Resource plus”!

Trudeau has broken his promise to overhaul The National Energy Board.
They "will undertake, polices, reviews ,consulations lessons from Aborginals enviromental accord.
“Kinder Morgan will have to go through a new, revised process,” Good, grief, what did you expect!?
It’s clear Trudeau has broken a major task outright, must be Harper is laughing at his plight!
Open letter NEB for Trudeau to trover, thousands protesters " No Pipeline"and “Dont FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) fuck us over!”

Prairie Politicians condemn Montreal mayors rejection of Energy East.
Brad Wall twitters “I trust Montreal will give back West, 10 billion Equalization feast”.
1.1 million barrels will be a major money trek. " What gives, you got cold feet French Quebec?"
Jason Kenny spat at Coderre demands billions taxpayer-funded infrastructure de production pétrolière
However, opposes multi-billion private sector project job creations.
Alberta, Saint John, N.B, Montreal and Quebec, would be their engaging salvation.
Wild Rose Brian Jean winding down "You can’t dump raw sewage, accept foreign tankers and reject pipelines…
Quebecois and The Trudeaus have been lover’s a very long time. Equalization payments again soon will then be “MINE”!

Okie dokie folks enough about oil, let’s get down to the real hernia boil.
Bill Morneau gave a brutal tax fine, Canadians blew out their 100 million bottom dollar line!
Crazy numbers they threw our way. I really doubt Canadians now can save up for a rainy day!
Liberals have never been able to balance equal amounts, Trudeau’s IQ was a low 121 count.
Justin and Bill went over the hill, brains and balls were never instilled.

Amarjeet Sohi talks infrastructure that cash moeny will flow.
Once the budget is passed. “When will that be? Do you even bloody hell know?”
The original Liberal plan divide $60 billion in many stakes, 10 years 17.4 billion during the party’s first mandate.
Alberta is waiting on 1 billion cash dollars. Very little of it has been seen. This was allotted in year 2014.
“We need to be nimble”, is what he said.
“We’re going to leave the decisions to the local communities head.”

What economists are saying about Trudeau’s stimulus plan. Parlimentary convenes its almost, at hand.
BNN opinion for today Liberals aimed at kick-starting , Canadian economy is at play.
BMO, TD major banks see GDP bump, percentages are at slow climbing slump..
UGH 3 years defict will forever swell, Canadians try not to continuously dwell.

Hey look “Communist Revolution”, leading online vote. No this isn’t a pratical joke!
Newfoundland Labrador government site for fiscal fix. Maybe that will to the trick. :)
Make your voice heard on budget talk.
Have your say at www.budget.gc.ca/pbc16/ give a voice squawk.
Ontario taxpayers give their two cents’ worth on crafting spring budget wish list..
From a tax credit and sex toys to Catholic school funding miss.
Ontarians are getting fed some more Wynne " BULLSHIT" .

Rona Ambrose you in the news AGAIN? Now you think Liberal plan to legalize Marijuana is your friend.

Catherine Mckenna I haven’t picked on you yet, I guess I will write your very first set.
You mentioned Ministers have new families. “This was a tough thing”.
“This is not a women’s issue. This is a family mofia ring.
Re-thinking how we do certain things,” she smiled her very best.
Sometimes we just work harder, and we don’t work better." AHHH give it a rest!
Perks/Pensions/Benefits galore and many days off! Cry me a river our goverment is soft!

Former Pan Am CEO to run Ontario’s pension plan!
Canadians aren’t giving a rat’s damn!

Peter MacKay says time to consider Conservative, leadership bid
“I’m keeping a close eye on things, it’s never far from my mind grid.”
Tories can gain from opposing Bombardier handout out is a crime.
3,000 jobs in limbo, as GM stays silent on Oshawa plant’s future sidelines.
Manitoba Sellengier is 8 years doubled down the debt. Overseen first downgrade in credit rating in three decades .
Is so far his record best!

Premiers say national pharmacare should be on the table this week
The Federal and Provincial health ministers must meet.
National association of pharmacists is warning against the idea.
What is it Canadians will have to fear?
Pallative Cancer care is falling part, medicne help is hard to find.
Hallway medicine is what Canadians pay on their dime.

Students demand tuition freeze to combat “Death of public Universities”, is the new format.
The Ottawa public school board risking 200 jobs, What a bunch of snobby “KAKNOBS!.”
A $10-million shortfall in its 2016-2017 budget fix, I think I’m going to be rather sick.
Canadians tax pay more thru the nose." With provincial government spending anything goes."
Trustees get vicious fee hikes. It’s time for them to get a life!
Tuition rates at University of Saskatchewan is going way up!
Vet med, education students among those facing biggest tuition ruts , with all these major budget cuts.
Wynne’s nose is out of joint, so she wants to make a stupid point?
Saudi 1.44 billion funding wake. It’s just for “MEN” ,for goodness sakes!

Chrystia Freeland TPP signing ceremony on Febuary 4, other goverment in cohorts.
Formal signing starts the clock ticking still, two-year deadline for the 12 member countries to kill.
Trudeau will force them all to bend. This is probably a new arm twisting trend.
She says she won’t commit, is this deal not Canada’s fit?
House of Commons committees off to scrappy, skeptical start.
Canada is doomed to be countries, shopping cart!
commented 2016-01-24 23:57:08 -0500

REAL CHANGE”, was what Trudeau had strategically planned.
Kinda sounds like’s Obama’s slogan “YES WE CAN!”

Election 2015, 39% majority Justin Trudeau cited barely, a win.
With Stephen Harper defeat, Liberals in power now is the time to be drinking vodka and gin.

Gender Equality Cabinet was Trudeau agendas first pick.
I guess merit and qualifications was way down on his list.

Trudeau thought he chose Senates sheer on common ground
22 extra seats, respresentation of West none were to be found.

Trudeau tore down the picture of British beloved Queen.
Replacing it with Quebec artist Canada’s scene.

Niquab debate Trudeau quickly dropped all appeals
Trudeau ignored Canadian polled 80% is how they feel.

Climate Change Paris was Trudeau’s first world stage presenting press.
Canadians came thru this with a bill of 2.65 billion, significantly less.

Visa lift restrictions, Justin Trudeau was a real flake!
He committed Canada, with a President Mexican handshake!

Trudeau praised " China’s basic dictatorship"
Angered Asian community, thought Trudeau was stupid and “THICK!”

Trudeau dipolmacy with Missionary Heyon Soo Lim
Insulted North Korea demanded an apology for his majesty Kim.

Trudeau peacocked between Ukraine and Russia failed.
Putin said nothing poker faced him and Trudeau tucked tailed.

Manadatory long Census was re-introduced again.
When will they learn, this piece will end up in Canadians recyling bins.

Carolyn Bennet MAMAW issues you have placed..
100 days later and what a waste!

Trudeau promised 94 Truth and Reconcilation for First Nations
So you created just a fig out of your imagination.

Trudeau condenmed Saudi’s Clerics chopping head blocks.
He is still selling them miltary arms by the stock!

ISIS military strikes is being pulled from the air, Trudeau had proudly announced.
Harjit Sajjan , Anti-coalition meeting got Canada embrassingly bounced.

Trudeau wants training on Kurdish ground troops.
Suicide bombers , CRIKES our miltary men and women are certainly hooped!

Crude oil tanker ban for B.C.’s North Coast was ordered by Trudeau.
Pipelines and oil Canada bread and butter, surely everyone knows.

Marijuana legalization was an election vote hope..
What were you thinking , Margaret Trudeau was on massive “DOPE”!

2016 new tax platform is something Canadians should be filled with dread.
Trudeau rich tax cut 22%-33% put Canadians swimming in ink so “RED.”

Terriosts 18 out on one day parole..
Where is C-bill 51 ammendment Trudeau will knock it out cold.

Gun-laws registry presented previously a 2 million change number to beat.
Trudeau initiatives “to get handguns and assault weapons off our streets.”

White House gives Trudeau’s a vision of Canada/U.S entwined
Wasington post hinted Justin Beiber could be inclined to entertain them while they wheel, deal, dine and wine.

CBC media 150 million payday, Trudeau gave them these funds for them to say.
Canadians seeing Syrian articles in every way with censored speech taxpayer’s to keep them at bay.

25,000 refugees, Justin Trudeau told Canadians " Immediate on Politcal will!"
Broken platform promise fiasco now John Mccallum, says it’s at a stand still.

Donald Trump hollered. “Ban Muslims from the U.S”
Trudeau open floodgates , doubled family- reunification in protest

Supreme court overturned Harper calling it “cruel and unusual” cuts .
Now Syrians get gold-plated healthcare. It’s totally unjust.

Homeless and Veterans freeze and hungry outside with no shelters..
Syrian refugees holed up in 5 star hotels, Government rushed to do Helter Skelter!

Seniors, childern, youths standing on the foodbanks line.
Trudeau with no relief for Canadians, “NOPE”, not even a dime.

Unemployment statistics in Canada are 7.1% so “OH” very high!
Canada coporations handing refugees instead of Canadians jobs on the fly!

Electoral Reform Trudeau riled Canadians goat!
Referendum is the Canadians “VOICE” is the only way to envoke!

Trudeau addressed government and business interests in a speech to woo investors to Canada in Davos, Swiss.
Can he make it thru without UHM, DUH, DOH counter with WELL word definition blitz.

Montreal damages enviromental record shame…
St. Lawerence River sewage dump, pointing Harper and Justin blame games.

Trudeau and Cabinet meeting New Bruinswick get away resort, to plot Canada’s budget course.
Canadians taxpayers are hooked for government holding court, spaghetti and meatball dinner was the retort!

Notely’s Kudeta is what Canadians twittered, they say.
Kevin O’leary, 1 million resign offer, please show her the damn way!

Whiny-Pooh Wynne Liberals Ontario 388.19 billion defict major shock
Sell of Hydro One and taxes galore.. What more can Ontario hock!?

The North got a 23 million surprised budget cut.
Trudeau shrugged his shoulders and said well your down on your luck!

Alberta is in a major oil collaspe bind.
Transfer payments directed at goverment should be lowered in kind.

Crusty Clarke health preminums and carbon tax she wants to hike
Charge the taxpayer for revolt this will encite!

Tom Muclair NDP barely keeping his party afloat.
Selleinger kicked to the curb is what Manitoba will vote.

Six Quebec Canadians killed in Jakatar, such a heinous act of terroriosm by far.
Couillard stated, we never “bow before” terrorism he thought he would go for broke. Is this just a very sick joke!

Brad Wall is the only Premiere not totally insane.
However, will he win Saskatchewan provincal elections fame.

Rona Ambrose suggests Canada should be rich than hip…
Trudeau has been on a spending death spiral grip..

Oil has fallen from it’s vast kingly throne.
Loonie how much lower Canadian dollar will go..

103 billion Nippon Bridge started to fall taking out roads east and west needed to be recalled.
Trudeau Stem Cell research MARS scandalized only recieved 20 million patty cake mess, guess your favour to Wynne passed the greed test.

Trans Pacific Trade deal is out hanging in the wings.
Globalization of free trade and Canadian loss is what it will bring.

Bombardier philered a 1 billion coporate welfare take down
Federal money 1.3 billion, taypayer will bailout and be forced to drown.

Labor Unions what greedy little piglets eating their fill at the trough
Trudeau Liberals and Corruption friends are the largest “SOWS”.

Poloz BOC thought about cutting interest rates, he hasn’t got a frigging clue.
Canadians holding their breath until they turn insanely blue.

Inflation cost, housing, food, gas, taxes soaring like never before..
Bill Morneau defict adds from 10 billion to 30 billion more.

Trudeau said transparency was the way to go!
All Politicans lie like our banks, didn’t you know.

Canadians are asking Trudeau and governmnet when you will start your jobs.
Canadian families are broke and starting to starve.

Justin and Sophie Trudeau, what a immensley plastic pair!
Selfies, photo ops, Vogue, singing, nannies, vacations.. But hey Justin’s got great hair!

Canadians fear another terriosm attack..
We have Radicals and that is a stated “FACT”.

Trudeau crows sunny ways, rainbows, unicorns and Leprechaun gold..
Canadians dispute cloudy ways and empty wallets will be foretold.

Trudeau you tell Canada’s sordid story is being un-veiled
Canada East and West divides so you will never prevail.

Trudeau this isn’t the year for festival Woodstock
Canada’s National debt clock goes tick tock!

Harper made an ad campaign big stake bet..
He was right, Trudeau you are not ready yet!

Pierre Elliot Trudeau is a Prime Minister from the past.
Drama Queen Justin Trudeau in 2019 will be out on his ASS!
commented 2016-01-20 12:04:06 -0500
It only took the liberals less than 3-months to bring Canada down. That is likely a record. Certainly not one that I would be proud of!
commented 2016-01-20 02:46:09 -0500
Michael Mann thinks the NY times represents Americans LMAO! Micheal why is our country getting worse?
commented 2016-01-19 16:38:10 -0500
January 19, 2016
Dear Diary;
We’ve all having a gay old time here at a St. Andrews by-the-sea resort.
Gerald decided that it would be a good idea to bring the whole gang here to put our heads together and come up with a plan for something or another. Oh, I remember now, it’s the economy. Apparently, it’s not in good enough shape to support all the debt I want run up.
No problem, I just explained to everyone that if it was already a great idea to increase taxes and go into a lot of debt to squander a lot of money, then it should make perfect sense, even to someone who’s not very bright, that going into even more debt to squander even more money will solve even more problems.
Everyone nodded their heads knowingly, and then they all clapped. The clapping got so loud that even old McCallum got so emotional he needed a drink, just to steady him. This gives Winston Churchill his comeuppance. He once said that a nation trying to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle. Poor old Winston. I guess he didn’t have the benefits I’ve had of an incomplete half-decent education and a father who knew a thing or two about politics.
For a moment, I got really buoyed by Michael Mann, who’s one of those upstart rebels, because he pointed out that a New York Times article http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/new-york-times-calls-canada-suddenly-hip-prompting-online-mockery/ar-BBojZmN showed that Canada is now “cool” and “hip” and it’s all thanks to me. Well, thinking that these rebels were finally coming around got my juices flowing, until I saw that there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of comments from people that took exception to that notion.
So, Michael Mann, you think you’ve got one over on your Dear Leader, eh?
Y’know Mikey, Bill C-51 hasn’t been re-written yet.
Have you ever been audited by the Canada Revenue Agency Mikey?
I know the Clintons Mikey, and they know some people . . . .
commented 2016-01-19 12:19:28 -0500
An abridged version of Justin’s probationary period report:
- Questionable fundraising tactic with $100 “because it’s 2015” Tee-shirts
- Created a gender equitable cabinet, but filled all the junior positions with only females
- Appointed a fake Nobel Prize winner to cabinet
- Closed the Library of Parliament for several hours for a Vogue Magazine photo op.
- Falsified the number of Syrian refugees coming to Canada
- Provided false refugee immigration timelines
- Told the BBC that I had “worked two or three times harder than everyone else”
- Belittled the Queen of Canada because of her age
- Gave 383 ‘winners’ an all expenses paid cash-guzzling trip to Paris to talk about the weather
- Canada’s Youth Delegation at Paris climate talks openly protested my hypocrisy
- Sold off cabinet minister’s time in a fundraising payola scheme
- Described the practice of posing with refugees for a photo op as “disgusting”, before meeting incoming refugees at Pearson International Airport for a photo op
- NannyGate
- Indulged in budget forecasting “inaccuracies”
- Announced Senate reforms to make the institution even less accountable
- “Walked away” from promise of more bilingualism; appointed George Furey of Newfoundland as Senate speaker
- More payola. $250 for “dinner” with Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Under investigation by Ethics Commissioner
- Illegally garnered election votes by way of Assembly of First Nations anti-conservative propaganda funded by taxpayer’s through Elections Canada $975,000 voter “outreach” program
- Appointed terrorist sympathiser and anti-Semite, Omar Alghabra, to cabinet as Parliamentary Secretary to the Foreign Minister
- Promised to break my promise to keep deficits under $10 billion
- [been found out by Brian Lilley that I] Promised the CBC an extra $150 million then had their legal team attempt, through internet censorship, to thwart free speech, copyright law and access to information to prevent campaign ads being produced for use by the Conservative party
- Donated $14.25 million to Sharia-law Indonesia for them to keep up the good work while they subsequently publicly caned an unmarried couple for being seen alone together
- Pulled off the old double-switch-a-roo and allowed General Dynamics to provide LAV’s to Saudi Arabia
- Discovered that I can’t legalize marijuana without breaking at least three international treaties
- Learned, while I was visiting a mosque, that I didn’t get an invitation to an anti-ISIS meeting in Paris